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so what exactly does the Potion of Life do? I thought it was able to revive but that doesn't seem to be the case. I also haven't found anything dead or dormant I could use it on. Is it really just a scam item the merchant sells?


Would a scam fit the themes of this world? 

I have the weird lag that people have mentioned (full game), but I'm very happy with the game otherwise.  If it gets worked on in steam, I'll probably buy it again :)

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I found a bug! Or maybe a few?

So when trying to break down the door that leads to the Scarab, if you talk to the door it will have the dialogue for the Scarab. The Scarab will attack the turn that you speak to them and doesn't show up on the screen, but will not attack on subsequent turns until you talk to them again. 

I managed to beat the door and was going to leave but I got sucked into the ground into another dimension. However, the sprite for my character--I was playing as the Mercenary--was stuck in the sinking pose, even when I moved around. The sprite can move but it flashes in and out while moving. When I returned to the real world I was still stuck in the sinking sprite. When I equipped a new sword--since my old one got melted by the Scarab--the sprite returned to normal. 

Overall it was pretty wild. I'm glad my ability to mess things up royally may help with some bug fixing! Loving the game so far! 

Oh the scarab bug is a new one! Nice find! The sinking sprite bug was known already, but it's a bit mysterious one.

Glad you're liking the game regardless!

I'm not sure if this has already been reported, but nothing happens when you curse the long sword, a stone is lost and the message says the sword is cursed, but it does not appear in the inventory.

Oh yeah! This will be fixed in the next update! Thanks for letting me know!

So i have seen a lot of gameplay now and im sure i will buy this game, but because im a bit of a achievment hunter my question is: if this game get on Steam would i have to buy it again on Steam? 

Sorry for the bad english im from Germany

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For those that want Steam codes, I will probably have to manually send them to them. So... it might take a while to get them.

The Steam version is set for the 21st of January, so it's just few days from now. That's the easiest way to get the game on Steam.

And your english is just fine. I'm from Finland too, so no native english speakers here :D

Thank you for the quick respond. After playing the Demo for like 1,5 hours i could not resist buying the Game.

Keep up the good work


Awesome! Thanks. There is an update coming soon too with even more areas, enemies and stuff (and fixes too).

Great game loving the hell out of it, but of a spoiler here but I just grabbed the eastern sword, is there any way to get the ghost to stop attacking me? I'm all the way in mahabre so please tell me I don't have to go back to the thicket. :p

You can always try giving the sword back to the ghost? Who knows...?

NO! Fuck that, I found it fair and square, if you think I won't just finish the game like this you don't know me.

:DDD That's the spirit! I have a feeling you'll get far in the dungeons.

Is there a way I can remove a party member? I have a skeleton but I want the Moonless real bad... I just can't get her because my party is full :( 

Sacrifice them at a blood circle, or literally try getting them killed in a fight. In both cases make sure to unequip any gear.

I kinda think if you want to get rid of a necromancy thing, you should be able to because uh, you are the necromancer... but other then that, I just had moonless kill it... 

There is a talk option. Orange should make it that you have the option to say, "Wait for me in the hub area," like in most RPGs.

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Hey just started playing today, very cool. Thanks to John Wolfe for playing it on the 'tube and already got me hooked. If no one has yet mentioned it, when the Black Witch coin flip fails and grabs you the screen says "Prison guard twists your body...." instead of well "Black witch..." blah blah you get what I'm sayin. Oh and if I go outside, no matter how much silver I have (the last time 8) I could still buy a 15  coin "Potion of Life" not complaining AT ALL cause I needed it, but .... um still THANKS!! 

I'm not so sure if that potion really is the blessing you were looking for....

But nice finds! I haven't heard about these bugs before! Thanks!

Everyone tells me to get a life. So I'm guessing that Potion isn't gonna do that for me. Now ya tell me.

I purchased the full game and I've had issues with extreme lag. I practically move at a snails pace. I'm not sure if it is due to my computer or the game itself. I play on windows 10.

Ah that's horrible! I'm doing little things to make the game more streamlined as far as coding goes so it might help and after the next update I'll work on one of the bigger functions in the game that could also ease things up, but if it's really as bad as you described and there is no fix in the coming updates, I can always give you a refund in that case!

Again, really sorry to hear this :(

Thank you for your response! I'll keep an eye out for your updates and see if things will be fixed by your next planned updates. If things sadly don't work out, I'll let you know.  Good game though from what I've watched others play! :)


Fear and Hunger is one of the most interesting games to come out on the RPGmaker platform in a while. The moody atmosphere is just right, and the brutality of the game is enticing in a good way. Combined with the art style, I felt immediately drawn to this game and had high hopes for it after seeing John Wolfe play it.

Despite that, the game is at odds with itself. It's very clear the game emulates rogue-like elements: The rearranging dungeon, coin-flip elements, and brutal combat. The game wants you to learn from trial and error, but in practice the game demands perfection. How can I learn from my mistakes if the punishment is having to start from zero? It's probably worth re-evaluating your rogue-like mechanics in the context of an RPG, instead of other more common rogue-likes.

The way I see it, this game has a problem trifecta: No Save + Lethality + RNG. One of these problems is worse than the others, and the easiest way to fix the other two is to simply add in a consistent save system. Not even allowing the player to save at any time, but maybe function like Resident Evil, where you have a limited number of guaranteed saves, thus encouraging players to hold onto their saves while keeping the heavy atmosphere.

