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I've had a problem with outlander. After i changed weapon from bow to something else, and then back to bow i wasn't able to shoot arrows outside of battle anymore.

Is this a known bug?

Hey Orange, just wondering when I could get my hands on fear And Hunger Termina, I hav a bunch of subscribers wanting more lol.

Hey! The demo should be dropping mid-november. Things are looking to stay in schedule. I still got tons of work to get there, but I'm pretty positive about it. I already got all the demo areas and most of the enemies completely functional, but I still need to add bunch of little stuff, like ghouls, animal companion, etc.

ok good to know, thank you.

Hello! I bought Fear & Hunger game on Steam after seeing a few Let's Play of it; even though I'd already watched every ending before I started playing it, I ended up being so fascinated by the game that I've been playing through it for awhile now!

1. I wanted to join the Discord server, but it looks like the links I've found are expired, and the main link above doesn't seem to actually let me join it. Could you post a new link, or a new invite?

2. I've been very impressed by your ability to create a game that prominently features taboo, shocking and extreme subject matter, but never comes off as exploitative, "edgy", or fetishistic. This may sound like a bizarre compliment, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you've managed to handle very sensitive subject-matter with remarkable maturity; your game never feels voyeuristic, and the shocking material never comes off as senseless snuff. I think a big part of that is the fact that you've clearly spent a lot of time detailing the lore of a place where depravity and horror feel like natural extensions of the atmosphere.

3. Fear & Hunger's world seems vivid and fleshed-out with lore; I've noticed some vague similarities between your game and the work of R. Scott Bakker, specifically his "Prince of Nothing" series, and I was curious about what works/games inspired you while you were conceiving and creating Fear & Hunger? (If you haven't read the "Prince of Nothing" series and you enjoy ultra-dark low-fantasy, I'd strongly recommend checking in out.)

Based on how much I'm enjoying Fear & Hunger, you're one of the game creators I'm most excited about in 2019; I'm really excited for Fear & Hunger: Termina, but make sure to take care of yourself so that you don't burn out!

Thanks for your time!

hey orange, was hoping to see if there's any possibility of getting a steam key? Would make things much easier keeping my programs nice and tidy + i won't keep forgetting to update my version. If no can do then that's okay, but if possible it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there! I'm running the game on macOS 10.14.16 and I'm unable to save the game via the Book of Enlightenment or the "crow" bed.  When I'm given the option, I press space or enter and get a thud sound with no result. Is there some folder or folder path I need to create to make that feature work?

Hey! Thanks for trying the game out! On mac there has been an issue with rights and permissions. Usually it's fixed when you allow the game and its folders to create save files. Let me know if the problem remains! 

Hello orange~ I'm still struggling with this issue. I've attached an image. I'm thinking it's the .plist file that's the problem? The weird thing is even with hidden files disabled I don't see this folder or its contents in ~/Library/Caches. I'm hoping you or another F&H Mac player might have some thoughts. Thanks!

Hey friend can you send me a steam key?  I don't use much so I don't know how to contact you. 

Yeah of course! I'll get back to you tomorrow, i'm not on my laptop atm. 

Hey I tried to look up your email from the sales, but it seems like a pretty daunting task. Would you like to send me email perhaps so I can give you the key? My email should be available on the itchio page upon when you've bought the game already.

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I need to thank you orange, this game gave me a bunch of subscribers,so im looking forward to future games from you.

Hey thank you for making the let's plays. I've been checking few of your videos, but I really gotta catch up. I just noticed new F&H videos from you today. There's gonna be a minor update to the game very soon with few new enemies and small things. The next game will hopefully have a demo out in early autumn. 

Amzing cant wait, im sure my subs will like it lol

Can i know how long it took you to made this game? You'd done pretty everything in this game and it seems to be a huge amount of contents, so i really curious =)

The base game was done roughly in 2 years, but with the small tweaks and additions that have been rolling, it's been 2 and a half years now since I started the project.

I wouldn't suggest similar schedules to everyone though. I've literally lived and breathed only Fear & Hunger for those 2 years and neglected pretty much everything else in my life. I think I need to learn to balance things better with future projects.

