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Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an ancient nexus for different planes of existence. The depths are in an eternal turmoil as both old and new gods struggle for power, it’s up to the players to choose their position and stance in all of this.

The game is a hybrid of survival horror and dungeon crawler genres with its influences ranging from Silent Hill to Nethack. There are roguelike elements to the game as well as a heavy foundation of a j-RPG. Fear & Hunger is heavy on atmosphere and ruthless in its difficulty.


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  • Oppressive and relentless atmosphere
  • 4 different character classes and many additional characters to recruit
  • Unforgiving and unique gameplay
  • Randomized elements to keep the game fresh with subsequent playthroughs
  • Turn-based Strategic Dismember Combat System
  • Graphical art style mixing pixel art with digital painting
  • Original ambient soundtrack creating the dreary mood

The world of Fear & Hunger is VERY dark. THE GAME IS MEANT ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Extreme violence and gore are everyday sights in the dungeons and death is one of the easier ways to go in the game. The game has drug and substance abuse, heavy themes ranging from self-mutilation to sexual violence. None of the themes are taken lightly however. They are all part of the world building and there to create the unique atmosphere where the game measures just how far the player is willing to go in order to survive.

Parts of the dungeon layout, events, loot and enemy placements are randomized with few different variations to keep things fresh with subsequent playthroughs. The game is designed with the classic trial and error formula, so you can expect to start the game over and over again. But as long as you learn from your mistakes, you can quickly find yourself at the deeper levels of the dungeon.

The combat in Fear & Hunger is turn-based akin to classic role-playing games, but with a twist of it’s own. You can target individual limbs of your enemies to dismember them strategically and thus maximize your chances for survival. However, just the same, enemies can also cut off the arms and the legs of your playable characters if you are not careful. You need to prepare well for every encounter if you wish to stay alive. But don’t forget that running away from threats is often the best solution as well. There are many ways for survival in Fear & Hunger - You can find better equipment, learn different blood and love magic, fuse characters into each other, pray different gods, talk your way out of battles, meet new party members, snipe enemies from distance, use traps to disable them… and so on. The Idea is to use what you got at your disposal and be creative with it.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(330 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, fear--hunger, Horror, horror-games, Roguelike, RPG Maker, Survival Horror


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.4.1 690 MB
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.4.1 820 MB
Fear & Hunger LINUX Version 1.4.1 731 MB

Download demo

Fear & Hunger - Demo Version 5.1 WIN 449 MB
Fear & Hunger - Demo Version 5.1 MAC 449 MB

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Hey Orange i bought the game couple minutes ago, the game always crashes after some steps random and the character cant move how can i fix it


hat jemanden von euch das game schon geholt?? Wenn ja hattet ihr Probleme mit dem Stream key??

Ja wir haben keinen bekommen. xD

Keine Steam keys für deutsche Spieler, sorry.

Aaaand another meme!

This will be the last one for now, I ran out of ideas.

Hey Orange, i freaking love this game, and i think you are a great artist, but if your game it's not ready for IOS, work on it and try to not scam us, thank you.

In any case, now i can start the game (after some crashes), but i can't save the game... in two different macbooks!

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For all Germans still asking for Keys

Got more fan content for you guys!

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How do you open this on Mac? It says you can't open the application



Not realy shure if you still do this, since the comments are nearly a year old at this point but i too wuld like to have FNH 1&2 in my steam library. 

I am from Germany too, if you still do this i wuld like to have a steam key to, if not feel free to ignore this, will still play them. 

:Steam ID: Jerico_Eterna/


Did they do it? 

Im German and thinking about about getting them on my steamdeck trough this lol

Same here. I was hesitant to contact them, since I read about the amount of germans contacting him for a Steam key. But playing F&H on my Steamdeck would be amazing

Meme delivery!

