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The sequel to the horror j-RPG Fear & Hunger. The game takes place in the same universe, but it is a stand-alone story and no prior knowledge of the series is required.

The game is currently at a demo stage. The full version will be coming in 2021.

Join the discord channel: https://discord.gg/bJES7Sp

CAUTION! The game has content that is ADULTS ONLY! This includes gore, drugs and violence. There is mild nudity in the demo too.  Though there might be more explicit scenes coming later on! Many of the themes in the game can be found offensive. Anyone proceeding with the game should be aware of this and if you are sensitive to such subjects, it might be better to look elsewhere.


The game takes place in an alternative take on the real world, where religions and occult are a lot more prevalent and where ancient deities are still worshipped in everyday life. The year is 1942 and the world has just gone through decades of turmoil with two great wars behind and no end in sight for the despair.

You can pick one of the many characters, each with their own story set around the city of Prehevil. Each character comes to the city with different motives, but it soon becomes painfully clear that things are not right in the city and it is up to you to solve the mysteries behind the horrors that took over the nearby areas. There are powers at play that go beyond human comprehension.


  • Slow burn horror atmosphere
  • Gameplay mixing turn-based battles and real-time combat on the field
  • Strategic dismember combat system
  • 3 day game cycle
  • Freedom to explore the area without a set path
  • Punishing gameplay that demands you to come up with strategies of your own
  • Custom art with an original style blending together pixel art and digital painting 
  • Original atmospheric music
  • Many different playable characters/classes (the latest demo has 4 characters)


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Development log


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Dear orange~, after playing your games, it made me want to make my own games. It was the Fear And Hunger series that showed me that RPGmaker is a great engine for my idea.

I ask for permission to disassemble F&H in order to learn how to make games as good as yours, and I ask for permission to use F&H textures to create a base (I promise there will be no F&H textures in the public alpha / beta / release (except for easter eggs, if you allow))

Thank you, I will wait for an answer as long as you like, whatever it may be!

Glad you're giving RPG Maker a chance. I think it's perfectly fine engine, depending on what you want to make of course.

Sure you can look at F&H's coding, but it's a severe case of spaghetti coding. I feel sorry for anyone who ever tried to make sense of it. Again, you can do that if you want, but I'd recommend getting familiar with the engine otherwise and creating your game from scratch. Maybe look at F&H's eventing and coding for reference, but otherwise stick to your own project. But ultimately it's your choice.

You can use textures as a base. I don't mind seeing edits and such around in finished projects either, just as long as your game doesn't rely 100% on F&H graphics.

Good luck with your project!

Thanks a lot! Your support is very important to me! You made my job so much easier!

Yesterday I worked in RPGmaker for the first time in my life. I've found that it's much easier to work if you know EXACTLY what you want. In just an hour, I was able to recreate from scratch (only the base) the mechanics of damage to enemies from F&H, but I could not make a dialogue with the NPC


Thanks again!

The biggest. The Darkest. The Best Dark fantasy-occult-horror game for upcoming ages. I fell in dark Love with demo of Termina.

I passed the demo. It was damn good! I felt the atmosphere and basic gameplay of the original "Fear and Hunger", but there were also many differences. This is exactly how the second parts should look: the base is the same, but there are differences that give new inspirations! Great job!

I'm wondering if the demo is a piece from the full game, or is it a special location "based on"? Also, I'm wondering if I transfer my saves from dnmo to the finished game, will my progress be saved?

Thank you for your games! (I like F&H even more than Dark Souls!)

Glad you liked the demo! I was first a bit scared of showing off Termina because it was so different, but people seem to take it pretty well.

The same areas are in the full game too, but a lot of things have been added to them. From small details and new enemies to entirely new rooms and such. There are also alternate paths early on, so if you know how, or stumble upon them by accident, you can skip the demo sections too.

Don't transfer old saves. It will create a myriad of problems if you do so. I have no idea how the game would play with a save from the demo.


