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Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an ancient nexus for different planes of existence. The depths are in an eternal turmoil as both old and new gods struggle for power, it’s up to the players to choose their position and stance in all of this.

The game is a hybrid of survival horror and dungeon crawler genres with its influences ranging from Silent Hill to Nethack. There are roguelike elements to the game as well as a heavy foundation of a j-RPG. Fear & Hunger is heavy on atmosphere and ruthless in its difficulty.


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  • Oppressive and relentless atmosphere
  • 4 different character classes and many additional characters to recruit
  • Unforgiving and unique gameplay
  • Randomized elements to keep the game fresh with subsequent playthroughs
  • Turn-based Strategic Dismember Combat System
  • Graphical art style mixing pixel art with digital painting
  • Original ambient soundtrack creating the dreary mood

The world of Fear & Hunger is VERY dark. THE GAME IS MEANT ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Extreme violence and gore are everyday sights in the dungeons and death is one of the easier ways to go in the game. The game has drug and substance abuse, heavy themes ranging from self-mutilation to sexual violence. None of the themes are taken lightly however. They are all part of the world building and there to create the unique atmosphere where the game measures just how far the player is willing to go in order to survive.

Parts of the dungeon layout, events, loot and enemy placements are randomized with few different variations to keep things fresh with subsequent playthroughs. The game is designed with the classic trial and error formula, so you can expect to start the game over and over again. But as long as you learn from your mistakes, you can quickly find yourself at the deeper levels of the dungeon.

The combat in Fear & Hunger is turn-based akin to classic role-playing games, but with a twist of it’s own. You can target individual limbs of your enemies to dismember them strategically and thus maximize your chances for survival. However, just the same, enemies can also cut off the arms and the legs of your playable characters if you are not careful. You need to prepare well for every encounter if you wish to stay alive. But don’t forget that running away from threats is often the best solution as well. There are many ways for survival in Fear & Hunger - You can find better equipment, learn different blood and love magic, fuse characters into each other, pray different gods, talk your way out of battles, meet new party members, snipe enemies from distance, use traps to disable them… and so on. The Idea is to use what you got at your disposal and be creative with it.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(131 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, fear--hunger, Horror, horror-games, Roguelike, RPG Maker, Survival Horror


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.4.1 690 MB
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.4.1 820 MB
Fear & Hunger LINUX Version 1.4.1 731 MB

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Fear & Hunger - Demo Version 5.1 WIN 449 MB
Fear & Hunger - Demo Version 5.1 MAC 449 MB

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Hello Miro. I just purchased your game. Could I please get a steam key instead? Its banned in my country :(

Can I get a steam key even though steam is not banned in my country? :D

Hey there! I'm interested in playing this game on twitch, however I'm really worried the sexual related content could get me in trouble with Twitch. Is there a version of the game that has the sexual related content censored so I don't have to worry about Twitch btfoing me?

Hello just got the game and really like. but sometime the screen freeze I still got the sound like opening inventory but nothing show up and the character dont move. I'm on the Windows 1.4.1.

Mind sending me a key, too? Already sent you a mail :)

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Quite an interesting mix.

Part JRPG, part survival horror, set in a grimdark fantasy setting.

The atmosphere and sound design are incredibly moody.

Not for everyone because of the themes and quite graphic nature of the game, and setting. Not in bad taste or glorifying, it fits the world to a t.

If you're a fan of Berserk give this one a go.

And also thanks for giving me a steamkey after buying F&H on itch, the game's not available on steam in Germany.


The Fascist state of new Deutschland banned your game here, thankfully I can bypass steams anti-porno filter through itchio. 👍


I was just curious if you think that you might ever try to make F&H for the Nintendo Switch? 


Hey, I just purchased your game on here since I am from Germany as well, could you send me a Steam code, too?

Thanks in advance 



Sure thing. Could you just email me through itch.io's CONTACT US page? (you can find it at the bottom of the page) That's the easiest way to confirm your sale and also safely send you the key.

