Fear & Hunger - Version 1.4.0 Update!

List of general updates:
- Fixes and tweaks
- Torch/Darkness mechanic
- Terror & Starvation mode
- Added Sanity mechanics and scenes
- Miasma nerf/new mechanic
- small events with Embryo and Harvestman

Updates exclusive to Terror & Starvation mode:
- The extra boss of the void is now Terror & Starvation only
- lots of little bullshit
- small events with Crow Mauler and Black Witch
- 2 new enemies (variations of existing ones - kinda)
- tougher enemies and harder to run away
- inclusion of rotten food

The biggest update is the torch system. It doesn't have a big impact to the normal mode (Fear & Hunger mode), but the update also introduces a new difficulty mode (Terror & Starvation) where you cannot see much without a torch. This introduces a new level of resource management to the game, where you sometimes have to sacrifice much needed cloth fragments for light. In my opinion it makes the game more interesting. Of course if you felt the game was stressful enough as it was, the previous mode is still available. No worries there.

With the torch mechanic making things a bit more difficult, I decided to go all in with the new difficulty mode and added lots of small bullshit every here and there. They've been scattered around the dungeons from level 1 all the way to the ancient city. I'm afraid very few of the new features make things easier for you :-/

Along with the new torch mechanic, the fear mechanic has seen some fleshing out. Now if your party members are low(-ish) on Mind they might in certain places drop out of the party. You and your party members can try to persuade them to continue, but at some point they will give in to the darkness if things continue the same.

There is a Miasma event similar to the fear mechanic too which has different outcomes with different characters.

Oh yeah and I also added some Filter Effects to certain areas. I'm not sure how big of an impact they will have on the performance, but you can always disable them from the menu!


Fear & Hunger WINDOWS Version 1.4.0 675 MB
Aug 31, 2020
Fear & Hunger MAC Version 1.4.0 806 MB
Aug 31, 2020
Fear & Hunger LINUX Version 1.4.0 716 MB
Aug 31, 2020

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For some reason I can't talk outside of battle. Can't disable necromancy on my skeleton to let Le'Garde in my party
I was playing as Enki and I had a skeleton and moonless in my party. Also I was holding a lit torch. Actually no skills were usable. Suicide was also grayed out. Probably a bug