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Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an ancient nexus for different planes of existence. The depths are in an eternal turmoil as both old and new gods struggle for power, it’s up to the players to choose their position and stance in all of this.

The game is a hybrid of survival horror and dungeon crawler genres with its influences ranging from Silent Hill to Nethack. There are roguelike elements to the game as well as a heavy foundation of a j-RPG. Fear & Hunger is heavy on atmosphere and ruthless in its difficulty.


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  • Oppressive and relentless atmosphere
  • 4 different character classes and many additional characters to recruit
  • Unforgiving and unique gameplay
  • Randomized elements to keep the game fresh with subsequent playthroughs
  • Turn-based Strategic Dismember Combat System
  • Graphical art style mixing pixel art with digital painting
  • Original ambient soundtrack creating the dreary mood

The world of Fear & Hunger is VERY dark. THE GAME IS MEANT ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Extreme violence and gore are everyday sights in the dungeons and death is one of the easier ways to go in the game. The game has drug and substance abuse, heavy themes ranging from self-mutilation to sexual violence. None of the themes are taken lightly however. They are all part of the world building and there to create the unique atmosphere where the game measures just how far the player is willing to go in order to survive.

Parts of the dungeon layout, events, loot and enemy placements are randomized with few different variations to keep things fresh with subsequent playthroughs. The game is designed with the classic trial and error formula, so you can expect to start the game over and over again. But as long as you learn from your mistakes, you can quickly find yourself at the deeper levels of the dungeon.

The combat in Fear & Hunger is turn-based akin to classic role-playing games, but with a twist of it’s own. You can target individual limbs of your enemies to dismember them strategically and thus maximize your chances for survival. However, just the same, enemies can also cut off the arms and the legs of your playable characters if you are not careful. You need to prepare well for every encounter if you wish to stay alive. But don’t forget that running away from threats is often the best solution as well. There are many ways for survival in Fear & Hunger - You can find better equipment, learn different blood and love magic, fuse characters into each other, pray different gods, talk your way out of battles, meet new party members, snipe enemies from distance, use traps to disable them… and so on. The Idea is to use what you got at your disposal and be creative with it.



Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.4.1 690 MB
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.4.1 820 MB
Fear & Hunger LINUX Version 1.4.1 731 MB

Download demo

Fear & Hunger - Demo Version 5.1 WIN 449 MB
Fear & Hunger - Demo Version 5.1 MAC 449 MB

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Blue sin here I come

"typeerror cannot read property 'scope' of null"

happened somewhere there are flower on monster's head

oh wait i fixed it by copying "marrig_of_flesh1_4.rpgmvp", pasting it and naming it the very thing it needed ^^ 

i found another bug :( when you are married as dark priest with a ghoul and your left leg gets cut off by the cave mother it is giving me the good ol' "Loading Error Failed to load img/characters/marriage_of_flesh4.png" and yes it cant find it bcs it doesnt exist :/

Thanks for letting me know! I'm actually working on the next update that'll try to fix certain issues.


hello, orange! i wanted to thank you for making fear & hunger, and i have two things to say--one, the discord link is now expired, and i was wondering if you could post a new one. two, i've noticed a few grammatical errors while playing the game. this is completely optional, but i would be happy to help out on the writing aspect of the game! i'd like to believe i'm good at english, and i'd be happy to do it for free--i think f&h has a lot of raw potential, and if you would like, i can discuss it on the discord, or i can give you my email or social media accounts. i am by no means a professional (just to make this clear), but like i said, i would love to help better the game. again, thank you, and have a good day, afternoon, or night!


Hi! Sorry for late response! I updated the discord link! You're welcome to join the channel! I know there's plenty of text that could use fixing and I've had plenty of people offering help too. I haven't been able to commit the time properly to fixing the text so far. I've only done it in short bursts every now and then. The problem is that I don't have an easily found script of the game anywhere. I never thought ahead to make one, so it's a really big hurdle to edit the in-game text and since I haven't exactly been struggling with what to do with my free time (in short I got no spare time lol) ,  I've been pushing it back constantly...

Hi, first of all thank you for that game. I try to finish it without any walkthrough and it's difficult ^^

Also I think I found a bug; there is a lucky coin in the "level 3 of Thicket" and when I tried to pick it, the lucky coin didn't want to despawn, so now I have a little more than 20 lucky coins (23) so I don't think it was put there on purpose. I am actually playing with Enki and I transformed into a "the Marriage" with a Ghoul  in case you want to test the bug...