Why can't I support the developer through payment with a russian card?


cuz you russke pidaras


I'm Ukrainian so I think I have permission to speak. 

With all my respect I'm saying sorry, because I think this comment is bullshit. 

First of all, money is money. Until this game is legal creator can reserve money from players of any county, because players aren't paying to continue this fucking war, they're paying to say "Thank you for your work".

At the end, I wish to believe games are non political area (until this game is not propaganda itself). I don't care who you are: russian, Nazi, racist, sexist... Until you're playing without insulting other real peoples you're just a human. Not more, not less.

If you think I'm wrong, than I'm ready to answer. But let's choose other platform. These comments are for game, not for political shit.

(Dear Orange~, sorry for this shit below your game and thank you for your work!!!)


Absolutely based opinion fellow east slav, games should stay out of the political area.

man, this is just joke
i'm russian myself
but comment literally reflects reality, now there are many sanctions imposed on russians, including the ability to pay to someone abroad from a russian bank account

Это печально... Я не виню простых граждан в том, что происходит на войне. Русский народ просто попал под гарячую руку, нацелившуююся на верхушку власти  (которая подставит другую щеку, если что (разумеется не свою, у нас всё так же работает))

Как же заебала эта ебучая война... Как говорится, ни себе, ни людям...

Все адекватные люди ждут её конца, в лучшем случае пытаются сделать хотя бы крупицу для её завершения и минимизации жертв и последствий (а они уже сейчас ужасные и будут ощущаться не один год). Империалистические настроения, это то, что тянется через историю человечества и портит многим людям жизнь.
Игры, пусть и как часть культуры потребления, важная отдушина, где можно получить совершенно иной опыт и, если это уместно, то сбавить градус безумия реальности хотя бы на время.
Верим, что машина уродств хотя бы где-то обломает зубья и ждём, верю, отличную игру от автора.

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cuz the eastern union is still in war with the kingdom of bremen. go take back Prehevil, end the war and win the HOLY TERMINA WAR, then u can use ur eastern union card


is it gonna be released in 2022? T_T

don't count on it, it seems they HEAVILY underestimated how much time it would take to add everything they wanted to add

Deleted 33 days ago

There's some of that in play too. I did underestimate how long certain things would take, but I think the biggest reason for such a massive delay is that I've been moving the goal post further. The original planned release would have followed F&H1's example. That game was VERY barebones at release. Only after many updates that game took its somewhat final form. When I decided to delay Termina I figured most people who were waiting for the game have probably only witnessed the first game while it has been more or less a complete package. I think those people would've been disappointed in the barebones version of Termina. Even those who would've understood the situation would've felt a bit disappointed and first impressions last long.

So Termina has been growing under the curtains and it's now a lot more fleshed out experience. Comparable to F&H1 for sure. The game has been in testing for a couple of months now, so it won't be far off.

Sorry for the delays, they do suck, but the game is better for it. Hope the game will deliver once it's finally out.

I believe you are doing great! No one wants to release a raw product. The consumer society is pampered at a conveyor pace. But in fact, we empathize with your experience and wish you good luck in your creation!

You doing a great job. We all patiently wait. So just take your time <3. Just time to time bop and signal to community that You okay and progress is on way. Many many good wishes and big success in all Your ways and works. F&H is just something that worth waiting <3

Dont worry orange~, do your thing, it will be all worth it in the end.

On the other hand - Termina might be the game i'm most hyped about right now, so please no 2023 delay ;). That or Dwarf Fortress steam version :D

I´m happy to know that orange is loyal to the quality of the product they believe in and doesn't let the pressure of delaying get them. We all want to play the finished, complete version, what you wanted to do when you started this game



A solid recommendation for anyone that likes horror and rpgs. I suggest trying out the original Fear & Hunger as well, as its a very impactful experience for the the same price as a fast food meal. 