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Ok so I bought the game! But… I can't open it, like at all. At first I thought it was something with the files and it would say "sorry can't open game/fear and hunger” so I watch some YouTube videos and messed with the terminal. Now it should work right, still no I turn the MacOS file in to a active thing or what every (I really don't know what I'm doing) Now I open it and wait a few seconds and it say that it fail to load and to relaunch or report problem. I'm so lost and I'm really hope someone can help.


I also have this Problem on Windos Version

hey, got a fix?


same problem

Hey, guys!

Found this game a while ago, and I absolutely love it!

I hope you don't mind if I drop off some Memes I made for this game here.

Hey Orange,

just found your games via vids on youtube and got really interested in playing them myself. Love the dark, gory, gothic vibes I get from it. Reminds me a bit of berserk and Lovecraft. Very intriguing. Actually nice to have a game where you're weak and your decisions therefore really matter / you really struggle to survive.

Unfortunately I'm from Germany and couldn't buy them on steam. So I just created an Account and purchased them here. But would it be possible to get the steam keys as well, since I'm playing/starting most of my games there?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey! I'm not Orange but I do have an answer for you, Steam keys can work, just make sure that the one you purchase is global. I'm Aussie and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is banned here, but the steam key worked all the same, certain keys can only be activated in certain parts of the world, so look out for that. 

LMK if you have any more questions, hope this helps!

Hey, thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any global keys at the moment. It reads “sold out” everywhere. Guess I need to wait. Luckily I bought it here. So I can at least play it. But the possibility to download it on all devices through steam would be lovely. A few other global keys worked out just fine.


Recuerdo perfectamente la primera vez que jugué Fear & Hunger, creo que fue el año pasado, no tengo claras las fechas.Ese día estaba navegando en itch.io, precisamente en la sección NSFW, tenía mi miembro erecto fuera del pantalón, lo tenía enrollado con mi mano izquierda mientras con la derecha escroleaba buscando un buen juego para hacerme una paja, estoy seguro de que ya era de noche y solo buscaba placeres carnales, al bajar en esa página encontré un juego con una portada oscura y unos personajes con un estilo algo tétrico y descolorido que llamo mi atención, decidí posar el cursor encima de dicho juego y emergió una pequeña pestaña con parte de la descripción y dos imágenes del juego y su gameplay, así fue como di clic en el ratón con el cursor encima del juego.

Baje por la página de presentación del juego buscando el botón de descarga, así que no puede evitar ver las imágenes a su derecha, en las que se mostraban más secciones del juego con una atmosfera obscura y lúgubre, que no tardo en generar en mí las ansias de jugar.

No estoy seguro si ese juego en aquel entonces estaba en su versión demo, pues no recuerdo que haber pagado por ella, más bien, recuerdo que estaba de forma gratuita para su descarga, por lo que no me fue difícil decidir dar clic en ese botón de descarga. Después, lo clásico, descompresión del archivo, mover la carpeta de descargas a mi carpeta de juegos e iniciar el juego.

Al arrancar el juego y pasar por la pantalla de menú para crear una nueva partida, apareció en la mi monitor una pantalla de selección de personaje, observe que cada personaje tenía su propia historia, pero no le di mucha importancia y elegí al que me parecía que lucia mejor, el mercenario. Arranco mi nueva partida, explore un poco la zona, había una puerta en frente y un pasadizo a la izquierda, después de ver a un animal inerte y observar el lugar, me percaté de que mi única opción era el pasadizo a la izquierda, entre en él, lo primero que note fue que se dirigía a algún lugar bajo tierra, entre en él y el ambiente se puso más lúgubre al bajar, avance por él, había algunos seres que me generaron incomodidad con su apariencia y que trate de evitar en la medida en que fuera posible, pero no duro por mucho tiempo...