(4 edits)

i have been enjoying myself so far,

there are a few texture issues sometimes the top/bottom half of sprites vanishing(mostly when searching barrels/crates), very rarely clipping through walls

and the missing file error after fusing dark priest with a ghoul and taking a hit escaping a battle.

i have once killed and skinned a guard right next to a door, so i couldn't interact with the door(also happens if they are next to anything else interactive)

Last edit:holding shift to flip lucky coin while in the heads/tails menu  fires arrows.

what happened to the steam version?


What do you mean?

I'm stuck in the Thicket - the level with Eastern Sword. Pest Mastery learned.

I saw on Youtube there is a pit leading to Gauntlet, but in v1.3.0 there is no pit there (or script is broken).
How can I get out?

(1 edit) (+1)

Random comment: Miro, if you don't plan on making a Fear and Hunger game set on the continent of Vinland sometime after you finish Termina, please do. I will give you my entire social security number for that game. Hell, I would even do the writing for it if your heart wasn't in it, and still pay for it, haha


haha yeah Vinland game would be an interesting one for sure. Funny enough I was just writing an in-game book about Vinland for Termina with a couple of pictures of the place too. That made me really want to make a game set there. I got multiple ideas on what to tackle next and Vinland game is up there in top 3 I'd say. I'm still mindstorming on the next move so I can't guarantee anything yet, but let's see what happens.

(2 edits)

Ran into a bug. When you open the screen where you are given the option to curse a weapon you cannot exit (ESC key doesnt work) until you do and if you dont have any souls for it you're stuck there, you can only close the game and re-start from the last save.

Lost a bit of progress from this, hope to see this fixed.

Edit: Nvrmd I'm an idiot, you just gotta scroll really far and you see the option "Nevermind", sorry

Ran into a bug. I went into the mines, level one, and I selected to reveal myself to the guy in the shadows. The crowmauler instantly appeared and then the game froze. It's happened twice now, I'm not sure if it's where I am standing or what's up. Awesome game though! I've already played 70 hours worth!

Can you tell me the controls and how to open item menu

use your arrows to navagate, z and x are the controls for menu

(1 edit)

Hello orange! Not to keep beating a dead horse here but even with this recent update, Mac users cannot save their game. I've researched this a lot and have yet to come up with an answer.

Edit: I found this thread on the RPGMaker Forums: 

Unable to save in deployed Mac version, and Mac only error after accessing options

The advice offered in the very last post I've tried with this update of your game and the previous one I purchased. Unfortunately it does not work.

If there is anyway you can compile your game on a modern MacOS machine to offer as a Mac version, I'd be grateful as would any other Mac purchaser. 

Hi! Sorry if I've missed any previous comments about this issue! I made the game on Mac and tested it throughout its development on the same laptop, so it's not an universal Mac problem. Also a couple of the game testers since early days have been Mac users too so it definitely is possible to save the game on Mac too.

Mac is very strict on what it allows games and apps to do. In this case the game has to have permission to create the save files. In some cases you have to manually give the game folder and the app these permissions. This has been the solution for most of the people who have had the same problem as you do. Did you try this already? Let me know if the issue still remains!

Ah, ok. Well I've tried setting the game folder and all its contents to read/write permissions for all available users with the last version I purchased and this new version. However, I cannot save the game. It's rare that I run into a digital problem I just cannot solve but in this case, I just can't figure it out. 

I just played the game and in the level area where the katana sword is, there's an area where I couldn't find any of the holes to get out and so I died starving.

Something else to bring to your attention: I tried using a Lucky Coin on an Ancient Book, and it didn't even seem to have an option for it. So, if this isn't intentional, that's something else for you.

This has been around for a while, so I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but some enemies, like guards for example, will Tackle or do an attack after their head has been cut off. So, is this intentional?

You probably already know about this, but when I use the Lucky Coin with a bow equipped, it shoots an arrow instead of using the coin, same problem with Termina but with a gun. 

(1 edit)

Oh yeah I completely neglected that bug! I already fixed it for Termina, but it didn't occur to me that F&H also got bow and arrows D: Thanks for the reminder!

No problem! I really love Fear and Hunger and I want to see it run as smooth as possible before Termina releases, so people can see how good the original is.

Found something else, when you choose to ambush Trortur (this is after I used the basement route) and succeed in killing him, his body disappeared for me. And there was some issue with Buckman (earlier playthrough, not after this) where I saw him in a cell and ignored him, but when I came back he was gone, but his dialogue went on like he was still there.

Hey- so I bought this game on Steam and I ran into a bug. So if I combined two characters together to get marriage flesh and I move around or go to a different area, an error would pop up saying something like:

What happened to the discord server? I am not able to join.

he has not been online for 3 months on steam for me i hope they are not overworking themselves on termina

(1 edit)

I've had a problem with outlander. After i changed weapon from bow to something else, and then back to bow i wasn't able to shoot arrows outside of battle anymore.

