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Heyy, hope it´s okay of me to ask but, could you please send me a steam key for the game since i´ve already bought it here on this website? because it´s not available on steam for my country and i use steam for all my games and it would be really really nice to have this awesome game on there too. and sorry if my english grammar is bad or if im bothering you with this request ;-;


Ah sorry for missing this post! Would you like to send me email about this and I'll see what I can do!

Don't apologize, it's more than fine. Im rather thankful to you for answering me and i would love to email you, but i've been looking around a lot and i just can't seem to find your email adress anywhere. Is there somewhere special i need to look to find it?

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Hey orange~ Big fan of your work, really hope you don't mind me asking this here, but what would be the price range of Termina? I'm uber hyped about the game and would like to pay for it the day of or after release but get paid peanuts and want to figure out when to put money to the side, Thank you in advance and have an awesome day!!!

Hey! Glad you like the work! I'm not 100% sure about the pricing just yet. It largely depends on what the state of the game is. There's a good amount of content already I think, but how polished it will be at the moment of release is a big factor. I couldn't ask too much from a very buggy game. Currently I'm thinking about 8-12 dollars. It won't be more than that. Hopefully that's not too expensive. I know it's a lot in some parts of the world, but I barely scrape by myself and ultimately I have to think how to sustain my own game making.

It's alright, Amazing game developers like you have to make money somehow right? I'm already expecting amazing quality and just wanted to make sure I could afford it lol, Thanks for answering to my comment, it means a lot to me.

Great game honestly. The coin mechanic is a pain in the ass though.

Just a question, though. Is the coin toss mechanic an actual thing in the lore, or is it just game mechanic?


There isn't any mention in the lore about a coin, so it's only a mechanic at this point I guess.

It can be a bit frustrating, but there isn't a single coin toss in combat that couldn't be evaded if you know the game well enough. For veteran players it's more of a choice. Like do you want to prioritize taking the enemy down fast and risk a coin toss, or play it safer, evade coin toss, but risk things going wrong in the long run.... that actually sound like a loss-loss situation now that I say it out loud...

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Ah okay then. I was asking because some stuff confused me in the game. For example, the ancient book. The one that turns you insane if you fail the coin toss. I was wondering if the main character just got the willpower to read the book, or if the book just lets you read it without turning you insane. Since the coin toss makes it seem like the book decides whether you can survive it, or not, rather than the main character outright resisting its effects.

I probably butchered the wording for this.

Regardless, thank you for answering!


Ah oh yea now I understand what you mean. The coin just decides various random variables in the game. With the book, maybe it's so powerful that there is no guarantee that the player can keep their sanity if they peek inside, but sometimes they are able to keep cool head and learn something from it. It's not really explained what factors into people going insane from reading the book. Does the book have a will of its own? Maybe? Maybe not? 

When android version is coming?

hi orange! could i get a steam key for this since i own it here on itch? would really appreciate it! thanks!


Could you please put this on steam? I promise that you would get WAY more money out of it. The majority of the gaming space does not usually use or gamejolt, instead opting for steam since it is easier to get games that way. (I myself can only buy games on steam since they have steam gift cards at places like dollar general). So please, put this game on steam!!!


Way ahead of you dude, it's been on Steam since early 2019. Steam just hides it well because of its mature content. But it's there. You just have to do some digging.

is there switch pro controller support? i'm hyped to play :3

Finally finish the game with ending A!!!


I've just downloaded the last version 1.4.1 and there is no sound in the game. Fiddling with volume controls in the game does nothing. Any suggestions?

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I just wanted to say that the art for this game is fantastic and really contributes to the atmosphere. I would gladly pay for an artbook or something similar, but I know that's unlikely to happen. Still, it's a cool thought. Immense respect to the artist (artists?) for this game.


Thanks for the nice words! It's only me making the game and its aesthetics (apart from some animations). An artbook is something people have been asking for. There isn't enough art for a book in F&H1 alone, but I've been toying with an idea that I'd make a book with art from F&H1 and F&H2. But don't know yet for certain.

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Can i reach endings S in Terror and Starvation mode or only in hard mode? 

Thx, it's the best game (with Termina) i've ever play, i need to know so bad. 

Also, it is normal to lost En Garde after doing a marriage of the flesh? 

S endings are only in Hard Mode. Losing En Garde doesn't sound normal, unless it's the second stage of marriage of flesh. Do you remember which character you were playing before doing the marriage?

I'm glad you like the games! Hopefully Termina will live up to the expectations! : D


It was the mercenary who lost en garde. 

Thx, a reply under 24h is really great! 

You're the best, please take my money! 