Brutal lethality immediately stops being a problem once you can save more often. As I mentioned, I like how severe the game is. Every single battle is deadly. But it's implementation has problems that would be far more tolerable with saving. For example, every single enemy in the game has the ability to either: Break Bones, Cut off Limbs, or Give Status Effects. Some enemies can do all of the above, or stack multiple statuses. This becomes a problem when statuses are so lethal that even when you win, if you can't cure those effects immediately, or in the case of broken bones or lost limbs, can't cure it at all, it's the same as a game over. 

A single misstep or events that are out of your control in any battle, like an attack missing or an enemy landing an attack after death, can spell the end of your run. At the very least, if you could save more frequently, you could 'rehearse' combat until you get it just right, but as it currently is you find yourself pigeonholed into extremely limited forms of play like "Attack the torso/head as hard as possible" making you not want to experiment with combat whatsoever to reduce risk, since allowing the enemy even a single turn can be the end.

Combine this with the coin-flip nature of item finding in this game, and the problems are exacerbated. The items you need to cure the aforementioned status effects are very rare, and if you run out, your only hope is to find the alchemy book that lets you craft them. However, if the coinflip doesn't favor you, it's possible you could never find it, thus sealing your doom by bleeding out or poison the next time you get into combat. This also goes for books, gear, and even saving, which goes without saying at this point.

If the coinflip doesn't go in your favor throughout the game, your chance of death increases exponentially, and if you aren't lucky enough to find a save book, you're gonna be seeing the intro cutscenes a lot. Let's not even mention that the one guaranteed save in the game is guarded by an enemy with an instant kill attack that doesn't even require a coinflip. If the game allowed you to save more frequently, these would be less bad, as you'd have a buffer against negative consequences, and even be able to reattempt failed coinflips.

Yes, I'm advocating for save scumming but it's far more tolerable than the current state of the game.

I still like this game a lot, and still want to see it succeed and do well, and implementing a more favorable save system would go a long way in making that happen.


There's actually a community patch/mod, that might help with what you mention. RNG is reduced, fights and status effects are rebalanced, and there is a Save Book added in for testing/debugging purposes. It was made to be an example of how the game might be rebalanced, officially.

Here is a link, if you'd like to check it out:


Hey RegularAI! I really appreciate feedback to this extent! I agree that many of the design choices stack up into an overall unpleasant experience. At least I can definitely see how it feels like that at first. I believe that the game could easily become a lot more accessible and fair with just some small tweaks here and there and that way it could also lure a lot more players who currently hesitate buying this because of the difficulty.


The genuine hopelessness and unfair world are the key pillars of the atmosphere in my opinion. I don't think the experience would be even close to the same if you had things like free saves and such in the early parts of the game. I could of course give more difficulty levels, but with this harsh game, people would 99% of the time take that easy way if I gave them the option for it. 

After the first impressions, the game does get more fair though. The 2/3rds of the game actually gives you more room for error, save items and even one free permanent save spot.  First impressions last after all and you got that suspicion of things going south for the rest of the game, so no need to torment the players that much after they've invested hours into the game. Of course in your case first impressions can also drive away people, but it is the price I'm willing to pay.

Having said all that, my game developing has been very feedback oriented since the start of this project and I'm still tweaking and balancing things constantly according to what people say. I am actually toning down some annoyances in the next update. This whole reply might come off as a bullheaded dev sticking to his poor artistic vision, but I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there if it at least helps you see where I'm coming from.

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The Crow Bed ought to give you a free save, the first time you use it, the same as the Rabbit and Wolf cults. The most common and frustrating death I hear about, again and again, is people trying to use that bed, so they don't need to go through char creation again.

We like your artistic vision.  That's why we're sticking around.  What we don't like is the bugs. Most critically, the idea of making a major Steam release before fixing the bugs and balance issues sounds dooming to this project.

Hey there! 

I played your game on a friend recommendation. I am leaving this review because Fear and Hunger has one of the best moody atmospheres I've seen in a game, and I only want to see this game grow and improve. You're doing a great job so far both with this game and listening to your community. 

I do appreciate the oppressive atmosphere of the game, and sometimes the coin toss can add a bit of intensity to places where life and death is at stake.

However, some of the placement of the rng and what the game is trying to do feels at odds with each other.

>>But as long as you learn from your mistakes, you can quickly find yourself at the deeper levels of the dungeon.

Where this vision starts to break down is that the game doesn't grant you a margin of error that will let you learn from your mistakes. You could know to, through trial and error, avoid all the guards, rub infected wounds with green herbs, cut off dark priest arms, etc etc. But due to the lack of a reliable save system, you could make a tiny error during a battle, or miss a single attack, or lose a coin flip and you have to start the game over again. Scripted events, intro, and all.

You could also get a status effect that's slowly killing your character. You failed the coin tosses previously to find the book on how to craft the item needed to cure your character. Your character dies slowly and there's no recovering from it short of scrambling to find a walkthrough.

Another situation I ran into was getting the crow mauler 4 times in a row trying to save on the bed, just so I didn't have to create my character and go through all of the scripted scenarios over and over again. Another situation was hacking off all of a guards limbs only for his tackle attack to have the same damage as his normal attacks. (How did cutting off the limbs increase my survivability here?)

