Quick fix version 1.1.1!

Hey just dropping by quickly to give you the quick fix version 1.1.1 !

There were some nasty new bugs in the v 1.1.0, so hopefully this gets rid of the game breaking ones.

There are some small fixes here and there, but the strafing bug where the character facing was locked was one of the more urgent ones to fix. I think I found out the source of the bug, but just in case I also put an emergency patch, so that whenever you change room/area, the player strafe should be unlocked. Still if the facing lock still occurs, let me know!

I also added a beacon of the depths outside the temple of torment, so that you don't have to use do too long detours if you are visiting the ancient side of the temple.


Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.1.1 690 MB
Jan 23, 2019
Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.1.1 556 MB
Jan 23, 2019

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Great, thanks a lot ! These were highly sought after ^^.

There may be a little bug left : in the Ancient City (Temple District ?), if you have Mastery over Insects and talk repeatedly to the insect in the long vertical street (the one saying "Master... don't die... take this"), it will supply you with infinite Blue vials.