My bro say hi

Blue sin here I come

"typeerror cannot read property 'scope' of null"

happened somewhere there are flower on monster's head

oh wait i fixed it by copying "marrig_of_flesh1_4.rpgmvp", pasting it and naming it the very thing it needed ^^ 

i found another bug :( when you are married as dark priest with a ghoul and your left leg gets cut off by the cave mother it is giving me the good ol' "Loading Error Failed to load img/characters/marriage_of_flesh4.png" and yes it cant find it bcs it doesnt exist :/

Thanks for letting me know! I'm actually working on the next update that'll try to fix certain issues.


hello, orange! i wanted to thank you for making fear & hunger, and i have two things to say--one, the discord link is now expired, and i was wondering if you could post a new one. two, i've noticed a few grammatical errors while playing the game. this is completely optional, but i would be happy to help out on the writing aspect of the game! i'd like to believe i'm good at english, and i'd be happy to do it for free--i think f&h has a lot of raw potential, and if you would like, i can discuss it on the discord, or i can give you my email or social media accounts. i am by no means a professional (just to make this clear), but like i said, i would love to help better the game. again, thank you, and have a good day, afternoon, or night!


Hi! Sorry for late response! I updated the discord link! You're welcome to join the channel! I know there's plenty of text that could use fixing and I've had plenty of people offering help too. I haven't been able to commit the time properly to fixing the text so far. I've only done it in short bursts every now and then. The problem is that I don't have an easily found script of the game anywhere. I never thought ahead to make one, so it's a really big hurdle to edit the in-game text and since I haven't exactly been struggling with what to do with my free time (in short I got no spare time lol) ,  I've been pushing it back constantly...

Hi, first of all thank you for that game. I try to finish it without any walkthrough and it's difficult ^^

Also I think I found a bug; there is a lucky coin in the "level 3 of Thicket" and when I tried to pick it, the lucky coin didn't want to despawn, so now I have a little more than 20 lucky coins (23) so I don't think it was put there on purpose. I am actually playing with Enki and I transformed into a "the Marriage" with a Ghoul  in case you want to test the bug...

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i have been enjoying myself so far,

there are a few texture issues sometimes the top/bottom half of sprites vanishing(mostly when searching barrels/crates), very rarely clipping through walls

and the missing file error after fusing dark priest with a ghoul and taking a hit escaping a battle.

i have once killed and skinned a guard right next to a door, so i couldn't interact with the door(also happens if they are next to anything else interactive)

Last edit:holding shift to flip lucky coin while in the heads/tails menu  fires arrows.

what happened to the steam version?


What do you mean?

I'm stuck in the Thicket - the level with Eastern Sword. Pest Mastery learned.

I saw on Youtube there is a pit leading to Gauntlet, but in v1.3.0 there is no pit there (or script is broken).
How can I get out?

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Random comment: Miro, if you don't plan on making a Fear and Hunger game set on the continent of Vinland sometime after you finish Termina, please do. I will give you my entire social security number for that game. Hell, I would even do the writing for it if your heart wasn't in it, and still pay for it, haha


haha yeah Vinland game would be an interesting one for sure. Funny enough I was just writing an in-game book about Vinland for Termina with a couple of pictures of the place too. That made me really want to make a game set there. I got multiple ideas on what to tackle next and Vinland game is up there in top 3 I'd say. I'm still mindstorming on the next move so I can't guarantee anything yet, but let's see what happens.

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Ran into a bug. When you open the screen where you are given the option to curse a weapon you cannot exit (ESC key doesnt work) until you do and if you dont have any souls for it you're stuck there, you can only close the game and re-start from the last save.

Lost a bit of progress from this, hope to see this fixed.

Edit: Nvrmd I'm an idiot, you just gotta scroll really far and you see the option "Nevermind", sorry

Ran into a bug. I went into the mines, level one, and I selected to reveal myself to the guy in the shadows. The crowmauler instantly appeared and then the game froze. It's happened twice now, I'm not sure if it's where I am standing or what's up. Awesome game though! I've already played 70 hours worth!

Can you tell me the controls and how to open item menu


use your arrows to navagate, z and x are the controls for menu

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Hello orange! Not to keep beating a dead horse here but even with this recent update, Mac users cannot save their game. I've researched this a lot and have yet to come up with an answer.

Edit: I found this thread on the RPGMaker Forums: 

Unable to save in deployed Mac version, and Mac only error after accessing options

The advice offered in the very last post I've tried with this update of your game and the previous one I purchased. Unfortunately it does not work.

If there is anyway you can compile your game on a modern MacOS machine to offer as a Mac version, I'd be grateful as would any other Mac purchaser. 

Hi! Sorry if I've missed any previous comments about this issue! I made the game on Mac and tested it throughout its development on the same laptop, so it's not an universal Mac problem. Also a couple of the game testers since early days have been Mac users too so it definitely is possible to save the game on Mac too.

Mac is very strict on what it allows games and apps to do. In this case the game has to have permission to create the save files. In some cases you have to manually give the game folder and the app these permissions. This has been the solution for most of the people who have had the same problem as you do. Did you try this already? Let me know if the issue still remains!