Now i totally agree with you that we need to balance between  real life & game dev. But i really admire how you could  totally live with Fear&Hunger and ignored other things. Even i know it is killing yourself (lol) but if i  can do that i wil do the same anyhow.
Recently i totally stuck with ideas for my games, so i  search letplay videos on youtube  for inspiration. By coincidence i found Fear&hunger let's play videos by Nico the Sergal; Man, i can't believe you could have such brilliant ideas for you game (such as Beheaded Wizard  and  the way Darkness slowly move into Scene - such brilliant). 

Hey, me again! My partner gifted me this game a while ago, and even says I own it when I ask for my download links to email. But when I click the link, it says my account doesn't have permission to view this page. customer support was super unhelpful, they told me to try something I told them that I already did and then stopped replying outright.

Long story short, could I get the Steam key email thing you mentioned below? I'd love to play the update, but... Well,

Oh yeah sure! If you got the game, you're entitled to the Steam version as well. Ummm... Where could I get your email? It's somewhere in the sales, I'm sure, but there are quite a few sales already so it's a bit difficult to browse through all of them. 

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Hey, really appreciate the quick response! Sure thing, I don't have any real concerns about the privacy of this email so I'll just post it here and edit it out once we have this all sorted. If anything I'm actually really glad to hear there's a lot of sales, you deserve 'em. Cheers.

(email removed as said)

Okay I sent a key forward!

All good, worked perfectly! Thank you so much, you rock!

Hey, big fan here - had to put the game down for a few months because life got busy but picked it up recently and am loving it even more than before!

I am unsure if this has been addressed before - so forgive me if it has, but I noticed a game-crashing bug in a recent playthrough. After forming a marriage of flesh, navigating the game would occasionally freeze with an error message regarding failure loading images pertaining to the marriage? It happened a few times throughout the dungeon before my character model vanished and became invisible. Finally, at a first attempt in the mines to join the cannibals, this appeared, causing me to restart the game.

Let me know if you need any more information - otherwise, thanks so much for such an awesome, affordable game. This is really something you should be quite proud of - you've done such an excellent job!

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Hey! Does anyone here know how to recruit the Outlander? 

I know that he is supposed to be at level 5 in the thicket (tree lady), after you meet him in the courtyard with the statue of All-mer. But I already where there (the thicket/tree lady) many times and didn't find him! 

I already watched videos in order to find the exact spot, but he isnt there! 

I don't know if its a bug or if I messed up the timeline/chain of events but any sort of help would be very nice!

Note: I am playing the newest version, version 1.2.0.

This is game is....amazing the amount of work you put into this is surprising, the game itself I never played but just from seeing a few videos I think its better then some triple A titles. The endings need an epilogue where we know what happened to the characters and the dungeon. The game itself is a great rpg and horror, the black witch zone gave me shivers on my back, I really wish there could be more randomization but if there was every turn there would be a guard right around the corner. If I were to give it a rating it would be 9/10 keep on going with the updates man.  

Man... This game is definitely a diamond in the ruff. Great work on details of the same I love the art and a overall unique experience. Now I would like to know if there would be future updates adding more stuf.. hell if it were dlc and released separate I'd still pay for it xD that's how good this game is. And also would there be a possible Android release not now obviously but in the future? I would definitely buy again for the mobile experience instead of taking my laptop everywhere. Awesome game keep up the work I look forward to the next update👍


It would be very nice if instead of having 30 min to find Leguard alive, the player would have 1-2 hours so he can explore the game and get used to it. 

I know I may sound  nooby but the thing is that I dont like to rush or speedrun games. Especially if they have a fitting atmosphere and a captivating story. 

Dont get my wrong, I already finished ending A and I found out that you must recrut Leguard in order to get the other ending. And I kinda flinched when I found out that you have exactly 30 min to save him from his cell. Because this game was a experience (I dont when was the last time that a game was a experience for me) and I would like to live that experience again but the forced speedrun ruins it.

I know that there are faster ways to get to Leguards cell but even then it doesnt feel the same.

Dont take this as the whining of some lacy ass who cant put effort even into playing a videogame. 

Just take it a constructive criticism.

And if you dont want to change it than its ok. 

Just dont forget that there are a few things that might have to change.

