Version 1.1.3 changes

I think I finally managed to find the source of the notorious 'black out' glitch that happened near the Tower of Endless in previous builds. In the last update this bug was still a bit mysterious, because I could never replicate its effects on my playthroughs and generally just didn't find what caused it. So instead of fixing the source of the bug, I tried to treat the problem with a quick emergency fix that was supposed to keep the area lit no matter what. But that was like treating a leak on a dam with a band aid. After going through numerous events and functions in the game I think I finally found the source. But again, if it is not fixed yet, LET ME KNOW! D:

There are other small fixes here and there too.


Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.1.3 557 MB
Feb 05, 2019
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.1.3 691 MB
Feb 05, 2019

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Encountered a bug when first entering combat with cave gnomes on the 2nd floor, the visuals froze but I could still hear the sound effects of selecting an option but upon doing so the whole game froze.

Couple of bugs I've noticed in this version:

1. Was in the basement where there are two Maneba near each other at the top/north end, the long hallway with rooms to the north and south. I killed the rightmost one and the leftmost one dropped dead without a fight.

2. Rushed to get the Cube of the Depths and entered Maha'bre, when I later headed to the section of the basement which normally has the wounded Knight in the arsenal(near the Shakespear enemy). He wasn't there, but the starting dialog that triggers when approaching still happened, so the air was talking to me.

Hey the steam mac version of this keeps having all the attacks locked on one limb during all of the city of ma'habre making the first new god impossible to beat as in last stage can only attack the very middle.