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The sequel to the horror j-RPG Fear & Hunger. The game takes place in the same universe, but it is a stand-alone story and no prior knowledge of the series is required.

The game is currently at a demo stage. The full version will be coming in 2021.

Join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/bJES7Sp

CAUTION! The game has content that is ADULTS ONLY! This includes gore, drugs and violence. There is mild nudity in the demo too.  Though there might be more explicit scenes coming later on! Many of the themes in the game can be found offensive. Anyone proceeding with the game should be aware of this and if you are sensitive to such subjects, it might be better to look elsewhere.


The game takes place in an alternative take on the real world, where religions and occult are a lot more prevalent and where ancient deities are still worshipped in everyday life. The year is 1942 and the world has just gone through decades of turmoil with two great wars behind and no end in sight for the despair.

You can pick one of the many characters, each with their own story set around the city of Prehevil. Each character comes to the city with different motives, but it soon becomes painfully clear that things are not right in the city and it is up to you to solve the mysteries behind the horrors that took over the nearby areas. There are powers at play that go beyond human comprehension.


  • Slow burn horror atmosphere
  • Gameplay mixing turn-based battles and real-time combat on the field
  • Strategic dismember combat system
  • 3 day game cycle
  • Freedom to explore the area without a set path
  • Punishing gameplay that demands you to come up with strategies of your own
  • Custom art with an original style blending together pixel art and digital painting 
  • Original atmospheric music
  • Many different playable characters/classes (the latest demo has 4 characters)


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Hey orange first of all I wanted to say I love your games and I also love oranges so there. Anyways earlier today I came across a bug it seems that whenever I attempt transport to the mirrored world (ritual circle by the eagle key in the underground hatch) and complete it I get a black screen, I'm able to move and interact but the screen stays black the only time I can see is if I'm paused. Much love thank you.

The issue would happen in other occasions as well but it was fixed. then, after a while, I also found out what you just described (about 8 months ago) but to me it only happened if I tried to enter the mirror world "after" the first time. meaning in each playthrough, entering the underground other world was fine the first time (when you had to) but it gave me the black screen every time after I got the key, and not only THAT specific other world, but every other world in the demo after that. I am sorry to say that we still didn't have any update on the bug ever since but I do hope Orange fixed it in the full version ^^

It used to happen randomly after some battles or, if an enemy miraculously touched you and engaged combat while the heroin animation was happening

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Hello, hello! Have a happy new year and don't stress it. everyone got held back for reasons the past year! We'll be patient as we are with santa! in the meantime, did you happen to update any mechanics in the demo? If yes, would you like me to do a couple of more speedruns for any possible new bugs?
|Edit: I know it's not my business but I do love the game and if I can help you spotting them bugs I'd be more than glad to help! besides, I am looking for an excuse to do another speedrun but there is nothing left for me to explore so all I can do is look for bugs till the full release xD

cant wait

Show post...

Hello, I heard sometime ago that full version gonna be released in december this year, is this true? If not, can you tell an ETA? I enjoy first game, and arleady beat a demo 3 times. 

you have skills

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For some reason I don't have the right to send a message in the discord channel, so I'll just gonna left this cry from the my heart right here.
Came here to share my feelings about the game, it's truly a masterpiece. I can't describe that gorgeous stunning and shocked fear I've got. I can't compare it with anything I played before. And I'm waiting so much for a full version of a new game, and will pay any price the Author will set.
The graphic here deserves special attention.
So, please, if anyone can share to me the full sizes pictures that stands on the main menu of a both game (without parts of menu interface and naming of the game), you will make me the happiest person in the world.
Please, help me to get this radiance, so I'll be able to worship it like a god.
(P.S. My English is petty weak, I never try to discuss with some other people on English, so please forgive my dumb mistakes anyway.)
Thank again. Love you. 

-Catherine, from the foreign Siberia.

