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The sequel to the horror j-RPG Fear & Hunger. The game takes place in the same universe, but it is a stand-alone story and no prior knowledge of the series is required.

Join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/2QsZZW4

CAUTION! The game has content that is ADULTS ONLY! This includes gore, drugs and violence. There is mild nudity in the demo too.  Though there might be more explicit scenes coming later on! Many of the themes in the game can be found offensive. Anyone proceeding with the game should be aware of this and if you are sensitive to such subjects, it might be better to look elsewhere.


The game takes place in an alternative take on the real world, where religions and occult are a lot more prevalent and where ancient deities are still worshipped in everyday life. The year is 1942 and the world has just gone through decades of turmoil with two great wars behind and no end in sight for the despair.

You can pick one of the many characters, each with their own story set around the city of Prehevil. Each character comes to the city with different motives, but it soon becomes painfully clear that things are not right in the city and it is up to you to solve the mysteries behind the horrors that took over the nearby areas. There are powers at play that go beyond human comprehension.


  • Slow burn horror atmosphere
  • Gameplay mixing turn-based battles and real-time combat on the field
  • Strategic dismember combat system
  • Freedom to explore the area without set path (the demo is kinda limited still though)
  • Punishing gameplay that demands you to come up with strategies of your own
  • Custom art with an original style blending together pixel art and digital painting 
  • Original atmospheric music
  • Many different playable characters/classes (coming, now it's only 2)


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I love your games. I don't mind if you start charging a higher price, just keep making more content and more games and I'll keep buying.

Your game is one of the only games I've bought on Itch.io,but it's top notch. Its been a while since people have used really grotesque and surreal imagery and its sick,but like in a good way.it really makes you feel uneasy when encountering these unique creatures. All of their designs are so disturbing but so cool,the mechanized old lady and the enlightened one are some of my favorites,so i'm excited for Termina! I really hope you keep this creativity cause horror is one of the best genres and its very inspiring seeing these wicked monsters and cruel abominations. Keep up the great work man,you have my support always!

Hey. Just discovered your series and I have to say this is some pretty interesting stuff. Out of humble curiosity, what engine was used to create this game? 


Glad you're looking into the games! :D The games are made on RPG Maker MV.

Featuring Fear & Hunger. Keep it up !


Not sure if it's a feature, or a bug, but I think Mind decreasing as fast as hunger is increasing is pretty annoying. It could be a bug, since I'm almost sure it only started decreasing once I went into one basement (makes sense why mind would decrease in the basement), but didn't stop decreasing after that. But if it's not a bug, then at least items restoring mind should be as common as ones restoring hunger.

Another thing, not sure if I wasn't screwed by RNG, but throughout whole Demo I couldn't find a single item that I could draw with, when I saw plenty of places that required something to draw with, and it sucked to not be able to do that. It would be nice if you'd add Quill and Ink. or a Pen (since it's more modern times than F&H) at mayor's house library, would make sense to have items like that there.

Aside from those things, I think that Termina is a huge improvement over original thanks to better save system (good to have beds, and it seems like Books Of Enlightment aren't RNG-based anymore), guns being interesting way to conquer some challanges (it felt so awesome to kill Chaugnar with rifle without even entering combat!), and better rewards for actually killing enemies (at least now you can trade their heads for Soul Stones). I look forward to seeing full release!

This game is awesome! Frustrating, but excellent, I love the lore!!! Can't wait for the full thing, I might crap myself at the sight of that elephant creature in the bunker again. Terrifying! Keep up the good work dude!

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Great game! Very scary and couldn't defeat anyone x'D

Question; when do you think you'll implement a save option???

You save by sleeping on beds. Interact with a bed, and it will give you the option to rest if it's available. Be warned, you'll get attacked if there are enemies in the nearby area (or if the owner of the house doesn't appreciate guests). Clear out nearby monsters if you don't want the rudest of awakenings.

i had a blast playing the game, ive never had this much fun punching dicks off until this game...wait... lol but for real keep up the good work everone who worked on the game. i only played a little bit but the small time i played it was really fun an interesting. 


This is scary as hell! Great gameplay also, looking foward!