Is this a known bug?

Hey Orange, just wondering when I could get my hands on fear And Hunger Termina, I hav a bunch of subscribers wanting more lol.

Hey! The demo should be dropping mid-november. Things are looking to stay in schedule. I still got tons of work to get there, but I'm pretty positive about it. I already got all the demo areas and most of the enemies completely functional, but I still need to add bunch of little stuff, like ghouls, animal companion, etc.

ok good to know, thank you.

Hello! I bought Fear & Hunger game on Steam after seeing a few Let's Play of it; even though I'd already watched every ending before I started playing it, I ended up being so fascinated by the game that I've been playing through it for awhile now!

1. I wanted to join the Discord server, but it looks like the links I've found are expired, and the main link above doesn't seem to actually let me join it. Could you post a new link, or a new invite?

2. I've been very impressed by your ability to create a game that prominently features taboo, shocking and extreme subject matter, but never comes off as exploitative, "edgy", or fetishistic. This may sound like a bizarre compliment, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you've managed to handle very sensitive subject-matter with remarkable maturity; your game never feels voyeuristic, and the shocking material never comes off as senseless snuff. I think a big part of that is the fact that you've clearly spent a lot of time detailing the lore of a place where depravity and horror feel like natural extensions of the atmosphere.

3. Fear & Hunger's world seems vivid and fleshed-out with lore; I've noticed some vague similarities between your game and the work of R. Scott Bakker, specifically his "Prince of Nothing" series, and I was curious about what works/games inspired you while you were conceiving and creating Fear & Hunger? (If you haven't read the "Prince of Nothing" series and you enjoy ultra-dark low-fantasy, I'd strongly recommend checking in out.)

Based on how much I'm enjoying Fear & Hunger, you're one of the game creators I'm most excited about in 2019; I'm really excited for Fear & Hunger: Termina, but make sure to take care of yourself so that you don't burn out!

Thanks for your time!

hey orange, was hoping to see if there's any possibility of getting a steam key? Would make things much easier keeping my programs nice and tidy + i won't keep forgetting to update my version. If no can do then that's okay, but if possible it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there! I'm running the game on macOS 10.14.16 and I'm unable to save the game via the Book of Enlightenment or the "crow" bed.  When I'm given the option, I press space or enter and get a thud sound with no result. Is there some folder or folder path I need to create to make that feature work?

Hey! Thanks for trying the game out! On mac there has been an issue with rights and permissions. Usually it's fixed when you allow the game and its folders to create save files. Let me know if the problem remains! 

Hello orange~ I'm still struggling with this issue. I've attached an image. I'm thinking it's the .plist file that's the problem? The weird thing is even with hidden files disabled I don't see this folder or its contents in ~/Library/Caches. I'm hoping you or another F&H Mac player might have some thoughts. Thanks!

Hey friend can you send me a steam key?  I don't use itch.io much so I don't know how to contact you. 

Yeah of course! I'll get back to you tomorrow, i'm not on my laptop atm. 

Hey I tried to look up your email from the sales, but it seems like a pretty daunting task. Would you like to send me email perhaps so I can give you the key? My email should be available on the itchio page upon when you've bought the game already.

Deleted 11 days ago
(1 edit)

I need to thank you orange, this game gave me a bunch of subscribers,so im looking forward to future games from you.

Hey thank you for making the let's plays. I've been checking few of your videos, but I really gotta catch up. I just noticed new F&H videos from you today. There's gonna be a minor update to the game very soon with few new enemies and small things. The next game will hopefully have a demo out in early autumn. 

Amzing cant wait, im sure my subs will like it lol

Can i know how long it took you to made this game? You'd done pretty everything in this game and it seems to be a huge amount of contents, so i really curious =)

The base game was done roughly in 2 years, but with the small tweaks and additions that have been rolling, it's been 2 and a half years now since I started the project.

I wouldn't suggest similar schedules to everyone though. I've literally lived and breathed only Fear & Hunger for those 2 years and neglected pretty much everything else in my life. I think I need to learn to balance things better with future projects.

Now i totally agree with you that we need to balance between  real life & game dev. But i really admire how you could  totally live with Fear&Hunger and ignored other things. Even i know it is killing yourself (lol) but if i  can do that i wil do the same anyhow.
Recently i totally stuck with ideas for my games, so i  search letplay videos on youtube  for inspiration. By coincidence i found Fear&hunger let's play videos by Nico the Sergal; Man, i can't believe you could have such brilliant ideas for you game (such as Beheaded Wizard  and  the way Darkness slowly move into Scene - such brilliant). 

Hey, me again! My partner gifted me this game a while ago, and Itch.io even says I own it when I ask for my download links to email. But when I click the link, it says my account doesn't have permission to view this page. Itch.io customer support was super unhelpful, they told me to try something I told them that I already did and then stopped replying outright.