Hi! Really glad you like the game! I have been asked about the full resolution version of that picture a couple of times now . I think I'll have to upload it soon because of the public demand : D I've just been meaning to work on it a little bit more to finalize the picture first. (there are some minor things that bother me in it) 

(3 edits)

I will wait as long as it takes. It's really worth it.
I'm also will be very glad, if you can share this pictures with the name of the game on it. So I can hang it on the wall like a poster. Just understand than i need it as well. I want my friends to know where this splendor comes from.
The version without the title will be only for my personal admiration. >:3
I hope that you will not be embarrassed by this request.
Waiting for it so patiently also with trepidation.
Thank you.

How come you cannot shoot Needles on the field (he's immune), but during combat I can blast his head off if I'm lucky enough to hit?


I just want to say this game is so good. There is a bug that kinda corrupted my game but it's still playable if i close it and open it up again. This bug involves going into the tunnel then teleporting a place that looks like the workshop (i forgot it's name) then getting out by climbing the ladder. This results in me getting a blackscreen but I am still able to hear audio and look in the menu please fix this bug.


TotenMeister here, 

Rher have mercy on us

for the King in Yelllow to consign us.

Irrefutable knowledge, the truth buried in dust.


i feel like there should be more craftables in this game, like a nail bomb makeshift shields etc

This game reminds me of Silent Hill a little, also Bloodborne. My anxiety doesn't let me play it after a few minutes though...

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You have to steel your heart and be ready to die a couple of dozen times till you get the flow of the game :P the first game used to be much more unfair (only recently the lucky coin was added to the first game as well, to help the players). I had to die SO many times before I find a nice strategy for this game. the one thing I can suggest is, try to loot whatever you can loot without endangering yourself and kill only whoever is necessary until you get a second party member. Another thing that helps is saving BEFORE interacting with libraries because loot gets reset with reloads and the game doesn't have that many books in it yet. That way you can reload until you get books that you need.

Is there supposed to be only darkness when you enter the maiden forest? If no, any hints on how I make it so I can see what's going on? Thank you

hmmm, it appears the "darkness" bug is still around. I had Darkness when I revisited the maintenance tunnels for a second time


Just made this account to say that i love everything about F&H, i had gave up on horror games until i was introduced to it last year. I can't stress enough how much i waited for a deep, brutal, compelling and lovecraftian experience such as this. For me, F&H is as good as dark fantasy gets and i am very excited to see what comes next for Termina, which i'm loving so far.

I'm not on the discord server cause i'm antisocial as f*ck so i'm posting this here. Keep up with the good work.

One of the best RPG Maker made games I have ever seen. The visuals are amazing, it fits the whole theme of the game. I love how you choose the branching paths to where you actually lead to and progress in the game. It adds lots of replayability. 


hey orange. i found your games upon Neco the Sergal and have had a blast playing the first! hopefully the 2nd release comes as soon as the first did! cant wait to see the ultimate climax of the festival!

I can't play on Mac (Catalina 10.15.4) :(


Hey Orange,

I want to say first and foremost that I made an account just so I could praise this game and the one that came before it. I am in your discord server but I fear that posting there would leave my praise lost in a sea of random memes. 

I play this game often and any time my friends see me play it at least five to ten of them jump into discord to watch me play it.

I see the influences you have taken and I see your own individuality and it is pretty much everything I have ever wanted in a horror game. Granted, the RNG is very punishing in the first game, but I think that this one is more serviceable to a wider audience and has really refined everything that was great about the first game. I pray that more people will be able to play and digest the deep lore to this game. I have been slowly playing both titles for months and the slow burn has made this game a lasting memory for me.

For those who are just getting into it, BE PATIENT. You aren't meant to get everything done in one run. In fact, you will want to do a multitude of playthroughs because you will learn something new every time you play it, and that is a fact. You get the most out of this experience if you are ready to learn more lore, or are interested in strategy and figuring out what you can do better the next run. This game, to me, feels as though it's about the journey.

