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If I bought this game here can I received steamkey?

How many languages does this game support?🧐

You forgot to release the game for gamejolt.

Ah yeah, I haven't forgotten, it's just that I've had my hands full of work since the release. Things are settling down a bit and I think I'll look into other platforms soon.

how do you update the game?

It's a bit clumsy on, but you have to re-download the game to update it. It's probably not worth the effort with every new small patch that comes around (unless there is something specific you want fixed mentioned in the changelog) but whenever bigger updates rolls out, it might be worth it.

Best horror game ever made even beats silent hill 2 

I love it and it should cost 70 euro cause it has SO MUCH CONTENT. I replayed it now 4 times everytime something happened that I didn't expect yet.

Let's not get carried away lol. Silent Hill 1 and Resident Evil Remake are still holding the crown : D

Really glad you like the game though! Hope I one day get close to the mastery found in those titles.

Been playing this for about two weeks now and it's one of my favorite things of all time.

One suggestion though, I find it werid that if you anger a party member with missing limbs (by trying to sacrifice them for example), they just grow them back with no explanation given for the fight. I get that if they didn't you could abuse their limb loss to cheese the contestant fights but I'm honestly more pressed about the immersion break...

Thank you for your hard work orange, hope to see more of your brilliance, be it in the form of new content for Termina or new ventures entirely.

Yeah good point. Honestly it's not for game balance reasons, it's just because it's a lot of work to check which limbs are intact in all the different scenes. I'm slowly patching some inconsistencies out of the game though, so I'm sure I'll get that fixed too eventually.

Thanks for the nice words too!

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Hi I love the game but there are bugs I'd like to throw in case.
Note: im playing on steam version, i wont know if thats going to make a difference or not.

- not sure if intentional, Ossa starts with 125 Body, but goes down to 100 when failing a coin toss in the text adventure

- For some reason when you first meet Pav on Day 1 afternoon after exiting the bunker. Party members no longer show in the overworld, even after recruiting new ones they still wont show up. (Abella is not in my party when this happened) 

- you can get chaugnar's soul twice. It would "feel better" if you can only absorb the soul beating chaugnar after riding the elevator down. 

-Player will be stuck in running speed when holding down shift when out of Stamina. 

update:The blue upgrade for spiceforge is what makes the "greater flesh puppetry" skill appear in the menu skill menu even though I dont have it. If I dont use the blue upgrade the skill does not appear. 
- I dont have flesh puppetry unlocked in Hexen, but after using spice forge makes it show up for some reason. I cant cast it, but its there in the menu. 

Update: magna-medical wont use up a limb like arms when wearing equipment limb loss prevention items like arm guards.
-Magna-medical when used will ask to resurrect a dead party member who is not in your current party. (it will ask to resurrect a dead party member in the overworld).

-necromancy does not use up Mind, 

(this guy, link below. Overwrites a ghoul you have resurrected already, which is why he gets the same injuries/engraving/health/ and current equipped items when resurrected with necromancy.)
when sacrificing a ghoul to grogoroth and resurrecting a new ghoul, the NEW ghoul will have the same injuries/status effects/ engrave sigils on it as the sacrificed ghoul.
update: its the gun wielding ghoul thats mostly glitchy and can screw up the other soldier ghouls, 

I think the villager types are fine. both ghoul types will occasionally get the names wrong when resurrecting a new ghoul. 

-I think a misspelling, of sleeping bed with "sleeping bad" in the text adventure.

- meditation(1) gives full rev points? 

- killing a "specific NPC" will soft lock the game because his pre-transformation wont give you the key to unlock the old town door gates. you can still get the bunker key, but just not the other key. 

-not a bug but would be nice to see. the status effects on the fighting UI look very squished, especially when there are multiple status effects. Fear and Hunger 1's status effect UI on the fighting bar looked better in my opinion. I think seeing the status effect on the player sprite while in combat is good enough for the icons to be on.

- Extra nice to haves? It would be awesome to have unique items to moon scorched bosses so that players actively seek them out instead of going for the easier option(killing them pre-scorched).
Like getting a cursed knife as a weapon from the gentleman, or a feather from the Valkyrie, or getting pocketcat's pants

- nice to haves? Marriage in Termina. I miss being a blob person. Not counting what stiches does to you.

