Fear & Hunger - Version 1.4.1 Update!

List of general updates:

  • Bug fixes
  • Game freezes that occured while looting should be fixed now (Thanks to Zoni Ramboni and Tiz on the discord channel for pointing me the root of the problem)
  • Black screen while game is active in the background should be fixed too
  • Marriage of flesh graphics missing should be fixed
  • Small fixes here and there
  • You can now save on any of the beds found in the game (not without potential danger though)
  • There are now way more torches and resources for crafting them
  •  You can pick up torches from the walls in the mines
  • You can tear various fabrics to get cloth fragments
  • You can now actually get Blue Sin and its cursed variant (in a very obscure way, good luck finding how)
  • There are some new scenes involved with the Blue Sin in the mines
  • Few new items added to the game

A small update, mostly there just to fix few of the worse bugs around. Namely the occasional game freeze that would occur while looting items from crates and urns and the black screen that happened to people in random places. Let me know if these bugs remain though. Some other minor stuff were fixed and tweaked too.

The update doesn't really have much new content. The biggest addition is the ability to save the game on any bed you find in the game. It's an inconsistency that always bothered me. It might make the game a little bit easier, but it's not without its dangers. You'll get surprised by roaming enemies, if you haven't cleared the immediate area you currently are in. One more bed was added to the late-game parts of the game too.

The other big addition is the proper inclusion of the sword Blue Sin. Many tried to find a way to get the sword without dying, so I decided to make it actually possible. How to get it though? Good luck with that. At least one person tried that method with the previous version. But just to not make things too simple, there are some additional hijinks involved with the sword. These hijinks include scenes, and a minor new area.

All in all, don't expect anything too grand from this update. It's emphasis was in the fixes. Next up should be F&H 2: Termina. I'm doing my best to get it out asap.


Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.4.1 690 MB
Jan 11, 2021
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.4.1 820 MB
Jan 11, 2021
Fear & Hunger LINUX Version 1.4.1 731 MB
Jan 11, 2021

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The new update making the game darker really ruined the game for me, I used to love playing on hard mode but it's kinda dumb now. I really have no idea what the dev is trying to do here, but I think I'm done.

Won't be supporting any future games. Good luck in your life dude.


Hey thanks for the feedback! I've gotten very little feedback on the new features, so I'm not entirely sure what's the reception like. 

The torch/darkness system was meant for the veteran players coming back to the game. It was meant as an additional challenge for them as it does effect a lot on how you proceed in the game. At the same time I admit it's another level of bullshit (kinda the intention) and I can totally understand that it's too much for some players. That's why the normal lighting system is still present in the Normal (Fear & Hunger) mode. The torches are in that mode too, but the penalty of not having one is minimal. The circle of vision is just slightly smaller, so for the most parts you only get the positives of the torches (keeping mind from depleting as fast).

I'd love to hear experiences from other people too. People did complain that there were far too few resources for torches, so I tried to fix that with the 1.4.1 Update. Now you get more resources and you can also pick torches from walls in certain areas.