To call it a love letter to Berserk, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls does not even do it justice. I feel as though in Termina you have really found the game's own identity. I am completely obsessed, and this game really sparked my muse for writing and drawing horror again. There is so much beauty and humanity in the macabre. 

I look forward to future updates. Thank you, Orange, for all of your hard work over the past years.


Thanks so much for the nice words! It's always nice to hear. The game is very niche and the crowd playing the game is small, but it's so cool that the few people who play the game find it worth their time.

You are right that these games (the first one even more so) are made for multiple runs and replayability in mind. It always pains me to see people trying to do perfect runs and get everything just right when these games really aren't made for that. I think it just adds to the frustration very easily that's all, I don't mean to tell people how to play their games ofc. Ultimately I think I should come up with better ways to encourage playing the game differently. Just rolling with the punches and all that. but yeah, just like the game, the development too is a journey and let's see how these games shape up!


I like the game setting!!!


Hey everyone! I recently finished up my playthrough of the demo so here's a link to the Playlist. It includes both the current and previous builds. Enjoy!



I defeated the janitor in the prologue, got even a bonesaw to cut off his head, but in my inventory it turned into the woodman's head. Is this a bug?

Can the "Cameo" accessory be used in anything in the demo? If it can, I might go on  a hunt to find that :D


Maybe it's better to not spend too much time worrying about that item just yet...... : P

Got it! Thanks for the info because I was about to look around the whole place and interact with every woman, alive/dead or boss, to see if it belongs to them xD

I like the game idea. Keep up the good work!

(1 edit) (+1)

Congrats, the game is looking great! I noticed a few typos, but I am guessing those will be taken care of later.

I got a bug of sorts: when playing as Daan, right after recruiting Marina, I went to the west wagon to see the little scene with Samarie. She wasn't there, but the door looked like it was open, When I tried to interact with it, the text said it was locked.

Have you ever thought about having female ghouls as an option? That lady in the bridal dress would make a badass one.


Can I make one suggestion? When you read books time still flows which can cause hunger to increase and sanity to decrease so is there anyway to stop this or decrease it or is it just a side effect of reading books? I love the lore and really like the longer lore books like Alll-Mer's skin bible but if its going to tank my stats I might have to pass on reading them in certain situations.


I second that. I find myself just spamming through the info of books at times just to conserve some hunger and mind


Yeah this has been very requested feature and makes total sense. I'm on it!

Thanks and can't wait to play the full game!


Party corpses will often not spawn properly after their deaths. 

Such as if they die from starvation, there corpse will not spawn.

huh.... I let my party members die of starvation twice, just to see what Per'kele says on each number possible in the demo, and that didn't happen to me. must be a rare one, good find!

I'm guessing you are playing v2.3? There was a bug in spawning the dead bodies (as well as some other sprites) because I updated some of the systems. It should be fine now in v.2.4 as long as you first transition to another room (there is a version fail safe in map transition) If it still happens after that, let me know!

Samarie(Dismorphia) has the Janitor's voice lines if you talk to her in combat.

Yup, that was an oversight! I fixed it in v2.4!

(5 edits) (+2)

Somehow my game got bugged and whenever I use heroin (doesn't matter which character) the screen goes black and that's it. I can hear my footsteps walking around but I just have to restart. it doesn't matter in which area I do it...it's weird because in the same game I could normally use heroin and I dunno what triggered this. It has affected all of my saves, even older files in which I could use heroin.

EDIT:  It happened after I made Levi take heroin and, while he was doing the injection animation, a bobby engaged in combat (enemies take a bit to come to a full stop when the animation starts). after I finished combat, the character models became invisible while on the field and, after I reloaded to fix that, It would completely go dark when I tried to use heroin (even when I completely closed the game and restarted it)

EDIT 2 : I watched the experience of a youtube creator trying the new classes. He also had 2.3. The glitch of blackness happened to him without the conditions that I mentioned in the first Edit of this post. That means it's probably not what triggers it. He gave Levi the heroin right in front of the mayor, game went black, he talked to him, text and dialogue options were visible, he started the fight, he won the fight, game returned to normal. so it gets fixed after an encounter, I guess?