- nice to haves? soldier ghouls being to wield lugers only, and villager ghouls being able to wield sickles only. other than that they have to use their fists. It would be a nice Eureka moment for the player to realize their ghouls can hold the same specific same weapon as the enemies. 

- black Kalev has one accessory slot but cant equip anything ( i thought i could make the goat wear necklaces.)? not sure if thats intended or not.

- Not sure if a bug but still writing this down, When Levi dies and gets resurrected with Magna medical he losses heroin addiction. I think the near death experience sobers him up,

- the sandman's kiss uses the knife sprite when fighting. I dont know if it has a unique sprite yet which is why im unsure if it is a bug. 

- unsure if a bug, pep pills do not have addiction effects like heroin. Even though the item description says it might?

There were more but I currently forgot, thank you so much for making this awesome game. 

- sawing off ghoul's infected arm does not remove infection.

- I dont think the skill 'Devour' works, i've been running around town looking if I can eat a dead enemy like in the first game but its not working. 

Thanks for the bug reports! I'll look into them. Some of them are already familiar bugs. The Flesh Puppetry bug is the most bizarre one. I've tried to fix it numerous times but clearly I haven't found the root of its problem.

your hard work is very much appreciated, I love this game and want to recommended it to people in its best form.

Not to trouble you, but do you have a bug/suggestions box we can send things to?
Thanks again dude. 

live advice: always beat people who are on the ground


Could you please confirm that Marina is trans? Some people in the community don't seem to understand that. Thanks :)

Marina was born male, raised female by her mother to avoid becoming a dark priest and has lived as such ever since. I believe dialogue with one of the priests also reveals that.

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Wanted to say , that game is indeed great, had fun playing it.

The thing that i really enjoyed and hope to get some development is crafting system and endings rewards. I mean , it was intresting for me to plan my road based on the ingridients i needed for meat grinder, so  some alternatives would be cool for different situations and playstyles.
Maybe instead of hexen spells rewards , add some new recipes from the game start, or  open some new paths by giving key from the start for some new location with recipes.

I mean, my main frustration is about the current rewards, these are only spells for mages, would be nice to have some phys alternatives or anything that change the gameplay

Also it would be great, if you made a deeper combat manual as a book, which talks about some fighting details , like , the way stats work or calculate.
Like , i earlier thought that each 10 agility stacks would give you bonus turns , which, turns out ,caps on 20 agi . Or im still not sure about the fact if accuracy stacks( glasses , hexen passive skill and Daan stance) , it would make finding any other book from bibles  less annoying and useful.

And finally, wanted to say about injuries and statuses, cool system, which, i believe, is too basic.

 No long term unique problems, that fight would cause.
It all ends on loosing a limb or not, which , i think, is too impactful and annoying.
And the fact that it counters with some rng by finding salamonke rune adds to it.(or sylv bible)
(I know that game makes you wanna escape an enemy instead of fighting it, but im probably complaining because of how much lags chases cause for me, so its just impoissible to escape )

I believe that more bearable but gameplay affecting injuries would make runs more unique.
This also apply to phobias,i havent noticed any impact from them
It would be more intresting to have some random beginning status effects, that would place player in need of   solving these issues and forming a plan from the start.

However i understand, that its much and much easier so say then do, 

(Status effects, for  instance, : less healing from vials , not eating meat, hearing loss, accuracy loss with slashing weapons, vodka addiction,gynophobia or androphobia affecting talking, etc etc ) 

Speaking of lags , seems like its only my problem with game freezing and slowing down on chases, so i guess my pc is just poo poo, still would apreciate some optimization option setting to improve fps.

All in all ,wanted to thank you for creating such an inspiring game, its about projects like this, that make me wanna do something on my own. 
Details , details , details, its all about them what makes this game a masterpiece.
Seeing more of them in the future would be great.

Miro, honestly, doing gamedev for a living doesn't sound bad for you, unless you're employed already :D

Shame that its toned down compared to the first one.


Toned... down? The designs are way more grotesque than in the first game, tho I understand you.


Imagine Multiplayer in this.

It would be insane.


how many characters are there?  

8 PLAYERS roaming around and killing each other.

Battle Royal Mode


lets fuken go the best game developer dropped yet another banger

Im not sure where to comment bugs(?)
Does rancid suppose to spam slash attack and obliterate all party ?


