Version 1.1.0 Update!!

Hey everyone!

Sorry if I haven't been able to keep up with all the questions and comments for the past few days. I've been hard at work making this update happen and here it is now! This is the first major update to the game that isn't just a small tweak or fix for bugs. (Even though it is both of those as well) I didn't initially plan on making this big changes to the structure of the game but because Cube of the depths item in the game proved out to be a huge bug magnet, I replaced the system with what you can find here. Personally I like this new system more, but please do let me know how you feel about the changes!

There's been clear message from you guys that you aren't big fans of the coin toss elements and one hit kills that occur because of those, so I did work on that too. The coin tosses are still there. But toned down. Most of the one hit kills are removed and replaced with strong attacks that you can deal with if you got good armor or enough health.  Also some of the more annoying coin tosses elsewhere are toned down too.

Another big flaw in the previous builds were the armors. The armors only protected against very specific types of damage. Like plate mail against slashing damage and leather armors against fire damage, etc. The armor stats have gone through a complete overhaul. Now they offer better protection against multitude of attacks.

Aside from those tweaks, there's also new content in the game now. Few new areas, bosses, enemies and items.

Save files from previous versions should work for the most part. There are few instances where you might be trapped between the changes in the game structure, but they should be pretty rare. Still, I'd recommend giving the game a go from the very beginning to appreciate all the changes.

Here is a rough list of all the changes:

  • Cube of depths system changed completely.
  • Because of that, the entire game structure is a bit different
  • No more coin flips in the Mercenary intro
  • First save on the crow-bed is free
  • Most coin flip deaths are switched into powerful attacks
  • New ritual circle in the tower of endless
  • Loot RNG is changed a little
  • Armors and equipment have gone through a complete overhaul
  • Other little balance tweaks here and there too
  • Francóis battle is more fleshed out
  • Buckman-Seymor-Seril-Jeanne quest is more fleshed out
  • The Tale of the Pocketcat II
  • 2 new regular enemies
  • 2 new boss enemies
  • 1 new mysterious enemy/friend?
  • A new area with 2 floors and 2 timelines
  • A new area in the ancient city
  • Some new items
  • Some new small events that occur here and there
  • Chief figurine sells books now
  • + lots of bug fixes

There are still bugs around though! I didn't get to fix everything that has been pointed out yet. I got this huge doc full of things that need fixing and I will continue down the list with future updates. I tried to work on the biggest and more annoying bugs first and some lesser stuff still remain I'm afraid.

Thanks to everyone for great support and also great feedback/constructive criticism. It's been great seeing all the new people test the game out!

- Miro


Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.1.0 556 MB
Jan 21, 2019
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.1.0 690 MB
Jan 21, 2019

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Just wanted to say that the new update fixed my save and configuration bug for Mac! Thanks so much!

I love the game, bought it on steam after it came out and seeing a let's play on it.  I've never seen an +18 dark fantasy done quiet like it.  Keep it up.