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This is, without question,an amazing game🤪🤪🤪🤪😉😉😉😉😉😉👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


hey i wanted to buy this game on steam but it says "This product is currently not available in your country" i live in germany can you tell me why


ah... Unfortunately Germany has banned F&H. The censorship is just more strict there. I believe all Adults Only games are banned there, no matter what the reason for that rating is. If you buy it on itchio, I can give you a Steam key to go with it, maybe that way you can bypass the watchful eye?

yea steam key would be nice im buying it now should i contact you then?

hey can you send the key now pls

Oh hey, sorry for the late reply! I think you should've gotten my email when you bought the game here. Would you mind contacting me via email? I can't really put out the code out here in the open for everyone to grab.

That is, you do not mind sharing the game code in some cases. And I went all the way to learning rpg maker mv by myself repeating most of the mechanics that you use in the game and invented a few of my own. I could not even think that the you would share or im just too shy. Well, when I finish my project, I would be interested in exchanging the codes of our projects if you don't mind.

sure can you tell me your email couldn't find it

Deleted 56 days ago

Excuse me, Miro.  I'd just like to say that you are a very creative mind and that you have created a very interesting universe in your games. I'd like to thank you for all that effort and creativity, and i think you deserve far more credit and relevance in the game community. You're not afraid to show the harsh reality of things, although in a fictional universe. 

I got a friend that loves your games too but he doesn't have an itchio account. His name is Seon Mok and he actually spent 3 days drawing the Crow Mauler:

His instagram is @seon.mok and he would much appreciate your support, from one independent artist to another. 

Once again, thank you for all u have given us.


Can you add the Linux build to steam?

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I wanted to thank you Miro, just wanted to say that even though I dont have a computer to run Fear and Hunger, what you created truly resonates with me and makes me feel close to it. I rarely find games and media in general that make me feel they did it so right at creating something of a cult dark fantasy experience like your game does.

Thank you


Just wanted to say that I bought this for my husband because it has themes that he likes in a video game. My plan is to curl up next to him and watch him go through the dungeon and avoiding the possibility of getting an appendage cut off. I really like the art and lore, but I'm not as adventurous as he is when it comes to video games lol. Thanks for this great masterpiece. Will definitely ask the hubby on what he thinks of the game when he gets back.

Yo I heard about this game and I was hyped to check it out, but when I went to buy on steam this pops up:

Notice: This product is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina or above. Click here for more information.

And when I tried to download the demo from here, it won't open. I don't want to make a purchase here if the same thing will happen in the full game. Any plans to have this updated? MacBook is stupid :(

Hi and WOW... This loks amazing!. Guys, I know it´s not easy... But, can you please give a try to make it multiplayer?. And, IF it´s possible can you please add this weapons and armor for the sprites characters?:

Rapier:english-rapier-c-1640-96-452-98-88-european-fns4203-limited-product-faganarms_312.jpg (266×2641) (shopify.com)

Estoc: estoc-sword-3d-model-low-poly-max-obj-mtl-fbx-tga.jpg (1920×1080) (cgtrader.com)

Fullplate Armor: (3) maximilian armour. 3d modeling demo reel - YouTube

Regards and thank you, for your work and time.

Thanks for the nice words. The game isn't designed for multiplayer at all, so if there ever was a multiplayer mode to come, it would be a brand new game.

Rapier and Estoc missing from the game are big omissions, so I might just add them in. No guarantees on the armor.

Updates for this game have been on ice until the sequel comes out though. But I'll look into it after that.

Thank you, for the honest answer and I´m tracking the project. Regards!


Yo Orange, I'm a big fan of Fear & Hunger, and I'm really looking forward to your next game. Also your artwork, and writing, is phenomenal. Likewise heard you were going through some tough times financially so I made a small donation. If there's anything we can do to help out please let us know. Wishing you all the best. 


Thank you for the support, appreciate it, but I'm not sure what this financial struggling talk is all about lol. I don't think I've tried to gather any pity points online or anything? Where does this talk come from? I usually only say I got no money for it when someone asks about translating the game to another language or something along those lines, but that doesn't mean I'd spend every day struggling irl. It's nice that people care ofc, but there are people really struggling out there too. No need to spend extra coins on me. Buying the game once and spreding the word about it is more than I can ask. 