How do you get into inventory what do you click


Z - Confirm\Interact

X - Cancel\Open Menu

In the menu:

  1. First option with letter 'I' stands for inventory(you can look and use items that you have).
  2. Second option with letter 'S' stands for skills(you can look at your character skills, and use ones that can be used out of combat).
  3. Third option with letter 'E' stands for equipment(you can equip weapon, armor and some accessory on any character you have, if they can wear it)
  4. Fourth option with letter 'M' stands for make, or craft if you will(you can craft various stuff that you have recipe for).
  5. Fifth option with letter 'O' stands for options(change volume, controls, etc).
  6. The last option with letter 'Q' stands for quit(for quitting the game, save before doing so).

cant wait to play. dokidoki wakuwaku




I played First Fear&Hunger - one of most deepest, darkest and immersive RPG-horror games. It's really a gem - a mix between really SOLID RPG mechanics wrapped in horrific (in good term of this word) world. Can't wait for full Termina release. I wish creator all success in development. 

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Today I found out that fear & hunger copied Japanese animation  monsters(2004) .great animation!!!great game!!!

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Been following this game for a couple weeks now. Aside from subbing to twitter/tumblr/itch do you have like email that it'll let us know when it will be released?

Also given the nature of the previous games and your Finnish heritage any though on putting in a Tom of Finland reference. Thought it would be funny. 


I'll start drum rolling in all of those platforms when the release draws really close. Twitter, Youtube and Discord are probably the platforms where I'm most active at.

Tom of Finland reference? Haha, dunno if I'll ever make any blatant references to it, but maybe it could inspire some characters? Who knows.


I am playing on Mac, I can't save the game, at all. Also, when I exit the settings menu it triggers a critical error. https://imgur.com/a/KFSRybG


Sounds like the game folders don't have the rights to create the save file. (or the settings save file)

If you try giving the folders the proper rights it usually solves the issue. If not, let me know!





(1 edit) (-2)

Oh. Most likely, auto-translation will destroy the semantic message.

Lots of questions at the end...

Well. Yesterday I saw a video uploaded 2 months ago to YouTube. Only then did I realize that a new wave of fear and hunger was just around the corner. From the available information, I realized that the new game will be at least deeper and more variable.

What made the original so... exhausted) It's not just about the atmosphere and the suffering itself - it's about the attachment to the characters. Were we impressed when "interesting things" happen to the protagonists - Yes. Were we impressed when the girl died stupidly - Yes. I even heard something like "She became like a daughter to me for passing. I got attached to her the most even though she didn't say a word during the whole game." Let's omit some disappointment in view of "her finale".

This game has formed for me and many a strange message - "Whatever you do and how you do not act - you will suffer." For the most part, the only difference is whether you die alone at the very beginning or take others with you ... (Endings S are an exception)

You were stupid and inattentive - suffering

You were blind and didn't see the whole picture - suffering

You have been deceived - suffering

You hoped for the best - suffering

You were able to accomplish the impossible - moral suffering and death without a choice

You have looked into the unknown wanting something - eternal suffering from human nature and the inability to stop the agony of your own mind.

In the end, the game itself will make you suffer and love suffering in some perverted sense of the word.

Why was there such a monumental absence? I've seen more variation in the new game. This will bring us even closer to the events and heroes - hence our suffering, our fear and hunger in these dark abandoned places... He will multiply.

I will not hide it - at the moment I do not dream about the game and its form - false expectations lead to not the best consequences. But I have a number of questions. this is probably the end of a long comment.

1) will the game for different characters be more variable? Let's say playing for a botanist - we will crawl from the very beginning) 

However, this swings and stories.

2) Should we expect an analogue of the "last difficulty" after some time? 

I really liked the idea of changing the room, and you don't even have to talk about the basic mechanics (12/10) - it helps to relax after everything you've been through... it's a pity there is a forced end.

3) I heard the game has become more difficult. This is acceptable, but will the game still be set on a timer due to irreplaceable resources - food / reason/ torches

4) less random, right?

5) These sigils - I recognize OLD friends as well as new acquaintances... of course, there are dreams of entering the service of him, but I hope for at least some remainder from the choice.