Either the game wants me to use trial and error and I am allowed to recover and learn from my mistakes, or the game has the RNG act as a point of tension but a reliable enough save system that allows you to quickly get back on your feet. If you have both, the atmosphere cracks and the game begins to feel like a chore. You're discouraged from experimenting and being creative because one unlucky turn can spell doom. 

Personally I'm fine with the one-hit kills, but I think this game desperately needs a reliable save system (start off the game with one free book of enlightenment? No crow mauler in Basement 3?) and for players to be able to craft without rng generated recipe books. This way your knowledge of the game will always allow you to prepare for encounters instead of being at the mercy of finding a book. With the above in mind, being able to miss attacks doesn't help either. I can understand a knight not being able to reach a guard's head but if every turn matters then why have me lose turns? 

Thank you for the effort you are putting into the game, and I hope that this review helps the game improve. : )

To be quite honest, you should not have to flip a coin the first time you use the bed. Just like the first time you use the Rabbit cult and etc..

Hey Chicken. Many people are very concerned about the RNG you mentioned, and saving balance in the game. There is a community patch that was made to address and try to improve these issues, reducing miss chance, and rebalancing some of the mechanics (making it so DEF reduces damage in the formulas, for example).

It also includes a book of unlimited saving for now, while the mod (and the game, in some ways) is in a debugging state.

Here's the link, if you'd like to give it a look. I hope the official game starts to consider these points of balance:

Hey thanks for the review! Really appreciate it! I just answered to mostly the same points in the last reply, so I don't want to write the same exact reply again. But it's no coincidence that these same issues rise up when talking about the game :D So yeah, I'm hearing the feedback for sure!

To be honest I was not expecting RNG to be this big of an issue, because just the same as you might not get some vital items on your playthrough and end up dying because of that - the next run you might get some of the strongest equipment right at the start and come up with new strategies to tackle the dangers. I personally find it pretty interesting and it creates a lot of replay value, but clearly it doesn't please everyone.

The current build of the game already manipulates the outcome of the RNG a little. For example, if you are bleeding and your HP is low, the game is more likely to give you Cloths to patch yourself up. I'm further working on that, so hopefully I'll be able to hit a good balance in the future.

How much do you play the game these days, Orange? There isn't really any strongest equipment you can get, by RNG.

You can get plate mail, if you're lucky, but it only reduces damage from slashing attacks, so that little to no difference to a run. You might get lucky and find a couple more healing vials... but those are unlikely to save you from a bad run. I know from certain chests like Nosramus' one, you can get a Sorcerer's Stone... but that just reduces your alcohol and opium intake.

The only equipment RNG could help you to get that'd make much difference, is books... and even those aren't a big help.

You could find an Ancient book, but that's as likely to kill you as help you, and the spell you get is random. Only useful right after a save game, so you can save-scum it... but many players die before they can save. If you do save-scum it, you can get something like Dark Orb, and greatly reduce the difficulty. So that is one option after a hundred play-throughs till you get lucky, or just through save-scumming a hundred times.
The alchemist books are useful, but more use for a successful long-term run rather than helping you survive short-term, however. 
Skill books are probably the most useful, but even then some skills are far more useful than others.
The only books that can really make a reliable difference to your run, are Books of Enlightenment.

If we compare this to other roguelikes like Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac, there is a good possibility of getting some truly powerful, so that even an unskilled player has a shot at progressing deep into the game.

With Fear & Hunger, honestly... there is loads more negative RNG in it, almost no RNG is positive in the game. And the thing is... the two games I mentioned are skill based, even with bad RNG you can get through with pure skill. In Fear & Hunger, it's a turn based RPG, even playing totally optimally you can die and lose.

I encourage you to work on the balance more. Currently, the only resource management I see in the game is getting enough cloths to treat all the bleeding that occurs, or being lucky enough to find the crafting book that teaches you how to rip up clothing to get more cloths (which, clearly, you should have already known how to do).

Mask, here are just few really useful things you can get from the first levels of the dungeon randomly: explosive vials, bear traps, iron arrows, soul stones, curatives to most status ailments, arms guards and empty scroll. Some of these items can have big impact on how you approach the game. Among those items especially -- Soul stones = almost any skill in the game and potentially more poweful weapons. and Empty scroll = any item or skill in the game of your choosing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, iron arrows are only useful to the Outlander? Otherwise, you need a bow, a skillbook that teaches you to use them outside of combat, two arms(?), and iron arrows? The iron arrows can help the Outlander, they're nice to find, but I fail to see how the RNG is helping much in this case.

Something more to point out, is you search probably three hundred containers over a play-through. This actually makes for less RNG in relation to loot, it should balance it out so you always get roughly the same haul. In the games mentioned, they tended to have rather few treasure rooms, which could hold amazing buffs that stack together, or just reasonable ones. This made for a greater sense of RNG, positive RNG.

Beartraps are cool, not debating that. But, is that what you meant by being able to find the best equipment at the start? A couple of bear-traps? Those are one-use items, and can't be used against most of the bosses in the game. Their best use is just holding off Crow Mauler so you can get past him. Though, running away after you enter combat works pretty well, too, so I'm not sure they're even that much help.