Ah, ok. Well I've tried setting the game folder and all its contents to read/write permissions for all available users with the last version I purchased and this new version. However, I cannot save the game. It's rare that I run into a digital problem I just cannot solve but in this case, I just can't figure it out. 

I just played the game and in the level area where the katana sword is, there's an area where I couldn't find any of the holes to get out and so I died starving.

Hey orange, I'm having the same issue. I went through and updated permissions for all of the files and I still can't save which is really hindering game progress...

Something else to bring to your attention: I tried using a Lucky Coin on an Ancient Book, and it didn't even seem to have an option for it. So, if this isn't intentional, that's something else for you.

This has been around for a while, so I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but some enemies, like guards for example, will Tackle or do an attack after their head has been cut off. So, is this intentional?

You probably already know about this, but when I use the Lucky Coin with a bow equipped, it shoots an arrow instead of using the coin, same problem with Termina but with a gun. 

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Oh yeah I completely neglected that bug! I already fixed it for Termina, but it didn't occur to me that F&H also got bow and arrows D: Thanks for the reminder!

No problem! I really love Fear and Hunger and I want to see it run as smooth as possible before Termina releases, so people can see how good the original is.

Found something else, when you choose to ambush Trortur (this is after I used the basement route) and succeed in killing him, his body disappeared for me. And there was some issue with Buckman (earlier playthrough, not after this) where I saw him in a cell and ignored him, but when I came back he was gone, but his dialogue went on like he was still there.

Hey- so I bought this game on Steam and I ran into a bug. So if I combined two characters together to get marriage flesh and I move around or go to a different area, an error would pop up saying something like:

What happened to the discord server? I am not able to join.

he has not been online for 3 months on steam for me i hope they are not overworking themselves on termina

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I've had a problem with outlander. After i changed weapon from bow to something else, and then back to bow i wasn't able to shoot arrows outside of battle anymore.

Is this a known bug?

Hey Orange, just wondering when I could get my hands on fear And Hunger Termina, I hav a bunch of subscribers wanting more lol.

Hey! The demo should be dropping mid-november. Things are looking to stay in schedule. I still got tons of work to get there, but I'm pretty positive about it. I already got all the demo areas and most of the enemies completely functional, but I still need to add bunch of little stuff, like ghouls, animal companion, etc.

ok good to know, thank you.

Hello! I bought Fear & Hunger game on Steam after seeing a few Let's Play of it; even though I'd already watched every ending before I started playing it, I ended up being so fascinated by the game that I've been playing through it for awhile now!

1. I wanted to join the Discord server, but it looks like the links I've found are expired, and the main link above doesn't seem to actually let me join it. Could you post a new link, or a new invite?

2. I've been very impressed by your ability to create a game that prominently features taboo, shocking and extreme subject matter, but never comes off as exploitative, "edgy", or fetishistic. This may sound like a bizarre compliment, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you've managed to handle very sensitive subject-matter with remarkable maturity; your game never feels voyeuristic, and the shocking material never comes off as senseless snuff. I think a big part of that is the fact that you've clearly spent a lot of time detailing the lore of a place where depravity and horror feel like natural extensions of the atmosphere.

3. Fear & Hunger's world seems vivid and fleshed-out with lore; I've noticed some vague similarities between your game and the work of R. Scott Bakker, specifically his "Prince of Nothing" series, and I was curious about what works/games inspired you while you were conceiving and creating Fear & Hunger? (If you haven't read the "Prince of Nothing" series and you enjoy ultra-dark low-fantasy, I'd strongly recommend checking in out.)

Based on how much I'm enjoying Fear & Hunger, you're one of the game creators I'm most excited about in 2019; I'm really excited for Fear & Hunger: Termina, but make sure to take care of yourself so that you don't burn out!

Thanks for your time!

hey orange, was hoping to see if there's any possibility of getting a steam key? Would make things much easier keeping my programs nice and tidy + i won't keep forgetting to update my version. If no can do then that's okay, but if possible it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there! I'm running the game on macOS 10.14.16 and I'm unable to save the game via the Book of Enlightenment or the "crow" bed.  When I'm given the option, I press space or enter and get a thud sound with no result. Is there some folder or folder path I need to create to make that feature work?

Hey! Thanks for trying the game out! On mac there has been an issue with rights and permissions. Usually it's fixed when you allow the game and its folders to create save files. Let me know if the problem remains! 

Hello orange~ I'm still struggling with this issue. I've attached an image. I'm thinking it's the .plist file that's the problem? The weird thing is even with hidden files disabled I don't see this folder or its contents in ~/Library/Caches. I'm hoping you or another F&H Mac player might have some thoughts. Thanks!

Hey friend can you send me a steam key?  I don't use much so I don't know how to contact you. 

Yeah of course! I'll get back to you tomorrow, i'm not on my laptop atm. 

Hey I tried to look up your email from the sales, but it seems like a pretty daunting task. Would you like to send me email perhaps so I can give you the key? My email should be available on the itchio page upon when you've bought the game already.

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