6) Whether information will be disclosed regarding why the new-old ones were not in the original. what were they doing there, etc.

7) information about the "remnant" of the gods in this world and the god of fear and hunger? At least a little...

That's all I have - I just want to strive for the truth... this is the greatest gift, eternity also deserves attention - but we should not forget this is only an extension of the process of cognition.

Well, it's a pity that in this part you have to play for a girl - however, this is not my story, but the story of a character. only change and knowledge are truly eternal.

Thank you for your creativity - it opens up new boundaries of fear and hunger. It opens the boundaries of pain and suffering, torment and madness, grief and despair... In dark halls, even a disgusting creature will seem to you like a friend who preserves the remnants of your sanity. the entropy of my mind and the norms of morality made me closer to the beast... or did she just open the abyss of human nature?

In any case, this is a unique creativity. Author's works have now been replaced by corporate projects. 

and yes - I'm afraid for the fate of the game because the Middle Ages are a more popular topic and not everyone adapts to ... 1960-80(


You should really start making new updates for the development log. Covid hit everyone pretty hard, so that's a delay. Tell us when you plan to finish the game. And if you need to, start a Patreon if it comes to that.


Hi! I know I've left the development log pretty empty here and it sucks, but I've tried to keep people updated on few other platforms, namely twitter, discord and youtube. It might not sound like much trouble to write update logs, but it does stack up when you have to go through many sites (itchio isn't the only site the game is available on). That time is better spent working on the game imo. That's why I've focused on few avenues only when it comes to updates.

Covid hasn't really impacted the development negatively much. And money isn't really the reason why the game has been delayed either.

In the end the only reason why the game has taken so long to come out is me. I'm really bad at estimating the work that's left, and after missing the initial (crazy optimistic) release date over a year ago I  expanded the scope of the game a little and added some features in that were originally going to be scrapped. I stopped rushing the game, because it would have been really bare bones otherwise.

I plan to finish the game asap. I've been working on the game around 40 hours/week for all this time. The game is at its testing and fixing point now. That's like the last thing in development.

(1 edit) (+1)(-7)

how is writing a update post hard but a five paragraph comment reply isnt


That's a completely valid question. I got no excuses I'm afraid. : /


Solo developers have to wear many hats. Some hats fit better than others. Teams also have this issue, but the hats get more spread around and more chances for better fitting hats between team members. So, to answer the question: Hats.

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I will say this, when I look for games on itch.io I always find games like this that have a good story to it. You can tell the creator really went all in the story. Normally I would find things wrong but I didnt. I also like the fact its not a short gameplay. Its a long gameplay. Those are games I look for mostly on itch.io I enjoy playing this. 


hello! just wanted to say that i've recently discovered fear and hunger ang it felt great to play this amasing game) Recently the word about the game has spread in Russia so i think you would want to hear that there are quite a lot of your suppoters here, and i'm one of them

can't wait to see a new game

good luck with it!


Is the game still in development? If so, is there somewhere where I can support you?


Yeah it's in development. No need to support beyond buying the game when it finally comes out :D You can always spread word around. I don't have any monetary support set up and I don't really plan to have one anytime soon. Just doesn't feel right to me and I fear it would just create more pressure for me to give something in exchange. The reasons behind delays aren't involved in money anyway. Just time management issues if anything.


Should probably edit that "coming in 2021", seeing you still need more time. No hurries, just mentioning it


well it's not coming out  2021 not sure why leave the Delayed to 2021! hell just say "Delayed." it doesn't divulge anything or promise anything


At the time I was convinced the game was coming in spring, that's why 2021, but yeah here we are now. That announcement certainly didn't age well.


I'd just remove it then give a date range like idk 2022-2023 or 24 or 25. Gives more reach to expectancy 


May I ask what the demo currently feature?

The demo hasn't been updated in ages, so if you played it before, it most likely is the same still. It has 4 playable characters and fairly large chunk of areas to explore (for a demo)


So excited for this release!!! 


