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Part 10! Time to clean this town up!


Part 9! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Well, the game certainly earns that disclaimer for sure. While I didn't get too far into the game demo, from what I saw, it is super interesting for sure. The fact that you even make use of in field damage to affect battle damage is a nice prop. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Seriously amazing work! I love the original F&H and this demo is just fantastic! Your additions and changes to the combat and Hexen makes this game fresh and unique enough to not feel like the same thing. I could go on and on about the artistic design, attention to detail, and sound/music design forever. F&H is one of the best games ever made with RPGMaker and this is looking to be even better. I love that even though I finished the demo, I'm excited to play again and discover all the things I missed. Keep up the great work! 


Awesome! I'm glad people are liking the game. It's such a big departure from the first game, so I was unsure about its reception.


Parr 8! So many deaths....

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I guess I read "affliction" instead of "affinity" with the gods. Unless it's the same concept you have in astrology (quite possible).


Ooops, It's funny how I can get such words entirely wrong. I'll fix this.

How do I use the lucky coins?

Holding SHIFT during the coin toss.

Part 7! Finale? Sorry for the audio. Enjoy!

hello! I had a really great time playing this so far and i wanted to say I'm really excited to play the rest of it! One bug i did encounter though is after using the chalk on the ritual circle in the house with the goat every other ritual circle has the same rune appear on it and then i cant interact with them anymore.

Oh! This needs a fix! Thanks!

How do you save the game?

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You either save by sleeping in a bed or using a book called 'The book of enlightenment'. Also you can only use the book once while you can sleep in the bed infinitely but you could get attacked if you sleep in the house with the goat nearby, the mayor's house also has a bed but you need a small key to open the room for it btw, still safer than the goat house though.

Nah, scratch that. There's actually a priest who can attack you there too so I guess if you want actual sleep just murder for it.

Thanks. Looks like this is too obnoxious for me. If you fail the fight, you have to restart the game, and even with skipping intro and character creation, you still have to endure the intro talk and then walk to the house to have your chance again.

Loved the goat, though, and the fact that you can feed a carrot to it. Reminds me of original King's Quest.

I think securing beds makes sense. I mean would you sleep in a bed in this town in real life? You won't get ambushed if you take care of the enemies in that area first.

But yeah, I can see why it would become tedious for some. This game and the first Fear & Hunger balance on a fine line of what's too much bullshit and what's not. I think it will become more tolerable in future releases when there are more ways to take in the beginning sections and more characters, etc.

btw, you can skip the intro talk too. Just say you're too busy for their talks.

If sleeping represents saving, then there should be a checkpoint as you awaken on the train. This way, you can keep your character settings and have a more comfortable point to restart the game if defeated in the first area.

Part 6! Bit of a bug near the end there but it's a demo so that's to be expected. Enjoy!

I noticed a bug - you can cut off an infinite number of legs (and possibly arms) from a ghoul

Oh! Okay! Gotta check this out! Thanks!

Deleted 1 year ago

I got some ideas about what to do with the god of nature, but it's still under development for sure. I did not know of these things you mention here, so they definitely got me thinking more. Even Trimurti is something I wasn't aware of before. I kind of thought to myself that lore like this would make sense. Seems like I'm not the first one :'D

Deleted 3 years ago

I finally kill the mayor after getting Levi, I thought that there are things to happen once the mayor was killed but I guess not.

and the headless dog can't be tamed. :(

BUT!!! I've got the Goat!!!

Wow! how did u tame that goat?

When you get to the basement of the woodsman then draw a symbol there. click the symbol then it will warp you to another place. There's a man then pick a choice when he ask you i don't know if you answer correctly to that man then get out of the house.

You can also use the head of vile, woodsman and the priest and use it in the circle that has 9 squares. You get the Soul's stone.

There's a bug when i cut the vile's head. It turns black and the screen just stay black...
I have the black goat when that happens.

black screen bug is pretty annoying one. I'm still fixing that one. One quick fix you can do is to use any item that activates a scene (like the bonesaw, heroin, etc.) That should reset the black screen. This of course is just a temporary fix to keep you playing. I'm working on the proper fix.

I really dig the post-war/supernatural setting, i can't wait to try out the other characters.

I've noticed that sometimes the sprites "switch" to different ones: for example when Kalev dies his body turns into a legless Ex-soldier, also the Ex-Soldier turns into the Occultist when sleeping on a bed and in his dreams. Also i cannot equip the trenchgun i got from the intro even if i have the shells.