Long story short, could I get the Steam key email thing you mentioned below? I'd love to play the update, but... Well, Itch.io.

Oh yeah sure! If you got the game, you're entitled to the Steam version as well. Ummm... Where could I get your email? It's somewhere in the sales, I'm sure, but there are quite a few sales already so it's a bit difficult to browse through all of them. 

(4 edits)

Hey, really appreciate the quick response! Sure thing, I don't have any real concerns about the privacy of this email so I'll just post it here and edit it out once we have this all sorted. If anything I'm actually really glad to hear there's a lot of sales, you deserve 'em. Cheers.

(email removed as said)

Okay I sent a key forward!

All good, worked perfectly! Thank you so much, you rock!

Hey, big fan here - had to put the game down for a few months because life got busy but picked it up recently and am loving it even more than before!

I am unsure if this has been addressed before - so forgive me if it has, but I noticed a game-crashing bug in a recent playthrough. After forming a marriage of flesh, navigating the game would occasionally freeze with an error message regarding failure loading images pertaining to the marriage? It happened a few times throughout the dungeon before my character model vanished and became invisible. Finally, at a first attempt in the mines to join the cannibals, this appeared, causing me to restart the game.

Let me know if you need any more information - otherwise, thanks so much for such an awesome, affordable game. This is really something you should be quite proud of - you've done such an excellent job!

(1 edit)

Hey! Does anyone here know how to recruit the Outlander? 

I know that he is supposed to be at level 5 in the thicket (tree lady), after you meet him in the courtyard with the statue of All-mer. But I already where there (the thicket/tree lady) many times and didn't find him! 

I already watched videos in order to find the exact spot, but he isnt there! 

I don't know if its a bug or if I messed up the timeline/chain of events but any sort of help would be very nice!

Note: I am playing the newest version, version 1.2.0.

This is game is....amazing the amount of work you put into this is surprising, the game itself I never played but just from seeing a few videos I think its better then some triple A titles. The endings need an epilogue where we know what happened to the characters and the dungeon. The game itself is a great rpg and horror, the black witch zone gave me shivers on my back, I really wish there could be more randomization but if there was every turn there would be a guard right around the corner. If I were to give it a rating it would be 9/10 keep on going with the updates man.  

Man... This game is definitely a diamond in the ruff. Great work on details of the same I love the art and a overall unique experience. Now I would like to know if there would be future updates adding more stuf.. hell if it were dlc and released separate I'd still pay for it xD that's how good this game is. And also would there be a possible Android release not now obviously but in the future? I would definitely buy again for the mobile experience instead of taking my laptop everywhere. Awesome game keep up the work I look forward to the next update👍


It would be very nice if instead of having 30 min to find Leguard alive, the player would have 1-2 hours so he can explore the game and get used to it. 

I know I may sound  nooby but the thing is that I dont like to rush or speedrun games. Especially if they have a fitting atmosphere and a captivating story. 

Dont get my wrong, I already finished ending A and I found out that you must recrut Leguard in order to get the other ending. And I kinda flinched when I found out that you have exactly 30 min to save him from his cell. Because this game was a experience (I dont when was the last time that a game was a experience for me) and I would like to live that experience again but the forced speedrun ruins it.

I know that there are faster ways to get to Leguards cell but even then it doesnt feel the same.

Dont take this as the whining of some lacy ass who cant put effort even into playing a videogame. 

Just take it a constructive criticism.

And if you dont want to change it than its ok. 

Just dont forget that there are a few things that might have to change.

Because I, like everyone else in this chat, love this game  :D 

I bought this game about a month ago and i didn't get any steam key for it,is there anything i need to do like sending email or something to get a steam key? thank you ^^

Hey sorry for the late response! Can you contact me via email so I can give you the Steam key? It's a little incovenient, but so far it's the best way I've come up with handing out the steam keys.

Ah it's alright I already asked killswitch for it on discord lol,kinda forgot I posted on here but thanks anyway,game's great ^^

I would like to get the steam key as well, but cannot find where your email address is posted.  Enjoying the game so far!   thx

Disregard previous request for Steam key -- I've been enjoying the game enough that I went ahead and purchased it on Steam as well.  Mainly because I wanted to keep it updated easier and not run into the OS X permissions issue with saves. You should know that developer's email is not being passed along on purchase from itch.io (at least it did not for me) so I'm not sure how anyone can request the key from you.  Nonetheless, I have no problem with having made the additional purchase.  I'm happy to support the development efforts on this game!

(1 edit)

I'd like to know if steam version has any kind of censorship before buying, please

Nope, it's the same game 😀

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