Waiting for this to come out on Steam with a loaded wallet! Huge fan of the original Fear and Hunger and want to support the project when it comes out. Have you thought about Kickstarter (or other fund raising platforms) as a way to fund future and bigger projects?


Got a new demo soon? c: I don't mind if its minor. I'd just love to dive into the universe again. You did really REALLY well the first time around and I've played the most recent demo. Would love to play more.


seeing the game is supposed to release on 2021 and the year is ending, I assume there wont be any more demos (since the last one was a loooong time ago also), and the next time we see orange upload something will be the original game. Though seeing how it´s december already it may be delayed to 2022


Hi Miro!
You made an amazing game. And I'm really looking forward to Termina. This is one of the most amazing lore I have ever seen. The WWII theme makes this game especially great and I hope that sometime in the future you will release another game in the same timeline as Termina.
I hope you will be fine and finish Termina successfully. Please don't strain too much. All the best to you. :3

Forgive me if there are any mistakes in the text, I am writing with the help of google translator.


Hi! Thanks for the nice words! I agree that the setting is pretty interesting and has a lot of potential for more games. I'm often wondering if I should continue with 40s themed F&H games or not in the future. It's definitely on the table, but I'm not 100% sure what to do next just yet. Honestly, I just have too many ideas. At the very least I plan on expanding Termina's scope a little bit after its release.

(10 edits) (+1)(-1)

I think it's worth continuing with the 40s theme.
There are many different games about the future or the Middle Ages, but there were no such games as Termina yet. I really hope there will be more games like Termina in the same setting and timeline. Not the Middle Ages, not the future, not the modern time, but the time of the WWII, give a special aesthetics, especially when combined with esotericism, old and new gods, painting style and mystery. It feels like new sciences have appeared in that world and you are a kind of scientist. I really like this lore.
I loved Termina more than any AAA project, and I assure you that I am not the only one. The painting style is especially unique and beautiful.
But don't think I'm belittling the first F&H. I am still playing it and I love the first part. 
I guess I know everyone you were inspired by, but let me ask you, did you take inspiration from the Claymore manga? If not, I highly recommend it.


Hi Orange, how are you? And how goes the game development?


orange~a month ago(+2)

Sorry for the late reply. I've missed so many dates and deadlines already, so I won't speculate with the release date anymore one way or another until I'm 100% sure. Sorry for not having any better answers. The game is very far along, that's all I can say.


I like game. I nod my head to game. This Game I like. Game good. Yes.

(2 edits)

Dear orange~ I don't know how to contact you directly, perhaps this message is more suited for DM. You did not provide any DM contact (e-mail, form).

So, one year ago, as your fan and supporter I decided to go to your Discord with my proposition I could advertise your game on some forums (hundreds, thousands even millions of users) for free. I did such things already for some developers, never heard any complaints. I had just a few questions I posted there (on Discord) like what themes you plan to add and which platform yields the most cash for you since Steam takes 30% and maybe itch.io takes less, so I could focus advertising for better-yielding platform. IIRC I had 4-5 questions to ask before I spend hours of my free time for you.

I was caught off-guard and I was totally shocked, when (during your absence on Discord) your staff member started bullying and insulting me. Literally!!! I did not understand what this guy wants, and after he attacked me for some time (e.g. publicity laughing about my English) I told him to f... off and wait for orange to talk with me. He did not wait, he banned me, deleted his bullying texts, and lied to you I went into a rage because you did not add the features I wanted. Which was a lie you seem to believe (I saw your later comment from my non-posting alt).

I don't know if there is a way for you to see messages deleted one year ago and see how this drama went in fact, so you could judge yourself. I have nothing to hide BTW. Every time some anon behaves badly on your Discord your staff continues insulting me by suggesting it was my account, please stop that. I did not post anything there for over a year, I had only a lurking account.