Yeah the trenchgun was bugged (and other guns to lesser degree too) I released a new fixed version 1.2. Check it out. Trenchgun should work now. And also ammo should deplete in-battles too in a correct way. The sprite switch bug with your main character happens because there was a trigger in the tunnels that caused the game to recognize occultist as the main character in some scenes. I removed that trigger too, so hopefully it won't happen again. For Kalev, it's just a bug. I need to handle that one for the next version.

Thanks for letting me know!

And here's part 5! Quick question: does the demo have a legitimate end? I feel like after I get the other key that may lead me to an end.

Part 4! I'll have part 5 up in about an hour or so!

-The bed in mayor house teleport me back to woodsman house and I cant get out of the house

-Revive a dead soldier without necromancy ,after that the game lag and I cant shoot

-Infinite shotgun ammo during battle

despite the bug its a very interesting game.. hope u guys fix this

Yeah thanks for these! Fix will be coming soon enough. Most of these things are silly oversights luckily, so they are rather easy to fix.

good luck with fixing the bug :D

the bed in the old town teleports you back to the woodsman house, damn termina is breaking reality aswell lol

yeah, lol the beds are bugged currently. Fix coming soon enough.


And here's part 3! I'm not sure if the shotgun is supposed to have infinite ammo but I'm definitely not complaining.


Damn you are pushing these out fast! Thank you for all the coverage!

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Hello again Miro! This game/demo is already awesome! Is the story focused only on these two characters or you plan to add more?

Hey! There will be more characters to come! Despite the title screen maybe suggesting otherwise...

I knew it! Thank you for replying.

Here's Part 2 of my playthrough of the demo. The next part will drop in an hour or so but this time I'll be playing as the soldier. Any tips ( non spoilers of course) for an occultist playthrough would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy! ( Also no lag issues this time since im using a different recording program!)

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So i've spent a decent amount of time in the demo at the moment, compiling a list of bugs/issues that arrised.

1: Shotgun has ammo infinite in battles due to to it attempting to use the wrogn ammo type(rifle)

2: house with the redbox, when leaving through the cellar door if you attempt to return through the Cellar door you become warped inside a wall and unable to progress.

3: Same house with the bugged cellar has a glitched over hanging pipe that prvents the playerrom progressing through a specific pathway.

4:Visual bug with lightstands occur in the mayors house, if you light he candle the stand seems to disapear leaving the light floating.

5:  (Unsure if intentional), If you rest inside the mayors bed and have previously used another bed you'll find your self teleported to the past bed after leaving the rest menu.

6: In the house that you can aquire the black matter it's possible to repeatably interact with the plate to infinity gather black matter.

7: As you enter into the woods towards the dog, if you walk to the left near the treelines the dogs will become aggrovated and find themselves stuckon the log allowing the player to bypas them.

8:Before going past the dogs towards the woodsman the player can find themselves shifting through several of the trees, finding their way to the large tree creature(unsure if this was intentional or not), additionaly the player can continue up and to the left throug the tree line you come across out of map mines/bear traps along with sacrifices npc's.

9: After sleeping in woodsmans bed light for the transition for speaking with the moon guy and using hexen appears but when leaving the menu the light persists, re-sleeping in the bed somewhats solves the issue but still occurs.

10: Rarely after cutting off a villagers head with the bone saw the screen will fade black but the blackness will not receed leaving the field screen blackened.

Thanks for the list! I'll doing some fixes now. There are some rather nasty bugs here and there.

How to use the rifles?  Apparently n matter what I click in items I still have only the knife, and pressing SHIFT around does nothing.

You have to equip the rifle first. There is a separate window for equipping things. After you see the character holding the rifle, then you got it ready.

Hey everyone! Here's part 1 of my Fear & Hunger: Termina playthrough. Sorry for the lag in the beginning; it gets better later in the video and is a recording issue, not a issue with the game. Enjoy!


I've been waiting for this for so long, so glad you're going ahead and making more in the Fear & Hunger series

I still suck at it though

Deleted 30 days ago

1 rev up = more dmg , 2 rev ups = attack 2 times , 3 rev ups = attack 3 times

Ex: Rev up 3 times then use attack => result is you attack 3 times

You can also find a combat manual in the game that tells you this.

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Game looks great, with ties to a first F&H and eerie atmosphere. Some bugs still persist (e.g. rifle had a description for a bow, same for ammo). Waiting for a full release, cause the demo looks and feels great! Oh, and environmental sounds are great as well!


Awesome <3


Hi Miro,

Congratulations on releasing the demo. I will preserve myself for the full game, but it sure is tempting...