Hey orange dont forget to give me a key :))


Yeah hey of course I'll remember, but the release of the full game is still a very distant thing. There will be a other bigher demo release before that. 


Oh, i saw on a release date of december, OOOF. But no worries, I know your gunna do a great job.

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Your demo releases have more content than a lot of full games, which is awesome. Really enjoying it so far.
Will it be possible to get magic skills via increasing your affinity to the various gods? I know that's how it worked in Fear & Hunger, but I'm curious, especially with the one path for the Ex-Soldier that allows you to form a pact with a god.
EDIT: OK, answered my own question. It's not a spoiler here, but yes, if you have a pact with a given god in the Ex-Soldier's opening story it will open up appropriate options on the Hexen for you. A nice bit of multi-classing style customization.

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What does the Woodsman's parasite do to the player? Will he turn him into the similar looking creature? Or grow character's genitals into the same parasite? Gross, but kinda hot, haha) Very twisted.

I am so ready for this. And so excited you're making another game. Huge fan of Fear & Hunger. Are you doing anything like a Kickstarter for this project? I'd love to support. 

PS- noticed control configuration doesn't workin the settings,  but that might be known. 


Hey Orange, I want to help you.

First of all, great demo, I loved the music, ambience and monster design, its amazing how this feels so inspired by the first game while being able to stand on its own. I honestly believe the general athmosphere and vive is a big improvement from F&H. I am a huge WW2 fan so you might guess why I am so excited for this release. 

I am mexican, and you are not going to belive how many of my friends loved F&H. I really want to support this game in any way I can, so I had the idea that I could help Termina reach further abroad by translating the game into spanish. I am pretty good with translations, and I have studied english for as long as I can remember. I might have some mistakes here and there, but I proof read quite a lot. I hope you can give me a chance at this, it would a great honor. If you'd like, we can discuss this in private. My email is: angelherediaeguia48@gmail.com .


I was close but i failed again oof, sorry for the sniffles lol. Also im pretty proud of the voice i gave to the mayor

Hello everyone, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

I am very proud to say that I have finally completed the demo XDDDDDD. The video above is my second video about this amazing game and the only issue that I can think of at this point of time is that maybe there should be three different modes available for the game (easy, medium and TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK MODE) which I assume that it will be added to the full game because I can imagine new players of the game being frustrated after playing the game multiple times XDDDD. Other than that, this is a great game and I hope that sir orange can leave comments for me on how do I improve in fighting mobs and how could I have played the game better XDDD.

Thank you for reading my comment.


Made an account just to say I think the main menu and boss themes are absolutely fantastic and I hope the rest of the OST is just as impressive.

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I left you a message earlier this year (about 10 months ago), asking about whether you wanted/needed some help with proofreading and whatnot, in regards to the first game of course. You told me that the problem was that the script wasn't written down anywhere, and as such you had no real way of sharing it, I think.

Well, I'm here just to ask whether the same circumstances still apply to Termina, and whether or not you would like/need another pair of eyes to help you out, even if it's just to proofread, I'd love to help :)

Keep up the good work, I'm loving everything I've seen so far!

was amazing game I Actually got all the keys so that was cool....but can not wait to play the full game so bad....did Find a couple of Bugs in it like is any way to Get Infinite Bear traps and the The other trap...yes it was amazing Box coin rolling was so not fun lol 😅 I all ways get Nothing and have to keep Loading my old save back try again and again....but yes looking forward to this one so much now 


Love your games dude!

Will Termina have more nudity like Fear and Hunger?


Maybe. I don't know yet. I don't want to put it there just for the sake of it, but if it fits the scene, then yeah,


I understand, just glad you're not censoring your vision. We need more kick ass devs like you bro!

Is there 2 gasoline cans in the game? If have, what are the locations for them?


Yup. I'd advise checking up the tunnel more thoroughly. (It's not exactly hidden)

which tunnel? the same one as you find the first gasoline can?

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Yeah that's the one. The is another similar green canister there.

alright thank you so much XD

all in the Hatch-one on the lift and one Somewhere In that room as well I hope this helps :3 


Hi, I saw on twitter you were looking for criticisms. 