Amazing game, even better than the first one. Just wondering if you are ever planning on adding achievements. I am fully aware that this might not be prioritized right after the game launched but it would be fun to have in the future. Getting achievements does as the name implies give a sense of achievement and also fuels the incentive to replay the game at least for me. Other than this I'd say the game is almost perfect from an enjoyment standpoint, amazing job!

Thanks for the nice words! Achievements seem to be pretty up there in what people would like to see, so maybe I will have to seriously look into them.

love the game and eveyrhing you have done with it. Quick question though, is there a way to message you on another platform as I've never used this one and it's weird to figure out. If not I can keep it to this just will need time to ask

Discord and Twitter are fine by me too. I frequent those pretty often.

Loved the Game! Unfortunately it doesn't have the same replayability than the first one as the map doesn't change every new game, Nevertheless I played the hell out of it for the entire week and achieved all endings. I was curious if Masoxsim mode has differenet endings or is the same but extremelly complicated and if the near future there was any possiblity of a happy ending where we all survived (is just wishfull thinking). Thank you for such an amazing game!!


I agree that the replayability isn't quite there, but I have some ideas to spice it up in future updates. Let's see if I can do anything about it. The ending is the same in Masochism mode, it's mostly the just for challenge. There are a couple of unique events in it though. And yeah, a happy(er) ending is planned. Not 100% sure about its details but it would probably be one of the bigger updates if it ever materializes. Glad you like the game!

I honestly think the replayability got even better. Since there are so many events to miss on some days! Amazing work, big fan. 

Awesome game, great characters, great setting, great lore, great variety of enemies, great art, great music. Very glad I found it. If you're wondering if you should buy it, buy it. I have strongly recommended it to friends and will be buying a couple of extra copies for family to play.

And all being made by a single person is so impressive!


This game is my fav, my favorite part is when Levi Goodman all over the town and Sauled Rher.


Will there be a mac release for Termina? I’m very excited to try it but I might have to wait until I do my computer build in the new year if there isn’t going to be a mac version. No worries if not, just thought I’d ask. :)


Never mind I just saw your reply about the mac version in another comment. 


Is there any way someone from germany could buy the game / send you money and recieve a steam key? I found a comment you wrote regarding this to contact you via the "contact us" field, but when I do ctrl+f and write "contact us" nothing except that message comes up, not sure how this site works.


Im also interested in this.


Oh I realized it doesn't necessarily show up when you're viewing a game page. Go to's main page. (just Scroll down to the bottom and you have CONTACT US page. If you've bought the game on there should be an option to "Email the developers"

I can give you a Steam key via email if you contact me there.

Sorry for the confusion.

thanks for the info i also bought both of youre games here and send you an email the way you described. i want to explore youre games but i prefer steam as a central platform for my games and sadly i cant buy them there because their not available in my region on steam.


When will the macOS version come


There's been a demand for one. The problem is that the game doesn't support the latest MacOS. I'll be uploading the Mac version regardless, but please keep in mind the incompatibility issues. I will look into the issue and see if it's possible to get it running on newer operating systems too.


thanks a lot,your game is master piece!


When will the new patch come to itch? 


This. Its kind of a bummer that we have to wait compared to steam. I can't buy the game on steam since I'm located in germany :(


Sorry for the delay. I'll make sure to have the latest versions up on itchio too on day 1. I've been a bit unprepared for the hassle the game release has created for me. Luckily things should ease up now.

Hello Do you have any plan to release it in mac?

The problem is that the version of RPG Maker I'm using doesn't support the latest Mac OS. I could port it to Mac, but it might not work properly on later versions of the OS. If there a way on Mac to play on legacy versions of the OS?

Hi, I don't think so. If it helps, some rpgmaker games worked on Mac. To the Moon worked perfectly and Omori worked, but sometimes struggled to launch, leaving an error, and left nwjs helper running in background.

I believe there are ways to download and install old versions of OS. I know I personally never upgraded my Mac past Mojave specifically because I didn't want to lose the ability to play the first Fear & Hunger. I would personally love a port to Mac, but I can understand if that's not exactly a lucrative move given that most people wouldn't be able to play it without downloading an earlier version of OS.


It's not really much trouble for me personally to port it to MAC. I'm just afraid the incompatibility issues would be more confusing than anything. But I guess it could solved with huge disclaimers before buying the game?

What the hell. Give me a day or two and I'll have the MAC port up here.

Just bought it here (for more than 11 bucks, as promised :P), still strange that it's not available in Germany on that one popular ST**M platform. Looking forward!!!