It's a weird glitch. By using heroine I can trigger the black screen. If I start combat and win, my screen will no longer be black, but the party is invisible and I can't open my menu.

However this isn't the only way I've found to make the party invisible, sometimes just fighting enemies inside the old city will trigger the invisible party glitch. I haven't found a way to fix the invisible party glitch personally.


This guy gets the blackness glitch, fights the mayor and afterwards the party is visible (it's near the end of the video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o5Y8WeZUqQ maybe invisibility chance after combat is 50/50


Thats actually because I cut to a previous save then fought the boss without using heroin. When I use it though same things happen and I can't open the menu either.


ooooh, my bad then!

No problem! Sometimes I forget to mention certain cuts i make😅


It should be now fixed in v2.4. I updated some of the base systems in v2.3 and there was one attribute that only got set in the beginning of the game, if you continued with a save from an older build, that attribute was never set. In v2.4 I made a fail safe if you transition to another room, this way the attribute is set.

Thank you so much for the update!

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-Is it supposed to be eternal night after the night of the third day?
-2 of the bobbies die forever, I dunno if that is intended because every other bobby gets up. The two that die are, the second bobby of the first screen in the city (His head gets automatically cut for some reason) and the other one is the first you encounter in the area with the shooter on the truck.
-Sometimes, when you kill the first priest you encounter after you pick up the keys of the church and the sewers, the second encounter appears already dead. This is random.
And another little question. can the riddle you can find be solved at the moment? If not I will jsut leave it for the full release. Something something, golden in the morning. It's like a crossword

Bobbies can be perma-killed quite easily. Those two bobbies are just glitched that when they die their head is removed. I won't spoil how to kill Bobbies since it's quite the experience repeatedly killing the same Bobbies before they finally wear you down and kill you, repeatedly, to figure out their every weakness. Though I will inform you about one weakness/strength. 

Bobbies heads are not vulnerable in combat unless both the legs are destroyed and you've used the talk action to ask them why the law is in effect and that they serve and protect the people. 

After doing that the head will be vulnerable to attacks but it won't display the vulnerable mark when it's vulnerable.

I figured out what perma kills them ^^ also, my strategy with bobbies is take out arms then go straight for the body xD I am a simple man! (Of course I use a full party for that)


Yeah it's eternal night in day 3. I plan on having something else later on, but for the demo this will have to do...

aah, ok! At least I know it's not a bug ^_^

(3 edits) (+1)

Okay managed to complete the demo. Pretty damn nice and honestly, it's WAY longer than I expected a demo to be. At most I thought a demo would go until the city entrance, so I'm very pleasantly surprised. 

The new armor/defense/accessory system was probably heavily needed, first game has far too many accessories so older ones become redundent and the armor rating in the previous game could go incredibly high and it was hard to grasp how strong your defense rating really was. Though I would say this game needs alot more accesories than it has, even in my final run I only had 2 accessories, one of which the quest reward.

Now I feel compelled to ask is if "Black Kalev of Darkness the Indomitable Assassin"  will be involved in one of the endings. He's simply a far too powerful and legendary to be relegated to a simple side character to the player. (also will he have a special ability/use in the otherworld like how he meets the player?)

I'm greatly enjoyed this game so far, great atmosphere and difficulty pacing. Playable characters are all good except for Levi honestly, for the other characters you can see there personality through there interactions with the player, but Levi doesn't have much in this build, shame since it's hard to understand much about him except that's he reclusive/withdrawn. 