Yesterday I learned you may struggle with RL problems, and I hope you will sort them out. This is also why I decided to write anyway.

Best wishes, dude!

EDIT: PS. After I saw text on 4chan about your RL situation (not sure if it is true, but I assume it is) I also bought FnH for the second time to support you.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey Cobra! I remember the incident somewhat. I did skim through your messages at the time (I often leave answering to pings for later if I don't have the time at that moment) so I did get the gist of it. I didn't see the part where things escalated though. I'm sorry you feel the way you did and if some bullying really went down that's of course not okay. But I do think the mods have been doing good job with the discord overall and I trust their decision. I haven't seen any real abuse of power and in general it's a very peaceful community imo. Mods are just people too ofc so overreactions do happen every now and then. An important thing to note is that the discord was started by a fan of the game, I came there afterwards. So in many ways it's a community that has formed on its own. I have the ownership of the discord these days, but that's only because the previous owner passed it on to me because of personal reasons. But still I prefer to stay there as a visitor instead. Frankly I don't have time or energy to deal with online stuff and it would quickly become quite a burden if I took more active role. So ultimately I think the mods have the right to call the shots the way they see fit. It's as much their place as it is mine.

But yeah it's redundant to blame you for everything if that really happens. I can pass on the message on that part. And if you do have a lurking account there, you can always DM me on discord too. I'm pretty lazy at answering DMs but I try to get to them eventually.

Anyways, thanks for the continued support in any case! I remember you passing on the word about the game during those days too. Whatever small fanbase the game has, it's largely thanks to word of mouth. So again, thanks! I'm sure the game would have sank to the bottom of Steam shovelware if it wasn't for people like you talking around. I'm not sure what you mean by struggling though. I don't think I've said anything too negative about my life online (or irl for that matter). If I did, it was mostly joking around. I mean I do live hobo life to certain degree, but I did that before F&H too. Nothing new there and it's mostly a choice on my part. It's true that if I put these development hours to any real work, I'd make way more money for sure, but I got nothing real to worry about, so no worries.

"So ultimately I think the mods have the right to call the shots the way they see fit."
Then you have a problem, since they attacked, bullied, humiliated and banned me, then lied to you, covered the evidence, called me "psycho" etc..  Good staff indeed. They lie to you, which is outside boundaries of "misunderstanding" or "overreaction. But I understand your situation, what exactly could you do with them? They are unprofessional, unpaid volunteers.

Anyway, back to helping you. I have list of >10 adult forums to put FnH threads on them. I could PM you with that list. Someone willing and trusted should go to those forums and maintain FnH threads, posting/bumping stuff every x weeks, answering the fans etc. I strongly suggest making dedicated email and accounts for promotion. Important thing regarding posting on forums is who has control over account used to start the thread. Only thread's starter (and mods) can edit 1st post, which is needed. So IMHO you should have special ((semi-)official?) account you take and give to someone else in case thread's starter no longer wants to edit 1st himself (e.g. such person got bored and stopped unpaid work).

That is why I won't start such threads using my account. You should have control over such account. I'll PM you soon.

(2 edits) (+1)

Woah. This is pretty coordinated promotion attempt. I don't have the time to set up anything like this and I don't think this kind of forum spamming is the best way to go about it. Talk in forums and message boards should form up in a more organic manner if it was to happen. No one's gonna look positively on a game trying to force itself to certain audience. It's usually very clear when the dev or someone linked to the dev tries to push their game on a forum. That's just annoying.

And also I don't think adult forums are the audience I should be targeting anyways. That kind of audience will only be let down by future content. Termina barely has any stuff like that and most likely future projects will see further decline in adult content.

No problem. First of all such posting is VERY common and is not considered spamming. There are special places for such posting. Game authors often post about their games and if they do not do that, some fan does for them.

Description is honest, containing information that your games have little "adult" stuff. On largest adult forum there are already threads for both your games and people welcomed them with open hands. People understand this is horror game, not p0rn one.

Also, please read DM on Discord.