Cheers man.  I reckon the rumor started from some 4chan babble or something, which I heard indirectly.  Very glad to hear you're not barefoot and starving. Hope all stays well for ya. 

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Hey there, loving the game (played it basically for all possible endings). Weird question, but I always wondered what the tabs were for the main theme (asking on the game's discord and only response I got was "use your ears"). Would love to be able to play this on the acoustic. Besides that, I hope you are doing great and I wish you best of luck with upcoming Termina release!

P.S. Screw Le'Garde, piss king lookin ass

Heyy, hope it´s okay of me to ask but, could you please send me a steam key for the game since i´ve already bought it here on this website? because it´s not available on steam for my country and i use steam for all my games and it would be really really nice to have this awesome game on there too. and sorry if my english grammar is bad or if im bothering you with this request ;-;



Ah sorry for missing this post! Would you like to send me email about this and I'll see what I can do!

Don't apologize, it's more than fine. Im rather thankful to you for answering me and i would love to email you, but i've been looking around a lot and i just can't seem to find your email adress anywhere. Is there somewhere special i need to look to find it?

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Hey orange~ Big fan of your work, really hope you don't mind me asking this here, but what would be the price range of Termina? I'm uber hyped about the game and would like to pay for it the day of or after release but get paid peanuts and want to figure out when to put money to the side, Thank you in advance and have an awesome day!!!

Hey! Glad you like the work! I'm not 100% sure about the pricing just yet. It largely depends on what the state of the game is. There's a good amount of content already I think, but how polished it will be at the moment of release is a big factor. I couldn't ask too much from a very buggy game. Currently I'm thinking about 8-12 dollars. It won't be more than that. Hopefully that's not too expensive. I know it's a lot in some parts of the world, but I barely scrape by myself and ultimately I have to think how to sustain my own game making.

It's alright, Amazing game developers like you have to make money somehow right? I'm already expecting amazing quality and just wanted to make sure I could afford it lol, Thanks for answering to my comment, it means a lot to me.

Great game honestly. The coin mechanic is a pain in the ass though.

Just a question, though. Is the coin toss mechanic an actual thing in the lore, or is it just game mechanic?


There isn't any mention in the lore about a coin, so it's only a mechanic at this point I guess.

It can be a bit frustrating, but there isn't a single coin toss in combat that couldn't be evaded if you know the game well enough. For veteran players it's more of a choice. Like do you want to prioritize taking the enemy down fast and risk a coin toss, or play it safer, evade coin toss, but risk things going wrong in the long run.... that actually sound like a loss-loss situation now that I say it out loud...

(1 edit)

Ah okay then. I was asking because some stuff confused me in the game. For example, the ancient book. The one that turns you insane if you fail the coin toss. I was wondering if the main character just got the willpower to read the book, or if the book just lets you read it without turning you insane. Since the coin toss makes it seem like the book decides whether you can survive it, or not, rather than the main character outright resisting its effects.

I probably butchered the wording for this.

Regardless, thank you for answering!


Ah oh yea now I understand what you mean. The coin just decides various random variables in the game. With the book, maybe it's so powerful that there is no guarantee that the player can keep their sanity if they peek inside, but sometimes they are able to keep cool head and learn something from it. It's not really explained what factors into people going insane from reading the book. Does the book have a will of its own? Maybe? Maybe not? 

When android version is coming?

hi orange! could i get a steam key for this since i own it here on itch? would really appreciate it! thanks!


Could you please put this on steam? I promise that you would get WAY more money out of it. The majority of the gaming space does not usually use itch.io or gamejolt, instead opting for steam since it is easier to get games that way. (I myself can only buy games on steam since they have steam gift cards at places like dollar general). So please, put this game on steam!!!


Way ahead of you dude, it's been on Steam since early 2019. Steam just hides it well because of its mature content. But it's there. You just have to do some digging.

Finally finish the game with ending A!!!