Explosive vials are pretty rare in the early game, if you find one you can use it to speed-run pretty effectively. Extras are nice, as they do work to make most fights a lot easier. So, I agree... if you find a dozen explosive vials at the start, the game will be a lot easier.

Don't you think that is a pretty specific scenario of RNG helping? In the examples I gave, Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, there are a lot of item combos you can find that make you pretty powerful, in a variety of ways.

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Iron arrows can be used by everyone without skills. And again Empty scroll is all items and skills in the game. There are bunch of items that help you if you know how to maximize their use. But just like iron arrows can become huge help with correct layout, empty scroll is overpowered to the point of almost breaking the game with enough knowledge. 

I don't really know what you are expecting, because those same items are pretty good in endgame as well. If you want some game breaking items, this is really not the kind of game, because there are no such items even in the end.

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I think it's experience/trial error, after playing it a bunch of times, I can get through most places no matter the RNG items. And I know what and when I can face any enemies then act accordingly (Avoid, run or fire a bunch of arrows at it).

Though I couldn't of beat it just now on hard mode without good RNG and lots of empty scrolls. But still the same applied through most of the game. Even then I think I only bled once or twice in the entire game through at least an arrow trap at the end.

But anyway... For me it's why I love this game - it's grueling and unforgiving, just like the atmosphere.

May be an easy/casual mode for those who aren't masochistic gamers like me? XD With say like 75% chance of getting something without the coin toss mechanic, a chance to get Book of Enlightenment from bookcases, start of the turn choreographed pending insta-kill attacks so people know when to run or guard, 100% Ancient book success etc..

I understand the unforgiving mechanics aren't for everyone, so instead of getting rid of what I feel is the heart and soul, you can just add another mode instead. I can also see another mode making it streamer friendly too - the only way I knew about this game was someone attempting to play it on YouTube.

For veterans of the game, it's pretty easy to speed-run the game, yeah. Even for veterans, the RNG of a 10% miss rate, and some other aspects, don't really improve the game but rather make it feel more tedious. It often leads to having to load back to earlier saves. The items part isn't really an issue, since there are so many item containers that it all balances out to a pretty similar item haul (this does mean less positive RNG for future runs, though).

The Coin Flips aren't really the issue. Most of those can be avoided through strategy. Also, there is a chance of getting books of enlightenment from book cases, it used to be the only way to get them in the early versions.

Scrolls are, admittedly, the truly game-changing item, if you're an expert of the game. If you get three scrolls, you can get three duplicates of Miasma, or better yet three Sergal Spears, and start cutting everything to pieces. They're kind of like cheat-code items, and while they certainly help, they might even help too much.

Thank you for the quick reply orange! 

I did notice the small tip in the rng. Early on you can get useful items like bear traps, small keys, and explosive vials. However, if you've already rummaged through most of the crates you have access to, then what happens is that you run into a situation where you are not given the means to dig yourself out of an unlucky battle. 

Having random items in each barrel is a lot of fun! RNG for finding loot makes sense, but I think the player needs a way to produce, say, worm juice if you had a bad run in with a maneba. I love the variety that the rng provides, and think the harshness is a good part of the atmosphere, but if a guard messes me up I should have the tools to do better next time, you know? 

The later parts of the game do also get a little bit better as by this point you have a full party equipped with more than basic weaponry and a horde of accumulated stuff. Bosses also get a little better here as there's a definite "right" answer to beating them. (No spoilers) 

You've probably gotten these points from a billion different angles though so for now how you tweak the game is up to you. Keep going and thank you!

Also with regards to ending A, does only the final phase of the boss have an OHKO attack?! Woof. 

Can somebody tell me what these icons are? What do they do, and where did I get them? I can't find any information about them online yet.

I've had the above, and I've had this one:  before.

They have only ever appeared on my main characters, only one at a time, on different characters, and they seem to be permanent once they show up. 

Unless I'm just seriously oblivious, they don't seem to have any impact on combat... that I can tell. I haven't found any equipped item or party member that either appears or disappears with, either. 

AND! I can't even remember when or how either one appeared! I want to say the top one miiiiiiiiiiight have appeared around the time I summoned my first demon baby, or possibly when I reached a higher affinity with some god, but there were several things that happened right around that time on this character, so, alas, I can't remember. I just know I suddenly noticed it, and it NEVER went away. I unfortunately just have no recollection of when or how the second one appeared. :(

One thing I'm almost entirely certain of, though, is that they appeared pretty quietly - I definitely don't remember ever seeing a dialog or anything that said "you got XXX!" at any time.

So yeah... anybody know anything about either or both of those icons? 