TotenMeister#7462 discord

let us have a wonderful conversation my fine fellow 

what was their discord name? the one who banned you, the ones who mocked you, my fellow banned good Samaritan

For a livid inferno within me is burning, whenever for another's' mistreatment I hold the most unforgiving of grudges.


now that we've entered Q4 of the year, i was wondering if you would be surprised if the release had to be pushed back to 2022?


Whatever would make you say that? It's the spooky month, anything is possible.


Sorry for the late reply. I've missed so many dates and deadlines already, so I won't speculate with the release date anymore one way or another until I'm 100% sure. Sorry for not having any better answers. The game is very far along, that's all I can say.

That's fine, you may want to make a huge announcement when it's out. It's starting to slip my mind. The wait seems less frustrating when it's not given a second thought at all. The world turns whether our minds follow it or not.

relax the sails no telling when shore or doom is upon us near or far, aye you'll only know when it happens. nam shizzle, mi nizzle

Yo, just wanted to say that I loved Fear and Hunger and am looking forward to Termina. Keep up the great work!

hey man! the style and ballsiness of your series is charming! With all honesty I can say, never was engaged in the game so much. I wanted to get a little inside on your plans, it feels like you are now cramming for termina release, as I cant get enough of both of these games, I have to ask if you will get back to and expand first fear and hunger somewhere in the future. Furthermore, I was curios if you have an estimated size for the first game and how close it is to involve all planned content. Sorry if this should have been posted on other page, I just feel like its easier to get to here. Thanks in advance!

Glad you like the games! Always nice to hear.

The first game will see some updates still. The priority will be in fixing and polishing stuff though. Currently I don't have plans to have bigger expansions for the game anymore. The equipment, skills and magic of the game work well in a relatively short game, but expanding it much more, I fear it would lose the sense of progression and things would just get a bit more tedious. I could of course overhaul the hexen and other stuff accordingly, but at the same time I don't want to turn these games into forever projects. I'm actually pretty anxious in starting a new game once the Termina is out and some updates have rolled out. I never have any clear planned content for these games apart from the core story, so everything that's been added on top of that is just done in a whim. I just get an idea and think it could fit the game and ta dah - it's in the game.

But there will still be some additions to the first game I'm sure.

Makes perfect sense, thanks for inside, pesonally I will buy any game you make in future :)

Excuse me, how many endings are there?


In the final game? You'll have to wait and see. Multiple endings, that's all I'm going to say for now : D

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Okay, thank you 🤣

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I hope the epidemic hasn't slowed you down!!!orange~

I from china and i love this game so much.

chinese players can't buy Fear & Hunger  from steam,sorry.


right now i try to get outlander end s, it's hard,very hard.

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Hmm.. I guess Steam bans the game in China... I'm not sure what I can do about that. I'll look into it.

Epidemic might have slowed me down a little bit because of various reasons, but it's not the main reason Termina is late. I underestimated the amount of work I had left and I also didn't want to rush things too much, so that's why Termina is still not out. It has been close to done for a while now though.

Also, glad you like the game! I'll do my best to get Termina out as soon as possible too.


Hello, big fan. I heard about Fear & Hunger a few months ago and immediately purchased it on Steam, I hope all of the proceeds went directly to you. The art style is great and the way you refuse to shy away from the darkest themes of human nature is a gift to experience on the screen. I look forward to the full release of Termina. It's about time someone killed the Moon God.


Thanks for the nice words and support! I agree, it's long overdue that someone stood up against the moon god. Hope to get it out soon. It's taken way too long for me to get it done. Steam is the only one taking their share, but that's deserved to some degree. Steam has such a big userbase and most have found the game through it. 


Hi! I'm about to try the first entry in preparation for Termina's release, I absolutely love the atmosphere. 

Question: will Termina be available natively on Linux as well?

Thnx (:


Sorry for the late reply. Maybe I should make Linux port from the start. There's not that much demand for it, but considering it's not too troublesome to make, so might as well.

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