I wasn't sure what you were trying to say with the Occultist's backstory, but the way you have it framed, it implies that we are supposed to think trans women are inherently horrific and grotesque and that you were torturing the Occultist by making them become one. By continuously saying they have a better life as a woman you are also implying that they don't wish to present or identify as one, but its ok for the audience to feel sympathy for them because they aren't "really" trans. 
That being said, I do think that you could make a pretty interesting story with a trans woman having transitioned when she was away from home and having to come out and face her family amongst all the other things that are going on. 

Thanks for being open for feed back! 

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I DEFINITELY didn't say "trans women are inherently horrific and grotesque".  There is not a single line that describes how trans people are  treated or considered in this world.   I don't think the demo explains how the occultist views herself at any point either. There is not one line from her that even mentions her sex or how she views herself as.

The intro doesn't compare life as a woman vs life as a trans woman. It compares life as a woman vs life as a man in this very specific religion.  

The reason these comparisons are done in the first place, is to show the evolution of the religion. In the original game the females were treated very differently in the religion of the dark priests.

I appreciate the feedback. I know people can interpret things in different ways, but I would really need more context on where you gathered these implications?


Hi, thanks for the response! I'm sorry I wasn't very clear with how I phrased things. 

The subtext I gathered from the line "despite your origin, your mother made sure you would appear more feminine when your father first laid his eyes on you." was that mother had the baby's genitals surgically altered, which is comparing sex reassignment surgery to genital mutilation. And because of this, the audience is supposed to feel bad for the character because they were forced into being a woman. And because we are supposed to feel bad, it implies that it is bad. 

When you kept mentioning that the character was in a more privileged position being female, it really feels like you are purposely drawing attention to it as as a key detail in how the character feels, which implied they feel the opposite. 

If you wanted to draw a comparison on how women and men were treated differently why make the transition forced against their will, or have a transition at all? You could more directly compare their experiences and upbringing to their father's childhood to strengthen  the tension between them and explain how the church views gender roles. 

I hope this helps! Thank you for listening and not directly writing me off!


Isn't Marine's mother try to help her escape from the cult? You sound like overthinking.
I think we shouldn't affect the script.
tbh, if there have a one use save point when protagonist get off the train, that will be great,
repeat the intro every time not really enjoyable.


Okay I see what you mean. Occultist intro was a bit rushed. I'm not happy with how the script flows and there are some clumsy lines that definitely need to be remade. So I will have these things in mind when I rewrite it. But the context won't be changing. It would be a cheap thing to pull such character trait out.

The intro does imply that her mother did something, but it remains untold what exactly. I never intended it to sound bad though. Or something that would get the audience sympathy. Maybe it will become more apparent the further the game progresses, that the occultist doesn't have any crisis when it comes to her gender. (Not that the game story is about her gender anyways. That trait will just work more as a layer to her character portrayal. Just the same as Ex-soldier's story won't be about him being a man or whatever.)

(1 edit) (+2)(-5)

Hi, thank you for understanding! I'm really relieved to know it was just a misunderstanding on my part. I've just seen other horror media use the "boy forced to be a girl" trope for cheap shock value, and I really do appreciate you listening to trans people when we talk how these tropes are from our perspective. 

Thank you so much!

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In this universe I doubt the " hey infant if you aren't different gender and sex then dad gonna do some eff'ed up stuff to you as a son." "Oh thanks mother I am totally okay with rushed and secretive non medicated surgical procedure to very painfully make that happen so I don't suffer a potentially worse fate." was a consenting dialogue between the mother and "infant" son. Probable scenario. Step one provide the infant alcohol, step two pay a stranger to quickly not professionally remove genitalia, step 3 dress him up and instruct the developing child that if it were a boy consequences and child grows understanding this or an honest exchange about their original birth and procedure with the mother so to remain safe.


It doesn't imply anything, some people just like to preach their religion whenever they get half a chance and see heresy everywhere. The religiion in this case being "progressivism"


That's why it will never work, you got me suicidal


Thanks Dr. John Money

I found this game really amazing, but I still considering buy or not, do all Fear & Hunger series 's character engaging in sexual content are over the age of 18?


I'm glad you like it. Yes they are all over the age of 18.