It's a real mystery huh? ;D

I'm pretty sure you got this if you could get Pocketcat to like you


Will this game ever get on Steam? :) or will it be staying here on :)
Cause I really wanna buy it after watching John Wolfe playing it, but if it's going on steam, what with achievements and such, I'd like to wait and see!
Will keep an close eye on this, though :3

The only trouble with Steam, is the reviews tend to be more... unforgiving. The game still has a lot of bugs, unfortunately. My personal fear is that it would be considered in the same light as Fallout 76, and is so brutalized by early reviews that it never gets the limelight it deserves. Not a lot of youtubers have picked up this game, and if it isn't careful, it might not reach out to more, so I fear.

oooh, I totally understand that!
Hmm, I wish the best for the game, I think I'll pick this up then for myself, and then we'll see what happens! :)
The only thing so far, as someone who hasn't played it, but only seen it, is kinda the same points that this youtuber mentioned: there's a couple of spelling-errors, and then the insta-death seems scary o_O but I'll give it a shot, cause it sure looks promising! :)
would we recieve updates and the likes, when so? :)

What a lovely response :)

Yeah, the script ought to be cleaned up, really. You can probably get away with the script at its current level... but it does bug a lot of people.
You probably already know, but you can avoid the coin tosses by Guarding. It is still pretty easy to die, though. If you want to try something a bit easier and more balanced, there is a community patch/mod of the game which added unlimited saving (for testing purpose), and rebalanced stuff. It only has the first couple of areas of the game, currently, made as more of a demo for how the game can be rebalanced:

Orange stated that an update will be released at the same time as the Steam release, which is remaining at January 21st :-/ . Here's hoping that the game doesn't suffer too badly, due to remaining bugs/balance issues.

Yeah it's coming to Steam. 21st of January unless something unexpected occurs. I'm not 100% sure if the achievements make it to the launch window, but they will be coming shortly after that.

I think we have a disconnect here, between demand and supply. Since a number of people want a steam version for achievements, then releasing it without them will only result in more negative reviews than delaying to put them in. Is there some reason 21st of Jan is so important?

Well it's the date I've said when all the people ask and that's when Steam also gives greenlight, so it's as simple as that really. 

That makes it sound like you picked a date you can't honestly keep, in terms of releasing a working, bug-free game with achievements. So, I'd say it is more honest to move back the date, so you can release a game everyone will be happy with. A whole lot of successful games have pushed back their release dates, often at the last minute--it's totally common in the industry . People complain, but they're still happy when the game does come, and it does well.

someone help me i cant play without full screen i am having massive lag {i play the demo win v}

It's a bit tricky because for some people the demo caused serious lag. The source of the lag was actually mostly fixed, but with the full version there are different people who are experiencing slow-downs, so it's really difficult to say whether the full version will lag on you or not :-/

I am streamlining some of the systems, which might help some, but it remains to be seen.


We struggled with the failed to load _1.png error (definitely after summoning blood golem [or greater blood golem in our case] during the tormented fight - awesome catch!) for well over an hour, and couldn't find a fix yet online, but my coder SO figured out how to get past it immediately without having to close out the game or lose any progress at all! 


  • MINIMIZE the game, DO NOT close or quit
  • open your local folder (*gameroot*)/www/img/pictures
  • COPY file actor3_1.rpgmvp from this folder
  • PASTE actor3_1.rpgmvp into this same folder
  • RENAME the pasted file to _1.rpgmvp 
  • return to the GAME screen and click RETRY
  • [prompt should dismiss and you should be right back in the game immediately]
  • go ENTER AND COMPLETE COMBAT with any other mob

You should be able to continue the game normally now.

We tried getting past this by futzing aroung with files and folders, creating .pngs of various content, sizes, and names (like _i or __1 lol), faffing about with different file paths, even trying to frankenstein image file types, but none of that worked! Turns out, afaict, the .png in the error is a red herring!! Eventually we just went spelunking through the code files, and finally my SO backtracked the location of the error function being called here and (yada yada something mostly incomprehensible to me haha), then Retry worked immediately and we got past it!

I know this is a huge long post - sorry!! - but [1] I really really hope this is helpful to the [absolutely AWESOME btw] developer, and [2] we couldn't find a fix for this anywhere, and [3] I know the behavior is a liiiitlle weird immediately after the fix so I want people to know what they're doing (the best I can explain it, anyway) and exactly what we found and experienced in our fix. 

It does all sound a bit scary on the surface imo, but honestly, I do think doing this is perfectly safe; we've played for quite some time since fixing the error and have experienced no ill effects or other weirdness. However, Orange, PLEASE let people/me know if this is a horrible thing to do for any reason!!


We left the game open with the Retry prompt up. Then we minimized and opened file explorer, and went into the (*game root*)/www/img/pictures folder.  We COPIED one of the .RPGMVP files (we happened to choose actor3_1.rpgmvp because it already had _1 in the name), and PASTED it right there into the same /pictures folder.

Then we RENAMED the new pasted file to   _1.rpgmvp   (NOT .png!!).

I'm pretty sure the file you copy must be one of the actor*.rpgmvp files - and definitely not a png haha - because the game needs party member data to cleanly dismiss the blood golem. You cannot simply create a new file with the correct name and filetype for the same reason - it needs the data to clean up the party member properly. It must be a copied actor rpgmvp file, and I personally recommend just using the one I noted** simply because it's a valid party member and has proven to work fine for us already. I don't know which characters are in which files, so it's possible we just got lucky with a compatible existing file.

[**You could totally try using the actual blood golem rpgmvp file, if you know which one it is, BUT that may - possibly maybe potentially who knows I don't - not work if that's where the original bug is... I'm not 100% on that. If you do try the blood golem actor file, and you still can't completely get rid of the Retry prompt for good basically immediately, I'd just go try the actor3_1 file, myself. You should be able to click Retry infinitely until the error is fixed, though, so none of this should be totally catastrophic; just remember to copypaste and then rename, not rename existing files!]