Because I, like everyone else in this chat, love this game  :D 

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Hey sorry for the late response! Can you contact me via email so I can give you the Steam key? It's a little incovenient, but so far it's the best way I've come up with handing out the steam keys.

Deleted 58 days ago

I would like to get the steam key as well, but cannot find where your email address is posted.  Enjoying the game so far!   thx

Disregard previous request for Steam key -- I've been enjoying the game enough that I went ahead and purchased it on Steam as well.  Mainly because I wanted to keep it updated easier and not run into the OS X permissions issue with saves. You should know that developer's email is not being passed along on purchase from (at least it did not for me) so I'm not sure how anyone can request the key from you.  Nonetheless, I have no problem with having made the additional purchase.  I'm happy to support the development efforts on this game!

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I'd like to know if steam version has any kind of censorship before buying, please

Nope, it's the same game 😀

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So, I haven't gotten very far into this game yet, only played for a few hours or so, so this are mostly my first impressions of the game. Though, first impressions are really important, because thats where you either get me hooked, or make me uninstall. That's where you have the chance to make me interested in the story, or completely bored, or incredibly frustrated. And I'm not going to continue playing a game that's made me frustrated, when I have other games that don't and are much more fun.

The art is amazing, the story and the world is really intruiging, and it's fun to return to a game so ruthless. I love the management of health, food and stress, though the later two might drain a bit too fast. I also love how extremely fucked up the game is, with the fact that your character can literally be raped if one of the guards kill you, leaving you to crawl around bleeding out of your anus till you die. That's disgustingly awesome, in a really fucked up way. I like the fact that the different characters feel relatively balanced. Magic is not too op since a lot of magic costs your mental strenght, which really punishes you for spamming it, and the non-magic people have talents that do genuinly feel useful in one way or another.

I really like the fact that a lot of basic supplies are so rare. From medicine, to healing items and so forth, it all being rare makes it really rewarding when you stumble upon some in some random box. And you play really carefully to avoid being infected, starting to bleed or whatever else, as you don't want to lose those precious resources.

The feel of the game is amazing. The moment you first step into the dungeon, fleeing from the barking dogs filled me with so many emotions. Fear, intruige, desperation and such. I loved exploring that first area, reading a few books on the backstory, finding the sobbing girl and growing in anticipation of how I would be able to release her, and, of course, being in pure god damn horror at the guards you first meet. Their design, while simple, is just to god damn disturbing, and it immediately tells you what kind of feel this game will have. The fact that the game is also seemingly randomly generated, at least to an extent, is also really nice. It keeps you from feeling safe, and like you can never know exactly everything this game has in store for you.

However, one thing that I do think is bullshit is that you can't see what a spell does before you buy it. The souls you use to buy spells are rare and not even guarenteed to drop every run. So the fact that you don't even know what they do until you pick them can make you feel really cheated, because if you pick something that really doens't help you, there was nothing you could've done to know that that was the wrong choice.

Another thing, I really do dislike that so much information about basic game mechanics are hidden. For example, there are some alchemy books you can find that teach you what the different colours of potions do, which is cool. The problem is that they're random drops, which can really fuck you over in some cases. And I haven't yet found a single thing telling me properly how combat works. I get it that it's kinda the point to not be hand-held, but you can go too far.

For example, your chance to miss. I have no idea what influences your chance to miss or hit. Your class doesn't seem to influence it much by what I've noticed, nor do the weapons have any 'hit' or 'accuracy' stat. It's possible that your phobias can potentially influence it, which in that case is actuall bullshit. Since you have no way to influence your phobia, as far as I know, if you start the game with a phobia for deformations or monstroseties, you might as well start over, because half the enemies in the game seem to fall under this category. If not, well that's still shitty. Not being able to influence your chararacters capability in combat to hit at all feels really weird in an rpg, and all around shitty, as when I miss, I don't feel like it's my fault for using the wrong weapon or something, just random luck.

Also, the system with how you can target different body parts seems like it's deeper than it really is. From what I've noticed from testing out a bunch of stuff, the best method really is to just cut off the hand that holds the weapon, then their head. Doing anything else doesn't seem to be as useful in any major way.

To be fair, a lot of this stuff is intuitive and you can figure a lot of it out, but still, it would be nice to have confirmation.