But how old is the goat? hmmmmm.....


that goat's just a kid

Maybe I'm just dumb, but i couldn't find anyway to save? is that a feature in this demo?

Try the beds but be careful! Or you can get lucky and find a Book of Enlightenment.

I found a bug when you enter the required basement to get to the mayor's house the second time. I killed a villager and after either taking it's soul or chopping it's head off I could endlessly loot it for it's drops. Love the first game and this demo!


Oh! Thanks for letting me know! I'll check it out

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My second attempt at the series, boy is this game tough oof


Part 10! Time to clean this town up!


Part 9! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Well, the game certainly earns that disclaimer for sure. While I didn't get too far into the game demo, from what I saw, it is super interesting for sure. The fact that you even make use of in field damage to affect battle damage is a nice prop. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Seriously amazing work! I love the original F&H and this demo is just fantastic! Your additions and changes to the combat and Hexen makes this game fresh and unique enough to not feel like the same thing. I could go on and on about the artistic design, attention to detail, and sound/music design forever. F&H is one of the best games ever made with RPGMaker and this is looking to be even better. I love that even though I finished the demo, I'm excited to play again and discover all the things I missed. Keep up the great work! 

Awesome! I'm glad people are liking the game. It's such a big departure from the first game, so I was unsure about its reception.

Parr 8! So many deaths....

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I guess I read "affliction" instead of "affinity" with the gods. Unless it's the same concept you have in astrology (quite possible).

Ooops, It's funny how I can get such words entirely wrong. I'll fix this.

How do I use the lucky coins?

Holding SHIFT during the coin toss.

Part 7! Finale? Sorry for the audio. Enjoy!

hello! I had a really great time playing this so far and i wanted to say I'm really excited to play the rest of it! One bug i did encounter though is after using the chalk on the ritual circle in the house with the goat every other ritual circle has the same rune appear on it and then i cant interact with them anymore.

Oh! This needs a fix! Thanks!

How do you save the game?

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You either save by sleeping in a bed or using a book called 'The book of enlightenment'. Also you can only use the book once while you can sleep in the bed infinitely but you could get attacked if you sleep in the house with the goat nearby, the mayor's house also has a bed but you need a small key to open the room for it btw, still safer than the goat house though.

Nah, scratch that. There's actually a priest who can attack you there too so I guess if you want actual sleep just murder for it.

Thanks. Looks like this is too obnoxious for me. If you fail the fight, you have to restart the game, and even with skipping intro and character creation, you still have to endure the intro talk and then walk to the house to have your chance again.

Loved the goat, though, and the fact that you can feed a carrot to it. Reminds me of original King's Quest.

I think securing beds makes sense. I mean would you sleep in a bed in this town in real life? You won't get ambushed if you take care of the enemies in that area first.

But yeah, I can see why it would become tedious for some. This game and the first Fear & Hunger balance on a fine line of what's too much bullshit and what's not. I think it will become more tolerable in future releases when there are more ways to take in the beginning sections and more characters, etc.

btw, you can skip the intro talk too. Just say you're too busy for their talks.

If sleeping represents saving, then there should be a checkpoint as you awaken on the train. This way, you can keep your character settings and have a more comfortable point to restart the game if defeated in the first area.

Part 6! Bit of a bug near the end there but it's a demo so that's to be expected. Enjoy!

I noticed a bug - you can cut off an infinite number of legs (and possibly arms) from a ghoul

Oh! Okay! Gotta check this out! Thanks!

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Hello Miro! It's me (annoying you) again. I see that you added an Old God of nature to the pantheon of F&H, the child of the duality Gro-goroth Sylvian. So we have a Trimurti now (really makes sense). But I wonder... how this one will be? What you think of a mexican life & death mask? "Death feeds on life, life feeds on death (of others)". "A god popular in (central) Vinland" (really, human sacrifices for fertility rites). Vishnu + Xipe Totec. Just an idea, of course, the stuff you make is fine in the way it is!

I got some ideas about what to do with the god of nature, but it's still under development for sure. I did not know of these things you mention here, so they definitely got me thinking more. Even Trimurti is something I wasn't aware of before. I kind of thought to myself that lore like this would make sense. Seems like I'm not the first one :'D

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