Once you create the new rpgmvp file with actor data, go back to the game window and just hit Retry. You should be able to dismiss the error immediately and get directly back into the game without losing any progress.

--> **PLEASE NOTE** that this fix causes a very brief weirdness! We've tested several times now, always with these results:

We get a "phantom" floating head guy character (Nas'hrah? meanie jerk with the huge taurus, in the gore hallway outside the jails) placed visibly in blood golem's party slot *in the menu only*. He is not visible walking around with us through the world, and he has no available skills or anything. He appears to be only a temporary visual anomaly present in the menu, with no impact on the game. Further, he is only there until the next completed combat.

In the NEXT COMBAT - and it does not matter which mob is aggroed - blood golem is a proper functional member of the party again, in both the fight scene and in the menu. He automatically appears there at the beginning of the fight, however, without summoning. He works properly and fights in this combat.

As soon as we EXIT THAT COMBAT (still the first combat after the error... and there is a mob right outside the tormented room, super conveniently!), the new copypasted file causes the blood golem / floating head party member to get properly CLEANED UP from the party and everything is back to normal and has been normal now for quite some time, through several fights, events, and save games. 

After completing the first combat post tormented fix, we are still able to summon blood golem, he still functions properly as a party member, and he is still dismissed and cleaned up after combat, every time. We have fought several various mobs in several areas after doing this fix, with no problems on blood golem, on any party member, or in any combat. We have also been able to save and load the game just fine, so this change does not appear to corrupt save files or anything like that... thank the old gods!

ORANGE: It *looks like* the cause for this bug is that blood golem does not properly dismiss or clean up from the party, specifically after using [greater?] blood golem in the tormented fight - because it's calling the wrong filetype of png instead of rpgmvp (and an incomplete filename, most likely, too) upon exiting combat. It *looks like* completing one combat after the tormented fight allows the new file to call the missing function (or just filename?) to clean up properly without any negative repercussions, so hopefully you may be able to copypaste the missing data into blood golem's file, or at least look through the actor files for the .png reference... or whatever is missing! 

As I said, things have worked pretty much flawlessly since that change, but I will update or reply asap if we experience any related weirdness in the future!

ALSO ORANGE (side note): I just have to say this in case you read this post - I can't thank you enough, not only for being so helpful and responsive, like all over the internet, but even moreso just for making this unbelievably cool, unique, cruel, insane, hilarious, creepy, disturbing, petty, twisted, unforgiving, rewarding, peerlessly creative, stunningly well-made, scarily addictive, and extremely fun game for all of us!!! I have never played anything quite like it, and I am genuinely by-proxy super proud of your achievement and very happy for you. I sincerely and truly hope you make a million dollars (at least!) on this game! I'm introducing it to everyone I can, so I hope to help make that happen!! :D

We've been playing for over a week now, every chance we get, and literally every single time we play, SO and I both say something like "wow I can't believe how good this is" and then of course "hahaha holy cow, the messed up things this game makes us say!!" ...usually several times each. Seriously, I wish you the utmost success with this game, and I can't wait to see what your warped and corrupted ;) mind comes up with in the future!!!

Yeah, I know I probably sound ridiculously gushy and starry-eyed, but I really do mean it. You've created something genuinely awesome, so thank you!

Oh, wow.... awesome work! Thanks for finding this fix, and sharing it with everyone!

I'm VERY happy to help! :D

Mask (or anyone, really), PLEASE let us know if you experience anything weird by trying it. We have actually beat the game with 3 different endings now since doing that, so MY experience is that it's pretty solid. That said, I would hate nothing more than to recommend an action that messes up somebody's game!!


Woah, this is comprehensive analysis on the bug to say the least! :D

You're right on the source of the bug. After the tormented one battle, blood golem stays in your party because the game is missing the function that removes him. When you open the menu, blood golem got no portrait graphics and that causes the crash.

I should put a disclaimer somewhere on how to evade this bug until I get the the update out. In short, if possible don't use blood golem in that fight or if you do, don't open menu until you've been in one fight after that.

I have already fixed the bug, but since it's so cumbersome to update the game currently, I've been postponing the release of the next update. I'm trying to have it out by the 21st of this month. The update will bring some bigger changes to the game too and additional areas, enemies and items.

And I'm really glad you're enjoying the game despite it's occasional technical shortcoming! And million dollars huh? :D That's a goal......................................

"In short, if possible don't use blood golem in that fight or if you do, don't open menu until you've been in one fight after that."

Actually, if you happen to use blood golem in that fight, you get the error and get stuck no matter what. As soon as the end fight dialog closes, the error appears rught away. You can't even walk around or anything! At least that's what was happening to us.

I think the ONLY way you can continue the session after blood golem there, at all, is to create the new file. 

Wow, you're on top of things! Thank you so much! Just remember, nobody's gonna die if you take your time with the updates! And now that there's a fix posted for this blocker (hopefully nobody has problems with it!!) that's one less reason to rush! :)

And I'm dead serious, I hope you get filthy rich from this game and that it gets the recognition it deserves. You made an awesome thing. From what I've seen, it started small with a couple youtubers, and it's already blowing up and being talked about more and more. I hope it keeps the momentum!!