The only thing I've found to tell me about a combat mechanic is a wounded soldier down n a cellar, or whatever it is, who tells you that you should guard when you see an attack incomming. This is kind of dumb though, because he's hidden really deep into an area filled with tentacle fuckers that will mess you up on a low-level character. As far as I can tell, this kinda works. It reduces the dmg the guarding character takes from all attacks, which is neat, but also kind of useless, to be honest, in a game where you have to attack to actually finish the fight. As far as I can tell, there are no enemies who have 'prepare yourself' type of attacks, where they give a warning the first turn, then unleash a devestating attack the next turn. 

It's also seemingly useless against my absolute fucking *BIGGEST* problem with this game, and why I just can not recomend it, and why I regret buying this game

The fucking instant death mechanics, jesus god damn christ.

The fact that the very first enemy of the game has an instant death mechanic on a coin-flip is just pure cancer, I'm sorry to say. It's not *Fun* to have your max hp character just instantly died just because he missed his attack, and then a coin-flip, nor does it feel fair. I don't feel like there was anything I did wrong, and if there was, then I don't know what I did do wrong. If you can influence how much your character misses or hits his attacks, I have no clue. I've played this game for hours and I haven't found a single note, book or anything really detailing how combat works. I did talk to that one injured guy in the dungeon who told be to guard. So I did try that against one of the guard enemies. And, I still died. I tried it one more, and I still died, through my guard, so I'll assume that doesn't help.

And the fact that so much of the game is just decided by coin-flips makes a game otherwise based on intelligence and rational thinking feel like gambling. Comparing it to dungeons and dragons, there are a lot of similiar luck based mechanics. The difference is that 1, you can influence these luck based mechanics by adding modifiers and such and, 2, almost none of them result in an instant game over. The people who designed Dungeons and Dragons realized that putting an instant death mechanic on something based on luck is not good game design.

*AND*, and this is important, if there was something I could've done to avoid those instant death mechanics, then you did not communicate it properly. Remember, games are a two-way street. I will try to understand your games and all it's mechanics and such, but you also have to actually give me ways to understand your game.

Another example of this problem is the god damn tentacle things, that somehow just teleports you to a dungeon where a witch then one-shots you with a fireball, as far as I can tell. The first time this happend, I didn't even realize the tentacle thing did it, I thought it happened because I walked across the pentagram on the ground, because why would a tentacle thingy be able to do that and, more importantly, why would this game, based upon being smart, punish you for trying to avoid a fight?

Like, those tentacle fuckers are though, they deal a lot of damage, but they're slow. So my gamer insinct is to run past them, as I'm pretty sure most people's instinct is. But no,  that's wrong. Not because anything in their design says it is, not because anything hinted that that would happen, but beacuse the game designer randomly decided that to be the case.

Now the thing is, all this *COULD* be fine if one single thing was true: 

If saves were plentiful. They're not. The only ways I've found so far is either by those books that allow you 1 free save, then turn to dust, which are random drops as far as I can tell, and can not be relied upon. The other one is the bed by the crow statue that's, guess what, behind a instant death mechanic on a fucking coin-flip. This one especially gets me because the game implies that the room is at least somewhat safe. There was nothing about the statue that implied danger of any sort. Hell, I thougt the implication was that the crow statue was watching over to make sure I WASN'T harmed. Then, I see that fucking screen that says 'heads or tails' and I just wanted to rage-quit right then and there because why dude, just fucking why. I failed, got jumped by the crow monster and one-shot. There was 1 full hour of my life on that character, just wasted because of a coin-flip.

If you're going to put a game based so much on trial and error also on luck that the player can't really influence, then you can't make saves so fucking hard to get. I'm not going to waste 1 hour of my time carefully navigating the levels just to get oneshot in the prison-dungeon because I missed 1 attack on the half a dozen god damn guards, if I also have to start over again, from the very fucking beginning of the character creation meny, having to watch your unskipable game intros and the music during your log that becomes ear-screeching after you hear it half a dozen times.

Now, there's an example of all of this done right in your game. The guy who sells the potions outside the prison. The potions he sells you are all harmful, but it's fine, because 1, the whole situation is really shady, the item description says that it's suspicious, it's not based on luck, and 2, if you do fuck up and drink it, you're not immediately dead, you have a chance to remedy your situation. And, more importantly...