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It's not rated here so it's considered Adults Only which makes it unavailable in Germany. Fucking sucks because Itch doesn't come with auto-patches or anything like that. Oh well..

Ok, I see... that's sad! 2022, and still even as adults we can't just play everything here...

Well we could if Steam would implement an age vertification System like they all the Console Platforms have

I am from China and I have purchased the game. I heard that the Chinese language will be launched. Will the purchases here be updated simultaneously?

Hey orange~,

I really like Fear & Hunger: Termina so far! However, I'd like to suggest a feature: "Field Saves". Essentially, let me be able to save the game from the menu while exploring Prehevil temporarily because it really sucks to lose a lot of progress because you can't continue playing for whatever reason.

This savefile should automatically be deleted after loading it 1 time or if the game wasn't shut down properly (that would prevent save scumming) 

Many rogue-likes and rogue-lites use this save system (e.g. Shiren the Wanderer and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to name a few). 

Hey orange~,

here's another suggestion: Could you put the automatic save that you get after completing the character background story to right after the start of Day 1?

It really sucks to miss out on recruiting Abela simply because I don't want to replay the tutorial and the introduction each and every time!

Thank you :D

(1 edit) (+1)

You can skip the tutorial and the introductions easily. For tutorial it literally asks if you want to skip it and for the introductions you can just choose the second option when you first step outside of the train. (It's usually something like "Sorry, I need to be on my way" or along the lines. Depends on the character) 

You do not miss anything by skipping the introductions and if you skip the tutorial(intro) you only miss the chance to get the Janitor's weapon.

I'll look into the "field save" mechanic. Not a bad idea at all.


So... There is no way to give you money from Russia? 

Use prepaid debit card and crypto. It's a bit tricky but possible.


Buy it on steam by adding money to your wallet through qiwi wallet!


Will there be a Mac Release? There hasn't really been an update since the Catilina update borked it, and I was looking forward to this....


So Fear and Hunger 2 Dec in 2022 and Dwarf Fortress steam in dec 2022..... Am I dead?


Is that official?


Well dwarf fortress is dec 6th officially and orange on the discord has been pretty adamant about 2022 for fear and hunger termina and December is all that is left   


I wanna ask, is Fear and Hunger Termina "Twitch Friendly"? is there an option to toggle content not safe for twitch?


hahahaha no


There isn't a toggle option, at least not yet. I've been thinking how to implement something like that since streaming and youtube seem to have only gotten stricter as time goes on. Since it's an afterthought, it's a bit more work to implement it at this point. But I'll try to figure out something.


Please just don't cut the content to make it more stream friendly.

it's very clear orange is REALLY passionate on making the game everything they want to make it be, a cruel, sexual and awful experience. They obviously wouldn't

I love you man  The game is great


What will be the price in steam?


I think I set it at 10 euros if I remember correctly.


Happy birthday, you are BEST 🖤 


Happy b-day to our orange horror icon <3




Thank you so much!

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I have not anonced this anywhere because I need to restore my accounts, and I preferred to work on the project. But I want to write it at least somewhere. I lost interest in studying at the university despite excellent grades. I've always wanted to do game design. I decided that in order to test my skills and build a portfolio, creating my own commercial game would be a good test. I remembered fear and hunger and the thought that it was interesting to see something similar but more in the theme of a stalker. At the end of 2021, I bought an RPG maker and started studying it and creating a game. I live in Ukraine and when the war started i definitely decided to finish my project. Martial law, air raid alerts and power outages create inconveniences but I don't think this is enough to stop me. I have already completed my project by 80% My biggest weakness is the absolute inability to draw, and especially when fear and hunger come with an incredible artistic approach as an alternative to you. But, I found how to make my game stand out. I didn't pay as much attention to the side details that some players miss, but I tried to put more emphasis on the main story and key characters. This is no longer an atmosphere of fear and hunger, but it should not be. I am doing my own project with my own ideas after all. I think it should be released in the spring. I wonder if a person for a year and a half will be able to oppose something to the ancient god who has been preparing for the festival for many years.


Oh wow, best of luck to finishing the game. It sounds interesting for sure and based on the screenshot it looks good too! You can get by even if you're not that much into drawing, obviously you realized this too. Just clever use of graphics you can find online can get you far. I can't even imagine the circumstances you're in, but glad you're still able to pull through.