Oh I saw RiskRim evade the crash by not opening the menu, but I guess it varies. In any case thanks for letting me know again! :D

And yeah, I'm taking my time with the updates. I like to post larger updates so people don't need to be updating the game all the time and this way the updates also feel more significant when everyone can actually see the change in many areas of the game.

Are you having any particular difficulties with uploading updates, Orange? If there's any trouble with upload speed, you could try uploading a hotfix separate from the main game, with the related .json files. The mod I'm working on, for example, is just little json files, so it's easy for me to upload new updates to

If at all possible, you should be uploading new updates continuously, so as to squash known bugs and find out any others.

(1 edit)

I have been trying to progress for over an hour. I watched a let's play and the room that's supposed to let you progress further is not in my game.

I'm pretty sure I downloaded the newest version. What am I supposed to do?

The dungeon layouts change between playthroughs, so you're definitely not guaranteed to have the exact same path as somebody else.

What are you trying to do? Where are youbtrying to go? We may be able to help you, since the dungeon configurations are somewhat limited. But your best bet might just be to explore the area yourself (that is part of the fun of this game, at least for me!) and look for the object you need all over the place.

I can give you a tip that may be helpful, though: Certain indentations in the walls are actually doorways, or even closed doors. If you see a place in the walls that is deeper than the walls around, walk into it, and if that doesn't work, press enter on it!

The position of the LEver room has changed, now. That, or it just changes between seeds. Go past the Ballista guard, near to where the Caged stairwell is (the one you can't enter). Somewhere around there... there's a false wall to the left you can walk through, where the lever is hidden. Go along all the walls, I think you can see the lever room if you do

The balista guard is in the level 3 prisons right? I searched through entire prisons, there is no balista guard where I saw one in the playthrough. 

I may be wrong, but I'm not 100% the ballista guard always spawns. I think it's possible he's not there for you. I think...

The lever has been at the top of the prisons, toward the right end of the level, within another (unlocked, iirc??) room... at least for me so far.

It was suuuuper easy for me to walk right past the door to the interior room it's in, several times, because the doorway is kind of hidden.

Sorry, didn't realize the ballista didn't always spawn. In that case, you just need to start touching all the right and left walls in the place, until you see signs of a secret room, or go through one of them.

Yeah like the others said, the dungeon layout can change a bit. Look around and you will find what you're looking for!

This comes up after I defeated a White Angel.

I chose no to take soul, devour and searched body. Then went to check again because I wanted to devour, and the fighting sound began, screen went to black with this error.

Also I have the Eastern Sword.

I am a Marriage with a Skeleton and Girl. 


Oh.... Thanks for letting me know! I will check it out the white angel if there is anything that causes that!

Just a thought, but may be the fight with the Eastern Ghost happened at the same time as I went to use the White Angel body? And this caused a problem with the fighting scene background?  I am just grasping at straws, because I don't understand how the game engine works.

Also, thanks for this awesome game I've currently been spending many hours sinking. :D

Yeah this is actually really likely. It has happened before with another encounter. I will have to fix the Eastern ghost!

So how do you recover from a bleeding anal hole?

Someone suggested pinecone.... But really, I'm afraid there is no recovering from some physical traumas. If different annoying status aliments stack up too much, you can always use the marriage of flesh to reset your character in a sense.

Every time my dark priest tries to fuck the Outlander in the Entrance Ritual Circle, the sprites for my entire party permanently disappear when the animation begins. I just want to know who was topping who. Pls fix this bug. Thanks!

(1 edit)

Yeah I 've heard this few times now. I'll check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

Omg thank you! I gotta know, fam. I ship them so hard. 

Also, this is one of my all-time favorite games. I’m so glad I took a chance on it and bought it. Please, never stop making these delightfully fucked up and difficult games. There’s a shortage of them these days. 

Haha, awesome! :D You ship outlander and the dark priest? o_o That's an interesting combo....

I just found the reason for this bug. It was an oversight from my part. Gonna be fixed in the next update.


And thank you so much omg 

I'm loving the game so far.  In pretty deep so here's a bug report:

  • A hole in the thicket won't let me drop and I KNOW there's something tasty down there. (My biggest complaint)
  • Some lag but remedied by entering new areas.
  • Froze when saving once.

Thanks for the bug report! The saving bug worries me a little because it seems to originate from the RPG Maker engine itself. But I will look into it!

(1 edit)

Really enjoying the game lately but encountered another weird bug, I was lucky enough to find the book of enlightenment and when I went to use it the save menu popped up and asked me to save to a file but no matter what file I selected or however many times I tried to save it would never save. 

I forgot to mention I am playing on the Mac version, not sure if it makes a difference. Tried saving with the book and by sleeping in the bed and no success either way...not game breaking but it's going to be difficult to beat the game without being able to save at all.

(1 edit) (+1)

I lost a HUGE save the same way, before i realized that the stupid directory i stupidly installed the game to was stupid read-only. The game itself gave me no indication what the problem was; it just made the "doonk" cannot do sound when i tried to select a save file. I made the folder writable - but then I ended up just extracting to my desktop to guarantee write ability.

However, alas, the Book had crumbled to dust before I figured it out.

Still, I hope this helps.