YOU CAN IMPROVE FOR NEXT TIME. Now you know not to drink that potion, your next playthrough will go better because of this knowledge. I died becaue I drank the potion of full-healing at low health once, because I was that desperate. But that was fine, because I had learned something. I wasn't angry.

But what do I learn from dying to the first enemies instant death mechanic for the 20'th time just because I missed my one attack? Nothing. All I learned from that death is that I don't like this game very much, and that I regret buying it. I didn't feel punished for making a mistake, I felt cheated by a god damn coin-flip.

right now, this game is a 3/10 for me. There is genuine potential with the story, the art and the hunger and stress management. However, the game is just too full of these instant death mechanics, if you couldn't tell, that just ruins it for me. I want a game where my own skill rewards and punishes me. If you are able to push through dozens upon dozens of dumb deaths for a decently interesting story, then go ahead. But honestly, I'd recomend just watching a let's play instead.

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Hey thanks for the honest feedback! Really appreciate it! Sorry for the late response too, I thought I already answered this post.

You are right in that the game really doesn't explain the combat. I think this is something I should really change, but so far I wanted to avoid blatant immersion breaking tutorials, that's why there are only vague explanations like the wounded guy you mentioned.

The tip to 'guard whenever you suspect danger' is actually pretty big tip. Because that is the way to avoid most of the coin toss moves. You said you tried to guard against them and nothing happened? This might be a bug, but you have to guard on the exact turn the coin toss move occurs, otherwise it doesn't work. Also the game is really at its most unfairest in the beginning sections. As you get further you actually get more and more chances to save and the one-hit kills become more rare too.

There are not many ailments that affect your hit percentages actually. It's mostly set on around 97% hit chances, except if you try hitting something like head, which is very difficult to hit because it kills the enemy instantly in most cases. You can affect the percentages by cutting the legs of the enemy for example which makes the enemy less agile. The game does mention this, but only after you've actually cut the legs. So it does require the player to stumble upon this, which can be seen a bit problematic...

It's true that the first impressions can leave really unfair taste in the mouth of the player and this can drive many people away. But the way I also see it is that the first impressions can create a really unfair and hopeless feeling and this carries over to the sections that are otherwise more pleasant to the player. In other words I think the hopeless opening hours of the game are really important for the overall atmosphere of the game. It's a double edged sword for sure and I'm not saying the balance is perfect as it is. But it's something I keep experimenting with. It's not to disrespect the players, because every new map you manage to advance to means tons of effort from my part too.

Again thanks for the constructive criticism. The game has been constantly evolving because of similar detailed experiences. It really helps me create better experiences in the future :)


If what you're worried about is breaking immersion by explaining the combat, then my simple suggestion would be to use the books more. I liked the books a lot and felt that they were very effective ways of teaching basic mechanics that I could both go back too, while also feeling natrual. Like, there's nothing odd about a book listing different sciences, like phobias or different chemical combinations. 

So, I would simply suggest adding a book that's a 'guarenteed drop', since there are things that seem to do spawn with each new playthrough somewhere in the first area, to reward exploration and since you've probably fought a guard by then, it kinda gives you this "ooh, so that's how you do it, I get it" feeling. 

As for the contents, just make it about some prison guard captain or something listing some basic combat tips directed to his guards, like "Always go for the limbs first, to make it easier to hit the head", and or whatever. Such tips, I think, would nudge the player toward learning some of the basic mechanics, while also remaining natrual and not giving away too much.

Hello there! I found out about this game through John Wolfe's video, and I was so intrigued by it that I started watching the playthroughs of RiskRim and Neco. Even though I don't have a good enough pc (or time) to play this game, I just wanted to say that I find it truly amazing, and the amount of lore, details and possibilities is simply astonishing. Awesome work!

With that being said, I was wondering; are you guys at all in need of a proofreader of some kind, someone to help you out with some bits of the writing?

Hey! Yeah the game could really use proofreading, but the problem so far has been that I don't have the script written down anywhere. This makes it difficult for any proofreader to go through the text. I've been planning on taking the time to make a script for this exact purpose, but it hasn't been high enough on the priority list so far, so it still remains to be done...

