Version 1.8 Update

Version 1.8


  • Running
  • New Stamina and Tension systems that come with the running ability
  • Some new enemy behaviour and tweaks to balance the inclusion of running
  • A new doppelgänger
  • A couple small new scenes added
  • Lots of smaller bugs and typos fixed

This update took a while to make. Just adding running to the game might sound simple on paper, but it's a big game changer in many ways. For one, it made it A LOT easier to evade enemies. That's why a lot of testing and balancing went into its inclusion. In the end the game also got new Stamina and Tension systems to balance this newly acquired speed, as well as some enemies getting new quirks to better pursue the player. Running does remove a lot of tedium from walking through empty areas so I think it's a good inclusion. I'm sure it's not perfect yet, so expect more tweaks after I get some feedback from you people. I did notice few minor graphical glitches that come with running too. They seem kinda rare, but they will be looked into too.

There are added instructions for running and its sub-systems in the Combat Manual in-game.

Behind the scenes I've started to work on more concrete new content too. Hopefully it's not too far away. Emphasis is still in fixing things though.


11 days ago

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Amazibg updat.e Thanks Miro

Keep up the good work dude