What's the name of the game? Would be interesting to see it once it's done.

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Title: Materialization of memories.

I said I found a way to make my game stand out. I see that you want to make the most grimdark game ever made. Well, I decided that I would make the most natural, straight, furry game, where furries would be part of the setting, and not a key element, as in most furry games with poor quality and strange content.

There is a world where there are no continents. Islands only. And that means other evolution that brings about a strange shark-like appearance. And a strange phenomenon consumes the islands and causes strange phenomena to appear there and the materialization of monsters out of nostalgia for those who lived there, and strange things with positive qualities, for example, a huge glass syringe from your childhood now increases your health.

I think this is a new idea and quite a bold one. Obviously inspired by STALKER, but your game was inspired by Berserk. I don't know anything similar on  rpj maker except your games and I think it will be in demand.

I will make page on soon.  Idea for setting comes from huge amount of advertising of sea products from USSR. 


Чел харош!!! Можешь еще для вдохновения чекнуть Black souls 1 и 2 или Heart of darkness (они nsfw если ,что). Желаю тебе успехов и удачи!

Это выглядит слишком сексуально, я тоже украинский хлопец

I understand that posting links in comments to someone else's game is impolite in some way. I mentioned fear and hunger in the description of my game as the main inspiration. If orange finds these comments unacceptable, he may demand that they be removed, I don't mind. 

Those who are interested in my project will be able to follow it now through this page. 

I will try not to mention my project again in the comments to fear and hunger.

I don't have a laptop, I have a personal computer. Every four hours the light is switched off for two hours and this creates a serious inconvenience. But for those who are at the front it is even more difficult, so I have no right to complain, at least I can sleep in my bed.


Чел харош!!! Приятно видеть как земляки следуют своим мечтам и не останавливаются даже в такой ситуации, я желаю тебе удачи и по возможности буду следить за твоей игрой, надеюсь у тебя всё получится!


What a BRILLIANT Game!  Love the first Fear & Hunger and can't wait for the full release of Fear & Hunger: Termina


man I just read it's going to have a time trial ish gameplay of only 3 days. I don't know how long will that be in game time but damn it's likely I won't play this, I was so hyped but I just can't play a game that doesn't let me go and min max at my pace, even more when is a game this ruthless and RNG based. I hope it finds its niche


1) there is no min max because there is no levelling

2) time only advances when you sleep

While there is no hard time constraint, your hunger depletes constantly and there is limited food as neither item containers or enemies respawn. Theoretically this means you cannot play at too slow a pace. However since nothing respawns, there is no point to linger at any area longer than necessary. In the end play the demo or the first game to find out if you will like the full game. 


This game is incredible. Only Pathologic 2 and Disco elysium makes me feel like that. The philosophy of pain. It worth to try it at least.

(2 edits) (+1)

There is no active timer in the game other than hunger eating away your characters slowly. (in most game modes you have plenty of resources to deal with this, including an infinite source of food in some instances)

Game time only advances when you sleep in a bed. This is always a choice the player makes. You can finish the game without sleeping once, although you do miss on things if you do so,,. But no time trials.

I recommend trying out the demo. It gives a pretty good idea on what to expect.

I never checked the replies to this, well that sure is a relief! the hunger and mind worries on the first fear and hunger were already a really big deal for me, specially when having bad rng on food loot and not getting the recipes book. I never played the demo because I wanted to get surprised by the game, sounds like it was a good idea to do so


When will the miro game go on sale?

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Man is negligible before the gods. But one of the people was weak even in front of other people. He did not envy others. He began to hate himself. People who bow before the gods so do not even try to change something. Those units who trying to know the true meaning of humanity go missing. He went to the dungeons, not to change something, but to create something. He became the god of progress and decided that he would create his own world. Will the creatures in his world be able to live and develop. Or a person will never be able to be God, and his world will rot from the inside.

It doesn't really matter right now, but it might in the future if the god of progress manages to create a world that won't be much inferior to the world of the ancient gods.

Orange have you ever been interested in the series of games STALKER and Metro or Darkwood ? The last one is close to Termins in some ways.

When a man is just born, he is weak and flexible. When he dies, he is hard and insensitive. When a tree is growing, it’s tender and pliant. But when it’s dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are death’s companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being. Because what has hardened will never win. 

Quote from the movie Stalker 1979

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