The snail priests in the church have a chance to drop an accessory and it's not that low either!
Kalev isn't that great btw. what I haven't tried yet is, with the Ex-Soldier as main character, pick to pray to a god when your father comes to beat you. that unlocks the Gro'goroth skill tree. Then, if you sacrifice Kalev to Gro-goroth in the Gro'goroth Altar that is in the Manor, can Ex-Soldier get Necromancy? because if he can, then if I ever have extra armor, I'd rather make a zombie that can get gear. Both units hit random targets anyway but Kalev is squishy, even with All-Merr Engravings. Plus, Kalev may randomly go on a strike and demand carrots to return :P I'd rather use those carrots for vegetable pies


You can sacrifice anyone without needing affinity with Gro-Goroth in the intro and thereby aquire bloodmagic.

Though if you don't want to sacrifice anyone, and you only want necromancy you can start as Marina and choose blood magic as your specialty. 

You also simply do not see the power of Black Kalev. He casually kills even powerful opponents with a single strike and will only make the most optimal of attacks during a battle, without needing any player input. No wonder he leaves your party when you consider him to be worst than ghouls.

I didn't know that! I thought that the first sacrifice (if you have nothing unlocked in the gro'goroth skill tree) unlocks the first node of gro'goroth which basically amplifies attack power or something!
Kalev does hit the optimal target but the fact that I can't increase his defenses and he loses half his HP from one attack really stresses me out :P he also takes my carrots and I need them for pies!


I'm glad you liked the game! Sorry for the late response, it's been a hurdle answering things on different sites while fixing things. I think the new accessory system got a lot of potential, but yeah, I agree it's not fleshed out yet. I got some ideas for Black Kalev for sure. As for how prominent role he'll have remains to be seen...

Levi is kinda one trick pony, true. With his skills only affecting on-field combat. I'll still be shuffling skills around with different characters, so I don't know yet how he'll turn out to be in the end,

Excellent to hear. May I ask where are the other sites you frequent for bug reports and the like? It would help so I can avoid reporting the same issue that's already been thouroughly covered/reported.

(9 edits) (+1)

Sometimes you will get nothing from a chest despite a correct coin flip.

You will sometimes get nothing from barrels(uncertain if crates/shelves are affected).

Sometimes being killed by the Woodsman will cause an error which softlocks the game, forcing you to close the application.

Sometimes when you enter combat, all the character models will flicker until combat is over(only has happened while with companions, I was Doctor, had Engineer and Goat).

Edit: While in combat, some abilities that cost sanity in are darkened out, as if they're unusable despite being usable.

Edit2: The sickle wielding villager inside the derelect house is trapped on the otherside of the table due to space he spawns in being solid. If you walk to them to fight and kill them, you cannot interact with their corpse afterwards.

Edit3: The woodsman will not walk over boobytraps(this is weird since he walked over boobytraps before in an earlier version, it might have something to do with boobytrapping the porch[a 1x1 walkway])

Edit 4/5: Looks like the woodsman, and headless dogs avoid boobytraps, but all other enemies walk over them. 

Edit 6: Sometimes after loading a save, all character names will be darkened if displayed in chat or viewed in the menu. When this is happening you cannot use items or skills inside the menu on the overworld. This glitch does not always occur when loading saves, got it by saving in the bed in the mansion. Did not occur the first three times or sixth time I loaded this save, but did occur the fourth and fifth times I loaded it.

Edit 7: If a party member is killed by a Bobby and you win the fight you might re-enter the world map and your whole party will be invisible. You cannot open your menu, but otherwise gameplay is normal.

(1 edit)

--Darkened abilities either don't meet the requirements (for example forgetting to equip the wrench on the mechanic for the wrench throw) or they are supposed to be used on the field, out of combat
--From my experience, 95% of the time enemies avoided traps (even bear traps) and if the passage was too tight and only 1 tile wide, they would stop moving altogether. Orange said this is not intended so it's kinda creepy. I noticed that if they are far when you palce the trap, it's more likely they will walk over it. 
-- When all items have "use" grayed out, closing the application altogether and restarting the game fixed for me. It only happened once to me.

Thanks for reporting back with the bugs. There are few here that I haven't heard of before. I'll look into those!

