Delayed to 2021!

I realize I haven't been as active in posting updates here as what should be expected. Sorry about that!

So the bad news are that the game will be delayed to 2021. I decided to take a time out instead of rushing the game so that I'm happy with the product that's forming up. I still don't have any concrete dates for its release but it's coming! The proof that there's progress being made at least is in the trailer. 

I appreciate all the support I've gotten from this site already. It has really helped the development more than you know! So you have my deepest gratitude everyone! Thanks!


TERMINA_WIN_Demo_v2_4 596 MB
May 21, 2020
TERMINA_MAC_Demo_v2_4 728 MB
May 21, 2020

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No rush, I know the last year or two have been a mess. However, if you have a moment, please give us an update on the game. Even if you don't intend to finish, that's completely fine. I just want to know for my own peace of mind. 

If you want help ever, I'm a developer too, and I LOVE this game. Get in touch if you ever need a pair of eyes to help out. You've done a fantastic job with it on your own, and I do sincerely hope it comes out one day.

But more than that, I hope you are well, and that you have been able to make it through the tough times. Merry Christmas to you.

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Oh I'm sorry for not keeping things up to date here on itchio. I have a bad habit of only posting updates on one platform and expecting everyone to see them. (Twitter, YouTube and Discord being the platforms I'm most active on and where I do most of my shitposting about the game. Follow me there to see more about the game!)

Since I missed all the deadlines so royally, I've been feeling iffy about posting updates that are anything but the definite release date. While the game is very very close to being done, I still haven't got a release date that I could trust to hold 100%. A big reason for this being that there hasn't been a large scale testing done yet and a whole slew of bugs and things to fix can come from there. Thus I've stayed quiet about release dates and only posted random screenshots, videos and such.

It might be hard to believe considering the circumstances, but there actually haven't been any real hiccups in the development and I can't say that the plague in the outside world has affected the development that much either - the biggest problem is that I'm really bad at estimating how long certain things take to make. Also after I missed the initial release window I had in mind, I took a step back and polished and expanded some things to make the eventual release more worth it. That obviously added to the development time. When I was first rushing the release a year ago, the initial release I had in mind was way more bare bones and honestly the people who would've expected as much content as the first game has after all the updates would've probably been disappointed with the end product. With the additional expansions I'm pretty happy with what's in the game now.

So yeah... I know people would like to have a release date, but I'm afraid I don't have one. Hopefully this message at least alleviates some of the worries.

This is the way all devs should behave - and you are an example to us all. You took the words you saw to heart, and even though you were nervous to reply, you did it anyway. You've bought all the good will in the world friend, and I can't wait to play the game. Thanks so much for the prompt reply, it was very much appreciated.

I will be telling everyone I know to play this game when it comes out just because of this one interaction. A man of integrity, you are good sir!

Still waiting for this game, any chance on an update?

Hi! Sorry for missing this post! I just replied a more thorough answer to the person above you about the current state of the game. In a nutshell the game's development has been going good and I'm really close to being done (as much as that still has meaning after I've been saying that for a year now)


yea take your time


A feasible promise outweighs any immediate anticipated gratification. Termina is upon us


"A rushed game is forever bad...." Shigeru Miyamoto