Un ser grande con aspecto humanoide se acercó a mí e inicio un combate, al entrar en la pantalla de combate, note el gran miembro del ser, un miembro que le colgaba hasta el suelo, al ver ese escenario, mi mente recordó que yo tenía el mío por defuera del pantalón, ya flácido en ese momento, pero no le di importancia. Continúe con la pelea descubriendo los controles de combate, perdí no muy rápido, de un momento a otro estaba controlando a mi personaje que estaba arrastrándose por el piso mientras el ser me perseguía, a los pocos segundos me alcanzo e inicio mi primera pantalla de "game over", en ella vía a mi personaje siendo penetrado por el gran miembro del ser una y otra vez hasta qué fue el verdadero fin de esa partida.

Después de eso, deje de jugar, sin desinstalar el juego, regrese a itch.io, descargue un juego que se llamaba Attack on Survey Corps, lo jugué unas horas, me hice una paja y me dormí.

Nota media qué le doy a Fear & Hunger: 8.7/10


Does anyone have an update on the steamkeys for the germans in the house???

Deleted 63 days ago
Deleted 63 days ago

English to Spanish Translator here! I'd like to translate the game if you are interested. 

You can contact me on: lacristinaura.translator@gmail.com

I bought the game for the MAC OS, and I've ran into 2 problems on my end. Every time I try to save, be with the book of enlightenment, or the beds, or even the very first save of the game at the beginning when we create the characters, it always ends up never saving and ending with the clicking sound. The second problem is that whenever I try using the empty scroll for free stuff, it never gives it to me. Be it with TEACH or GIVE. Please help. 


Hey Orange, I really wouldve liked to play this game via steam, however its banned in germany. I just bought it here for 8 Dollars plus 2 additional on top in the hopes that you can send me a unlock code on steam or something? Anyway thanks for this great game!


Someone else already commented this but here you go.

thank you

Has he contacted you in the meantime?

I'm in the same situation.

No, sadly. I managed to make my own quick path and added an icon from google images. Already finished the game twice, one time with D'arce ascending to godhood and the other time with Le'garde ascending to be the yellow King, love this game. 


Hey Orange + community! I'm playing on Mac with IOS 12.7.3 and every time I try to save the game makes a noise and looks like it's going to save but then doesn't. I updated my system thinking it was maybe outdated and re-installed F&H but no luck. Wondering if anyone knows what might be causing this? Thank you so much!!!


Never thought that pixel game can be scary

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Xbox Controller shift option??

I bought the game for MacOS, but for some reason it won't let me play? Whenever I click the "game" icon it keeps saying "the application 'game' cannot be opened" Any ideas on how to make this work? I'm very confused.

I have the same problem :/

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Seems like an issue with built-in Archive Utility not properly unzipping the file (https://superuser.com/questions/1345755/how-to-fix-the-application-cant-be-opene...)

Try using The Unarchiver. Right clicking the downloaded file`Fear & Hunger_MAC`, and selecting `The Unarchiver` worked for me.

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Hi there, I don't know why but my Mac won't give me the option to "Open With". I have The Unarchiver but it doesn't show. Do you, by any chance, know why?

hey flyingscarf. Sorry, I'm not sure what might be causing that issue.

On the other hand, after successfully unzipping the game, I've noticed that it crashes consistently on MacOS, and seems like other commenters have noted this too. Appears the game no longer supports MacOS :/

I have the same issue. I haven't downloaded the game since I wanted to try the demo first, however the demo keeps crashing on MacOS and I don't think there's much I can do. I didn't need to unzip anything but I don't think thats the problem here. :(

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Hello orange,

i am too a player from germany and i want to have this wonderfull game on steam.

I bought it also on this website.

My steam name is: IwanPlayz

Steam ID: 76561198350625601

Friendcode: 390359873

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To all the Germans that comment here and all the haters that dont like it. Heres what orange/miro stated on his page a while ago : 

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Soooo... no comment, but email instead? Got it.
You sure that'll work tho? Havent gotten a response yet.

Hast schon was bekommen?

(1 edit)

Nope, hab ihm die E-Mail so 1 Tag vor Verfassung des Kommentars geschrieben, aber noch nix bekommen.