Made it a little farther, hoping to progress more, will update if I encounter something weird

In the place you find Dysmorphia, the stone(?) walls can be walked on for some reason. Also, is there anywhere I can use the rusty pearls in the demo?

(1 edit) (+3)

I'm afraid rusty pearl got no function yet... Thanks for the bug report! : D

When I equipped the Rake weapon, that the Mechanic can craft, on the occultist, it gave me an error that it could not load the model and then the game entered an error loop even after combat was done. Occultist was invisible during the whole fight. I dunno if this happens to other characters as well

(1 edit)

This happened just now, I reloaded a save file and now I can't use ANY item. I completely closed the game, restarted it, loaded and it got fixed. easy to fix but I though I'd let you know


Oh! Thanks for letting me know! It's weird I didn't find out about this earlier!

well, I've had 4 playthroughs so far, I've reloaded a lot of times, only once this happened. All items had the "use" option grayed out and I could only discard. I'm SO glad it got fixed when I restarted the game because I was about to fight the secret bosses too xD I dunno why the Rake weapon error happened though. I also don't know if it only happens for the occultist

Great game so far, but I noticed a nasty bug in version 2.3 where it seems that sometimes whenever I click a barrel or lootable area, it doesn't give me the item and pretends as if nothing happened but it still empties the loot container like a barrel or crate anyways. I think the item that is affected by this might be the cloth, though it could be any type of item cause it could just be a coincidence with my playthrough having no cloths. I hope the bug can be patched soon! The game is very well made so far! Is it all hand drawn?

Thanks for letting me know. I've noticed this bug too in my latest playthroughs. I need to check what is causing it... I'm glad you're liking the game! All the graphics are digitally painted with graphics tablet. I kinda got my own way of colouring things that makes things look a bit like they were painted in real life.

Small question. Are the backgrounds and characters hand drawn or are they done by pixels?

Sorry fot the late reply! : O Everything is painted digitally with a graphics tablet. I got my own way of colouring things that's not too different from how I'd paint in real life, so that's probably the reason why it might look a bit like hand drawn. Sometimes I do correct things on pixel level though.

(8 edits)

Sooo, I have some feedback for the demo. Firs things first, after encountering the Woodsman for the first time, everytime you are in the same screen with him or his corpse, the game lags massively.Like, 5 fps

Secondly, sometimes equipping and unequipping guns bugs out. I was playing as the mechanic and had a gun. when I got Ex-Soldier in my party (as an ally) I gave him the gun and gave my mechanic her wrench back. Then I had to give the gun back to the mechanic, but when I did, Ex-soldier was seemingly still holding a gun (even though he had a different weapon) and the mechanic who HAD the gun, was not holding it. That bug prevented me from being able to use SHIFT to shoot out of combat since her model was not holding a gun, even though she was equipped with it.

Another bug I found was that sometimes beartraps that had done their job, would reset if you went back and forth between screens, allowing you to pick them up and resulting in infinite supplies of bear traps. Last but not least, if you slept twice in a row without going outside to update the "time" of day between your naps, the "time passage" would not register properly and sometimes you could even skip a whole day as soon as you changed screens, after such a thing happened.

I also have some questions. Is there any way to recruit any other human character except the Ex-Soldier in the demo? Some say you can encounter the occultist. I could not trigger the encounter. I dunno how to help the doctor in the slums with his investigation (unless it's not in the demo). The journalist just sits at the beach and I dunno what to do about the guy in the mayor's house in day 1 (the one who can hear a clock) although I suspect he mutates and becomes the mayor because if you kill the mayor it counts as killing off a participant of the festival. I was also kind of disappointed that I never got to use short-circuit with the mechanic because I found two doors that it could possibly be used on.

By the way, you make NPCs too smart and they avoid bear traps 95% of the time :( when they can't go around it because the path is too narrow, they stop pursuing me altogether, it's very frustrating...bear traps are VERY valuable if you want to take out some key enemies that can wreck you (for example, the woodsman or the priest)

I hope my comment helped and I hope you can give me some tips too ^^ I want to make the most out of this demo :D I really love Fear & Hunger! 