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it's too bad that there's no script/some text file available, but I understand perfectly how you probably have other important things to take care of at the moment.

If/whenever you finally get around to make something a proofreader could work with, I would definitely like to take a shot at it and hopefully help out somehow. I write short horror stories regularly (among other things) so I'm very, very familiar with the re-reading/re-writing process, and making sure that I always get everything right.

So yeah, unless you already have other people lined up, let me know if you ever feel like letting me having a look!

Can anybody explain why my game keeps crashing on random moments? Mostly right after a fight.

What operating system do you have? I know Windows 10 can cause problems like this for some..

sorry to come back with more bug reports but.. (spoilers ahead)

i started a second run because this time i didn't want to save  le'garde . I went with the dark priest and choose to get necromancy and worship the forgotten one in the background story so i could get mastery over insects asap and this is where the first bug happened 


 i killed a couple dark priests, got a soul stone and  purchased the mastery over insects skill with the hexen , but for some reason the skill didn't appear in my skills menu and i could not use it to communicate with the bugs i found throughout the game (while when starting with it in other runs i could do that just fine). I went on playing the game because while i wanted to see what the game had to offer with it, it wasn't vital.This is when teh second bug occurred


I started recruiting characters, starting with cahara and then ragnvaldr , with the objective of performing marriage with one of them and recruit both d'arce and nas'hrah . When i got the cube of the depths though and went to a sacrificial circle and tried to show love the screen would darken for a second like it was preparing for the cutscene but after doing it once the process would just end without any character married and none of my player character sprites visible anymore on the screen. I could move and play normally, but the character sprites would just not show anymore on the overworld map and trying to perform the marriage of flesh ritual again would just result in the same outcome (the ritual getting interrupted early and nothing happening) 

anyways that's pretty much it , sorry for the long post, and looking forward to new updates! 

really beautiful art and game, im a rpg maker game developer too and i find really interesting the player battlers bellow the enemy, how did you get this? 

all the art in the game is all creaeted by the dev


Thanks for the nice words! Sorry for the late response!

They are technically side-view battlers but using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core-plugin you can adjust them. I can't remember the exact details how I did it, but there should be some pretty straigh-forward options for this kind of perspective.

When playing this game again, I found a bug at 23:30 that I wanted to bring to Orange~'s attention. When I ran away from the Hydra, the beast was open and dead like I had fought it, even though I simply fled. The hydra should still be actively writhing since I didn't engage it in combat whatsoever.

Still really loving the game and hope some bug patches come out soon, it'll be great to play this more and see what's really hidden all here!

Hey thanks for letting me know! Seem like this bug still is hanging around in some variations of the maps...

I was checking quickly your previous let's play and it seemed really cool! Thanks for the video treatment for a thousand times! :D I need to take some time to watch them properly!

hey this is a known bug as well! But thanks for bringing it up!

Not sure if I've posted before but I'm loving this game; purchased it after watching Neco the Sergal's playthrough. 

Haven't really found any bugs worth mentioning, just want to give Orange thanks and Sergal a shout out!

Also the coin flip is bane of my existence, this game needs a detail walk-through on how to find stuff (like a way to fix a broken bone and reattach limbs ) and a way to have more than manage your party (so I can collect those arms while my party is full).

Thank you :)    

I'm glad you like the game! Maybe there are no ways to fix broken bones and reattach limbs? I don't know. I mean they are pretty severe ailments in real life too, no? It takes time for bones to heal.


hey there, i've been absolutely entranced by the game, been playing and replaying it for days now! what a unique mix of unforgiving gameplay , INCREDIBLE atmosphere and wonderful art. To think this was made by a single person in a couple of years humbles me greatly as a developer.

i found something that i find a bit weird tho, and i wanted to ask about it

SPOILERS, i suppose

in Ragnvaldr 's part of the dream in the tower of endless there's a clear path you can follow to his cottage, but if you stray from that and go around the forest you can circumvent the trees and reach the edges of the map, i found  weird stuff there like a row of three bear traps and a group of guards and priests waiting idly and even a marriage humping the air XD  is this supposed to happen? seems more like  an unfinished area than some kind of an easter egg or something !