Anyway, the reason I'm contacting you personally here is that I wanted to know if you were interested in having a japanese translation made of Fear & Hunger. I've been an avid learner of japanese for 3 years, and while it would be dishonest to say I am a professional with credentials (so far my work has been limited to fan translation of mangas), it's a project I would put all of myself into given how much I've loved the game.

I think that given the quality of your art, the fact it uses the RPGmaker engine, and the horror/sexual themes that are so prevalent, it would sell pretty good among the japanese audience.  It could be truly beneficial for both of us!

Please lmk if if the offer interests you, and we can start discussing details.

Deleted 2 years ago

I put a link to the discord on the game page up there.

How long it took? Hard to say because this game was built on top of the previous Fear & Hunger game, so many of the features were already there. Only graphics and new enemy behaviour had to be made in those cases. I think the game has been 6-8 months in development, but the development has been overlapping with the updates to the previous game, so.... it's a bit hard to say really lol. I'm glad you like the stuff. It's good to know the details matter, because they certainly require more work.


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OOF, what can I even say about this game...

I have to say that I love the concept behind the game and the ability to hack off different parts of the body to do the most damage or to protect your dying members. I am loving the idea of being an occultist in this game XD and I hope that the occultist can have moves to attack the enemy as well and have the ability to use a gun? I mean they should at least know how to pull the trigger if the gun is loaded.

A few issues with the game for now, is the fact that we cannot save the game :(. I know its a demo but I would love to save the game so that I would not have to restart after making progress. I know that the game is still ongoing so the dismembering of body parts issue (when you cut off their arms, they can still deal a large damage to you) is a little illogical as even if the enemy can headbutt you or kick you, it would barely do much damage as we can dodge it but I think so far as I played the game, we are unable to dodge the attacks? I'm not sure about that. Another problem is the lack of items. I actually played the game for another 2 hours to see what else was in store and managed to get the ex-soldier to join my team and revive a dead corpse but I am unable to survive after 5 battles with the villagers when I encountered the beasts. (Trust me I tried to run but I couldn't escape the beasts) I hope that there will be more items in the game in the future as thats what was really lacking in the game.

Overall, Orange boi, this is an amazing and excellent game. I am actually extremely excited for the full game when it comes out. Please let me know when the full game comes out cause I really want to play it. Please email me too XDDD. (By the way, what do you have to do to complete the demo? I got a key from the mayor and then I died to the beasts.)

Thank you.

Occultist can use the gun (there's a rifle on the wall next to Levi). You can save the game by either using a book of enlightenment (random loot from bookshelve) or by resting on one of the (two?) beds. I agree that `tackle' deals way too much damage right now, and they should lose the ability to tackle if their legs are cut.


Hey thanks for the feedback! I will check out your video soon enough when I get some time to breath. As lepnak said, there are few ways to save in the game. Beds being the most consistent ones. You just need to secure the area first, otherwise enemies will jump out on you. The game has it's fair share of bugs and balance issues. You can consider these demos beta-testings or something. There are bunch of different items to use to help you survive though. Like beartraps can help a lot. There are some items that give you great benefits in battle too.

Thank you so much for replying  XD and the information given to me to attempt once more to complete the game! I will try it again and will upload another video of your game if I do manage to complete it. :)

Hey orange, is there more than 1 gasoline cans in the game? If there is, can tell me where the 2 gasoline cans are at XD

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Orange you outdid yourself, im loving,loving this game! I hope you enjoy my voice work this time around for the characters!

Hey thanks! I need to check this one out as soon as I get some time to breath :O It's surprisingly hectic everytime even a minor demo gets out. Let's plays are a great way to see how people play these games. I got such a tunnel vision when I do my test runs, that many things don't even occur to me.

Fear & Hunger was one of the best games of 2019 for me, can't stress out how much i loved it, and now that i know a sequel is on the way i can't stress out how hyped i am for it either! Thank you so much guys, and best of luck for you in this game and future projects! <3


Thanks for the nice words! Hopefully Termina can live up to F&H!

Do you have an ETA for when the game will be 100% done?


No, sorry. I'm really bad at planning things. It's not anytime close though. I'm planning on following similar schedule to the first game where I drop new demos for a while. Although there certainly is more done compared to the first demos of F&H.


Back to it - 


Yeah hey needless to say I'll be checking this out asap!


Really cool game. I like how you "create" your character.

Thanks! I think it's a cool feature too. I'm surprised how many videos people put together in such a short time.

Cant wait to play it! Will there be a linux port in the near future? Totally cool if not, I have no problem running this through VirtualBox. Just curious (keep up the great work!)


I think I'll add Linux port soon! My internet started dying after uploading these 2 versions on a couple of sites so that's the reason I didn't include it here yet.


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