Hey thanks for the feedback! Hopefully you had good time with the game regardless of the hickups. Are you playing the latest version 2.2? I think I found the source of the lag and it should be fixed now in the latest update.

I tried to replicate the equipping and unequipping bug you mentioned, but couldn't get it to happen. I'll still browse through the code if I could find a problem there..

Someone else also mentioned the bear trap bug. It's still a bit of a mystery to me. I might have to consider coming up with new eventing/scripting for the bear trap if I can't find any other solutions...

The time passage is meant to advance every time you sleep. Not every time you save. So if you'd sleep 3 times in a row, it should be the next day regardless if you checked the daytime outside or not. But you're saying it's jumping in time more than it should?

You can recruit all the (currently) playable characters. But they have pretty specific conditions on how to get them. They are also mostly time specific. Like you have to meet them on certain day or else you'll miss them. This is because of the balancing reasons, because a full party in this game is pretty over-powered.

And finally, I seriously have no answers to how enemies are smart enough to avoid bear traps and booby traps occasionally. It looks very intentional on their part, but there is no line of coding that would prompt them to do that stuff.

(2 edits)

holy crap, avoiding bear traps isn't coding? this is actually creepy now xD
I was playing 2.1 ! I will check out 2.2 since I still haven't played as the doctor :D I hope I can find out how to recruit the doctor! Ex-Soldier is fine but only if you have heroin with you and that's a pain because Needles enemies are rare.

About the bear trap, it only happened once, in one of my two playthroughs and the one time it happened, it happened for a very specific trap (I placed it around the place you get your first zombie). It never happened in my second playthrough.

What I meant about the time passage is, it was Day 1, outside it was mid-day, I went inside to make it the morning of the next day (because night drains your mind) so I slept twice without exiting the building. When I exited the building, it said Day 2 but it was night instead of morning and the date still changed to day 2. I then went back inside to sleep again to fix the time and as soon as I stepped inside, it said Day 3 so I was like "whuuuut?". So if you sleep once, you gotta step outside the building to "see" the time has changed (to morning,mid-day or night) otherwise weird things happen if you sleep repeatedly without going outside to actually see the passage of time.

Another little bug that I remembered was at the wooden beams of the church. There are those macho guys that walk the planks. the beams are supposed to have depth perception but while I was going down the ladder to leave the area, I "touched" the head of one of those guys who was standing at the parallel beam directly below me and combat started. I assume that is not supposed to happen because there is some sort of depth perception, right? I know I did not explain it very well so I can provide a screenshot whenever I get back to the area to explain the situation!

Also, without spoiling me, can short-circuit be used or can the electronically locked door in the slums area be opened in the demo? and also, can you give me a pointer on how to recruit the doctor? xD I tried everything I could try while he was in my party. I tried talking to the pacified moonscorched villagers, I tried talking to the journalist, I tried talking to the man with the head collection, I started combat with the pacified villagers and used analyze on them and then I talked to them in combat to get some extra dialogue. I still don't know what the guy wants to do in the area and "how" I can help him do it. The only thing I have not tried (in my knowledge) is killing the 2 crazed moonscorched of the slums while he is in my party. I always killed them before I tried to help him. As for the Occultist, I never even saw her in town, even though I read that if you talk to her or Olivia you can find her somewhere in town. maybe I did not look well enough.


Ah okay, I see what you mean now. I need to check out the day and night cycle if there are some loop holes...

No need to post a screenshot, I know the spot you mean with the beams and the pillarmen. I happened to me once too.

Short-circuit didn't have use before, because I left few areas out of the demo because of time constraints, but with the version 2.2, I made few doors available, including one the one you spoke of, so that it's not completely useless right now.

I'm afraid the doctor cannot be recruited fully. He only joins you for one area. Both him and the occultist can be met on Day 2.