Oh yeah, that's definitely not something you were meant to see! I thought I blocked all the roads to the debug stuff :D Nice find!

Incidentally, in a Neco the Sergal video I saw there's also a hidden path that takes you to what could only be a debug area in level 9. There's a bunch of character sprite models and you can fight the boss for ending A there.

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Theres this really annoying and persitant bug I found. When ever I enter Ma'habre - The Tower of Endless, the screen goes completely black. I can still acess  my inventory and and walk around but even if I leave the area the screen is still black. I tried this 4 times in a row and really dont care to see if it will keep happening, and the last one I lost some really good loot, this bug is kind of a progression killer.

Aaah really?? What version are you playing? And did you save a pre-existing save in the previous version? (Just trying to rule things out on what is still causing this bug)

HELP! the lever to make elevator appear is nowhere to be found in the level 3 prison area! this has happened 3 times already, I see no way to make the elevator appear! is this a bug?

I'm pretty sure it's there. There are 2 different prison layouts and the lever is in different place in each of them.

In the other it's near prison office and in the other it's in this small room in the middle of corridors.

To add, the room it's in is REALLY hard to spot  in the latter layout if you're not clinging to the walls, as you can't actually see the door to enter it's room. Look in some of the rooms near the circular cell if that helps

thanks! I found it!

Does anyone know how to fix the mac problem of not letting the game have save files?

Need to run sudo, and make sure it has write permissions. 

This game caught my eye because of its gory yet dreamy art style, and after playing it, I freaking love it! The mysterious and gross world, macabre story and god lore, and trial-and-error gameplay is very interesting and makes me want to NOT die at every new experience so I can play the game most properly. I like that there are options for dialogue in addition to combat, and want to experiment with that in the future. I've only played enough for one episode so far, but will definitely be doing more! Thanks for making this game Orange~!

hey thanks for playing, if you have a discord you can join Orange's official discord server, we would love to have ya

I would love that! What's Orange's discord server? I'll join in!

Hey there, loving the game so far; purchased it after watching Neco the Sergal's playthrough, got it on Steam!

Found a bug in the Ancient City, if you stand in this exact spot and keep looking, you can get an infinite supply of stones.


Oh nice found! I've been trying to get rid of those infinite item spots :D

No problem man, if I find any more I'll let you know!

Noticed a bug. When cooking Salmonsnake meat, nothing is produced but the item is still taken from your inventory. Would also like to say, this is a really great and creative game, home to see more work like this!

Really? I tried checking it out and didn't find a problem? Although the icon of the cooked salmon looked the same as the raw salmon, so there was that 'bug' at least.

Hello Orange

hope u read my comment i realy liked ur game ever since u releaced its full version (The selfish guy on youtube if u remember me)





u can consider them ideas for new content

i am intresred in pocketcat hiden secrets and the fact that we little know about the god he serves as well the moon god which him self too is selfish to share his valueble knowlege , one that can cause problem for the new gods 

how about playing the poketcat maybe and knowing more and more about him cuz (maybe he knows something about the moon god :D

) idk u might be having some future plans ready for him cuz the info about him is mostly nothing tbh

thats all good luck man u have one hell of an imagination.

Oh, hey cool that you found your way here! And thanks for the nice words! I do have plans for the Pocketcat and the Moon.  You will see more of them........

thanks for replying it means alot

may i ask how much u think the game is completed atm u can give me a percentage is it too early to deiced?

and man do some more creepy weird things if u know what i mean

hey xhankx1 the game is consdiered a full release already

yeah i know that but as u can see new content is being add in almost every 3-5 updates i am pretty sure the game has alot more as u can see the dev said he has more plans which means maybe lore or even more new fights etc. this game is limitless its all the dev call {man ur game is so deep}

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I never heard the tree area causing such problems before. It shouldn't be too heavy on content, but it's good that it got fixed on its own. Sometimes if you play the game for many hours straight, it can get more taxing to the computer and it can cause lag. Maybe this could be the case?

If it happens more often, let me know!

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Hey, I noticed in your credits that you got a bunch of sounds and stuff from freesound, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't know any better, especially since I like this game so much and you don't seem to be scummy at all.

The jingle that plays when you sit on the throne is a straight-up ripoff of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's chest opening jingle. Nintendo is notoriously strict with their copyright and I'd hate to see you get into legal trouble for selling a game with stolen music.


Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. I don't remember which keywords I used when I found that sound clip, but it did say that the use was alright for commercial projects too. But it does sound VERY close to zelda jingle and I actually ironically enough named the sound clip 'Zelda jingle'

I've previous found some clips from freesound that seem to be ripped from other games or movies too, without the author saying a thing about it, so it's certainly not impossible that's it's from Zelda. I'll switch it into something else just to make sure.

Good to hear, yeah I can totally understand that and the original uploader might not have realized either. It's not that big of a deal but it'd just be really unfortunate if some kind of legal trouble happened because of it, Nintendo's really strict.

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I don't know if this is a bug or some "feature" but I cant select anything from my menu anymore after resting in the bed next to the large broken statue with the crow.

Edit: So after reloading my saves several times and going through different saves, the problem persisted in the other 2 save files, though these saves were relatively close to one another in time and the same save point. Was only able to select my inventory again until about the 4th reload of the save file where this originally happened, and nothing different happen within the file, and the problem is not longer appearing in the other save files where it was also present at the time of checking, this definitely seems like a bug.  

I've noticed that the game can sometimes lock up some items or magic in the menu for some reason. It definitely is a bug. According to my own experience, it doesn't last long though. The items and magic are usually available after few minutes of play. I'll of course try to find what's causing it.

Its good to know this bug doesnt last long. When it happened i was pretty alarmed because I was several hours in, though its extremely strange how this problem was within my other save files at the same.

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Hey the mac version of the game still is unable to save, and also there is glitch where you are forever having the uteus enemies baby knaw at your feet, it a broken loop. feel mac really needs to be able to save, you get the save screen but are unable to pick a file to save to.

Hey Pappi! So I really think the Mac saving problems are because of some permissions and rights you can give to the game and its files. The saving problem has vanished from people who play the game on Steam. Steam naturally has more right and permissions, so that's why I think it boils down to that. If you bought the game here, you can have the Steam version too. Just email me and I'll give you the key so you can try that out. Hopefully it would help in your case too.

Hi, i did buy the game off here, i'm having trouble finding your email sorry.

I can not find the steam version of the game either

I found the steam version but i cannot find your email anywhere :/

Hello sorry for all the replies but i found the steam version and bought it, i do not mind paying again for it as it is a brilliant game. I will always strongly suggest this game to all my friends, thank you for the amazing game.

What kinds of questions can you ask the New Gods? How do you have to parse it so you don't get the "we don't understand" response?

You have to get every character perfect, to ask a question. It's so much hassle, it might be better to watch Neco's video where he asks just about all the questions you can ask.

I see the blackout fix in latest patch notes, but the problem still persists on mac. When I enter the tower the screen goes black and stays that way until restart. Same happens randomly when changing between locations close to the tower. It happened to me few times already and I've wasted a couple of hours without any progress because of it. It's basically a game breaking bug, hope it get's addressed quick. I enjoy this game too much to stop now. Cheers.

Hi! Yeah it turned out that I didn't fix the problem correctly. You can read more about it in the latest 1.1.3 update post, but I finally managed to find its source and this time it really should be gone.

Got me hyped, but unfortunately the problem persists. It's the same scenario, going into the Tower location turns everything black, and when going back to the previous location it stays black. The only thing I see is the area name changing on the top side of the screen and I can enter inventory etc., but the rest is pitch black ;( I use steam and it supposedly updated to the newest version.

Aaahhh right. I might know what's the problem. Did you use the book 'Passages of Ma' habre' during this playthrough? I was pretty sure that it caused the bug. Upon the Ma'habre timer running out, the screen goes black and you return to normal world. The trigger that makes the screen go black is still left there if you load the same save, but starting a new game should fix it. 

If you don't want to go through the entire game again, apparently you can make things visible again by finding the beacon of the depths and using it.

Sorry for the trouble D:

Yes, I'm pretty sure I used 'Passages of Ma'habre'. If finding the beacon of the depths fixes the problem then it's fine, I'll get back to confirm if it worked when I find it. Cheers.

Although, if you never used to ma'habre book, let me know! That would just mean that I was completely wrong with the problem. 

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