I've just downloaded the last version 1.4.1 and there is no sound in the game. Fiddling with volume controls in the game does nothing. Any suggestions?

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I just wanted to say that the art for this game is fantastic and really contributes to the atmosphere. I would gladly pay for an artbook or something similar, but I know that's unlikely to happen. Still, it's a cool thought. Immense respect to the artist (artists?) for this game.


Thanks for the nice words! It's only me making the game and its aesthetics (apart from some animations). An artbook is something people have been asking for. There isn't enough art for a book in F&H1 alone, but I've been toying with an idea that I'd make a book with art from F&H1 and F&H2. But don't know yet for certain.

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Can i reach endings S in Terror and Starvation mode or only in hard mode? 

Thx, it's the best game (with Termina) i've ever play, i need to know so bad. 

Also, it is normal to lost En Garde after doing a marriage of the flesh? 

S endings are only in Hard Mode. Losing En Garde doesn't sound normal, unless it's the second stage of marriage of flesh. Do you remember which character you were playing before doing the marriage?

I'm glad you like the games! Hopefully Termina will live up to the expectations! : D


It was the mercenary who lost en garde. 

Thx, a reply under 24h is really great! 

You're the best, please take my money! 

My bro say hi

Blue sin here I come

"typeerror cannot read property 'scope' of null"

happened somewhere there are flower on monster's head

oh wait i fixed it by copying "marrig_of_flesh1_4.rpgmvp", pasting it and naming it the very thing it needed ^^ 

i found another bug :( when you are married as dark priest with a ghoul and your left leg gets cut off by the cave mother it is giving me the good ol' "Loading Error Failed to load img/characters/marriage_of_flesh4.png" and yes it cant find it bcs it doesnt exist :/

Thanks for letting me know! I'm actually working on the next update that'll try to fix certain issues.


hello, orange! i wanted to thank you for making fear & hunger, and i have two things to say--one, the discord link is now expired, and i was wondering if you could post a new one. two, i've noticed a few grammatical errors while playing the game. this is completely optional, but i would be happy to help out on the writing aspect of the game! i'd like to believe i'm good at english, and i'd be happy to do it for free--i think f&h has a lot of raw potential, and if you would like, i can discuss it on the discord, or i can give you my email or social media accounts. i am by no means a professional (just to make this clear), but like i said, i would love to help better the game. again, thank you, and have a good day, afternoon, or night!


Hi! Sorry for late response! I updated the discord link! You're welcome to join the channel! I know there's plenty of text that could use fixing and I've had plenty of people offering help too. I haven't been able to commit the time properly to fixing the text so far. I've only done it in short bursts every now and then. The problem is that I don't have an easily found script of the game anywhere. I never thought ahead to make one, so it's a really big hurdle to edit the in-game text and since I haven't exactly been struggling with what to do with my free time (in short I got no spare time lol) ,  I've been pushing it back constantly...

Hi, first of all thank you for that game. I try to finish it without any walkthrough and it's difficult ^^

Also I think I found a bug; there is a lucky coin in the "level 3 of Thicket" and when I tried to pick it, the lucky coin didn't want to despawn, so now I have a little more than 20 lucky coins (23) so I don't think it was put there on purpose. I am actually playing with Enki and I transformed into a "the Marriage" with a Ghoul  in case you want to test the bug...

(4 edits)

i have been enjoying myself so far,

there are a few texture issues sometimes the top/bottom half of sprites vanishing(mostly when searching barrels/crates), very rarely clipping through walls

and the missing file error after fusing dark priest with a ghoul and taking a hit escaping a battle.

i have once killed and skinned a guard right next to a door, so i couldn't interact with the door(also happens if they are next to anything else interactive)

Last edit:holding shift to flip lucky coin while in the heads/tails menu  fires arrows.

what happened to the steam version?


What do you mean?

I'm stuck in the Thicket - the level with Eastern Sword. Pest Mastery learned.

I saw on Youtube there is a pit leading to Gauntlet, but in v1.3.0 there is no pit there (or script is broken).
How can I get out?

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