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aaah, thank you so much! at least I know these things were intentionally inaccessible (including the electronically locked doors for 2.1). I thought I was being dumb about it and just couldn't figure it out! I also thank you for not spoiling anything about recruiting the occultist :D
About the thicc thigh bois, I will admit that there was one time I was spotted before reaching the ladder and, since I know of their strength, I chose to jump down and take the fall damage hoping not to break my legs and it worked xD (still got some damage though, but it was less than what I would've taken by trying to kill one of them). If I find any other bug or glitch I will let you know under this post and not a new comment! Thank you for making such amazing games! I will do my best to help you by testing the demo a couple of more times!


Yeah I used that tactic too up there. I saw the pillarman coming and decided to rather jump down than confront that thing : D


Holy Crap. Are you playing on Mac? Do you like getting destroyed by punishing gameplay and a broken save/system? You will nut on the Dark Souls like hardness when you can't save on Mac....ever. You can memorize and even skip a majority of the main run (no spoilers) and still get your ass handed to you by making a mistake which I assume is a glitch. (DO NOT SAW THE BOBBIES HEAD OFF) Great update Orange and no disrespect but this is broken in all the right ways. 

OMG Orange I want to fist fight you over some of these glitches.


Sure, sparring and a good fist fight can be fun, but as long as we're not out there to harm each other, yea?

Haha of course!

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Ok so glitches, I put down booby traps on several townsfolk and got decemited with First Strike not registering. FUCK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yDRYQPzyEQ&t=2861s 52:33 That's how it worked everytime. Except for 31:29 WTF!


Hey! Macs have a long-term issue with rpg maker games where you need to give the game folders permissions to create save files. Otherwise it creates error messages and all that. It's been an issue long enough, so I really need to find a solution to it.

As for Bobbies. It's not a bug. They don't let you cut of their heads before they go down for good.

Having said that, yeah there are too many bugs around. I need to put my games through proper testing in future before releasing them to public. Since this game is still in its free demo form, I've figured that the release is kinda public testing.. too, but maybe that's not the best way to go about it.

I fell for the god damn Bobbie head my first time :( I usually save any extra bear traps for them and just let them crawl around forever. I do that when there are two bobbies in some areas because dealing with one of them isn't that bad. Got any better tactics to deal with them?

Depends. The booby trap with stun them for a quick sec, if you run into them (or any unit that does that animation) it gives you first strike and you can normal end most hostile units like that.

The booby trap doesn't work everytime. I recorded a playthrough where everything I thought was solid went wrong. The trap is supposed to give you a preemptive strike but I assume glitches, I get stuffed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yDRYQPzyEQ&t=2861s

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Also, anytime you make a change to the options like sound or keyboard config, it crashes and gives this error.

yeah this message pretty much confirms it. It says "read-only file system-blah-blah-/save/" It's really annoying, but mac is especially protective about that stuff.


Hi Orange. Every time I encounter a bed and click on it to rest my screen goes black and it doesn't save. Wondering if that is something other people get and if there is a way to make it stop


I'm having a similar problem. I downloaded the version for Mac. I get to the save screen, fine, but it won't let me actually save the game. Instead, I get the "rejection rattle" sound effect.

Same here. I was just getting on here to see if anyone else was having trouble.

This happened to me at the bed in the woodsman's house. I can't fight the woodsman and get the basement key, now :/ 

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Hey Orange, I was wondering if you could tell me how old you were intending to present Levi and Marina as? I'm curious since Marina has the cute pigtails and mary janes and is mentioned to be attending the Ministry of Darkness school, and Levi is mentioned to be a child when he was recruited as a soldier. High school age? College age? Older/younger?


Hey! Sorry for the late response! The ages aren't set in stone yet. Levi and Marina are around the same age. Levi has spent multiple years in the army so they are definitely closing 18 years of age, if not there yet. The timeline could still change a bit at this point in development, so I don't want to give any concrete ages.

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