Aber der Kommentar von dem Atzen über mir, der meint man soll'ne Email schreiben ist ja auch erst 3 Tage alt, also sollt's ja relativ aktuell sein.

Vielleicht checkt der Guy nur so 1 mal die Woche seine Mails, oder braucht einfach'n bisschen länger oder macht grad'ne kleine Pause oder so.

Keine Ahnung, ich bleib hopeful.
(Hoffentlich gibt's kein Bann für falsche Sprache >_>)

Alles klar, hab ihm auch ne Mail geschrieben mal schauen was jetzt passiert. Wenn hart auf hart einfach refunden und probieren es als steam Geschenk zu kaufen.

brauchst nicht zu warten, habe im Oktober nh Mail geschrieben und stand heute keine Antwort 

Hab ich schon versucht. Soweit ich weiß ist die einzige möglichkeit deinen Steam Shop mit VPN auf ne neue Location zu setzen und per Kreditkarte (oder eine andere gültige Zahlungsart in Amerika) zu bezahlen. Aber soweit ich das mitbekommen habe kann dein Steam Account dafür gebannt werden also genieße es mit Vorsicht.

Viel Glück.

PS: Ich habe auch noch keine Antwort auf meine Email bekommen

hat irgend wer schon mal ne antwort erhalten ?

Leider net und hab denen ne Mail am 16.01 geschickt


not true


I cant get it to work. When i click on the game it say "the "game" application can't be open. Help

hey! if this is for Mac, i had a similar issue and posted a solution https://itch.io/post/9388013

hope it works for you too

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Another poor german soul looking for a steam key. 

I love your work!


Hello, im also from Germany and bought Fear&Hunger and Termina a while ago, would love to have it on my Steam Account aswell, is it possible to get an Steam Key?

Thanks for the Awesome Games! 


Hello, I am from Germany. I finally was able to buy your Game today.

I would also like to ask for an Steam Key since Germany has Fear and Hunger not in the Steam Shop.


i honestly feel bad that germans can't play this game


Dont be, we can buy it here like everybody else. 


okay nevermind


Quite right, many of us have been here since the beginning.

How to play Linux version on Steam Deck Desktop mode???

I downloaded: "Fear & Hunger_LINUX.zip"

I extracted the zip, and run "Game", nothing happens.

I run "Game.desktop" nothing happens.


Just a heads up, game is no longer Mac compatible. This information is on the Steam page where they've removed the Mac download but not here (where I bought the game before checking Steam, LOL! xD) so buyer beware. 


oh no, I should have read the comments. literally just bought the game and now I can't play it :((


God damn, I just did this too.


got it working on mac but wont let me save the game

Download stops between 70-80%. i tried different browser and anything but it still wont download


Hey! Is it still possible to request a Steam key after purchasing the itch.io version? I'd love to have it on Steam instead of itch since F&H is not available on German Steam :')


no it's not and stop fucking asking

Deleted 3 days ago

The creator stopped reading comments here because people kept begging and half of you beggars where just scammers trying to get free keys to sell. You won't get anything here stop asking.

Deleted 3 days ago
Deleted 178 days ago

Ignore them, if you need a key I believe if you buy the game and go to the bottom of the main page, there is a link that says 'contact us' and then you can see 'contact the developers'. there you can contact them for the key :3

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is there a way to contact the developer ?

Deleted 179 days ago

the discord?

if you buy the game and go to the bottom of the main page, there is a link that says 'contact us' and then you can see 'contact the developers'. 



How can you play this game in borderless fullscreen? I cant buy it on steam so I just have the files from here but if I start the game its only playable in window-mode and I can see the borders and task-bar etc.

is it possible to get a steam key so I can play it on fullscreen? I also bought it here so I really do not want a free key I just need fullscreen xd

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Press f4 for full screen


One of the best games i ever played


Isit required/recommended to play this one first or can I just jump to Fear n Hunger termina?


You can jump to F&H Termina. Although there are a few callbacks to this game, no knowledge of F&H 1 is required.


Thank you!!

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