Thanks schradeya! This is often the case with mac-version!

Mine was Windows!! (/shame) I still can't believe I did that! I knew better and everything... I was just so excited to get started playing I didn't pay attention.

Thanks so much! I was worried it was a bug on the Mac version. I went ahead and made everything writable as well as extracted it to my desktop and now I can save just fine and also no longer get an error code when I try to look at the settings. 

(1 edit)

Something must be bugged- bought the full game but occasionally I get the games ending randomly. First time I was pretty far into the dungeon but second time I had barely even started. Sanity and hunger didnt even have time to  decrease to the point where you start to get the "X is hungry" messages. 

I will try to work on the stability of the game. I was thinking of reworking a certain heavy function in the game which could hopefully prevent this kind of stuff in the future. How often does this crashing happen?

(1 edit)

Totally random. Sometimes it resets itself a mere couple of seconds upon entering a game, sometimes 30 minutes later. Some remarks though:

a) it always happens when I press space when trying to use something

b) I go fullscreen with F4 when entering the game but when it resets it goes back to the standard windowed mode.

c) I had the demo installed before I bought the full game. I deleted the demo before installing the full game but the reset bug/feature was also present in the demo. I thought it was just a mechanic built into the demo to stop people getting to far into the game. Like that 30 minute one shot RE2 demo is.

 For now I am using that Rebalance patch and it has a built in save book so I can save states and still play the game. Not going to do rouge-likes if the game keeps randomly resetting itself. 

Yeah makes sense. Sorry about the crashing. Hopefully few function changes will fix this in the future.

Like a couple other people I learned about this game via John Wolfe's channel. Just wanted to say in the time that I have played it it's run perfectly and I have been having a blast (and dying a lot). If I could add just one suggestion it would be a save function when you exit the game. I read below that you don't want to add save scumming, but a way you could get around this is by having the save file deleted upon death. Anyway, just wanted to say I really like the game so far and can't wait to see what you have in store for the future.

Hey, the dev has said it before once or twice that he did not want to add saving upon exiting because then it would be too convient for saving. Te main tone of the game is to make it feel kinda hard and unforgiving. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Coin toss and too high miss chance really ruined this game. I understand gameplay meant to be hard and unforgiving but pure luck being such a big factor is not the right way to achieve it. Please don't ruin your hard work with this bullshit mechanic. It will discourage people from playing, no one want to lose hour of progress just because rng decided so. Look for example at Darkest Dungeon - this game is challenging but within reasonable limits.

Hey Wili. There are some community members who have been dissatisfied with the balance, and want more time spent on reworking it. I also worry that going to a Steam release before correcting this could be hurt the game's future.

We put together a community patch, a rebalance mod that attempts to make everything more reasonable. If you're interested, please have a look at it, and let us know if we can change it to be better. We might want to reduce dodge chance and increase accuracy, even further. And, if it is good... I hope Orange looks at it, and considers using it as a template.

Wow, definitely gonna check it out. Thanks.

Hello! I just downloaded this game today but it's lagging on my computer for some reason. Do you think this is an issue with my computer? Or can I do something to fix this? I really wanted to buy it because I watched a YouTube play it and it looked amazing. I really don't want to return it!

Hey noirbinch! I will try to streamline some functions in the game that could hopefully help with the slow downs.

Hello, another John Wolfe fan here. I watched him play the game and I found it very interesting and worthwhile. I just downloaded the demo and it's running incredibly slow. It might be my computer, as I've had this problem with other games, but I've read that some other people have had similar problems, so I just thought I'd comment. My computer isn't super high-tech, but it does run games more graphically intense than this. In the starting area the game runs pretty slow, but playable, and in the menu the game runs fine, but as soon as I enter the dungeon it's just instantly unplayable. My guess is that it's all the sprites moving around at the same time that causes it. I'd really like to get this game and I might at a later date, but I'm not sure yet. I'll keep an eye on it for now. Thank you. 

Also, as for the coin toss, I do like it, and I think it's fine where it occurs in the game. However, the RNG does seem unbalanced, and I don't like how instant deaths are a frequent  result of it. However, I do know you're planning on changing that and I like the change you are making. Thanks again. 

(1 edit)

Hey! There has been many changes to the game since that demo was made and for many who experienced slow downs with the demo, it was not an issue with the full version anymore. That was the case with myself too. And then people who suffer now with the slow down often didn't have the problem with the demo. This suggests that it's a new and different reason that causes lag in the full version. 

In any case, you can buy the game if you want and if the problem still remains with the full version, I can always refund it. 

Otherwise I will continue looking into the problem and hopefully find some solution to all this. 

Alright, cool. I'll probably get the game as soon as I'm not poor anymore. I'll let you know if I find anything else off. 

Some members of the community have been concerned about the RNG and some of the balance. We put together a community mod, Fear and Hunger Rebalanced, which improves some of the balance issues. If you would like to, please try out the mod, and let us know how we can can improve it.

Just bought the game after John Wolfe did a video on it. Really unique and terrifying. The game has a few problems structurally (saving system is kinda ridiculous), but other than a few small issues the game is great! It's worth the 8$. 

Hey Crow. If you find you're having too much trouble with the saving system, there is a mod that allows you to save anywhere. It's part of a Rebalance mod made by the discord community, but I believe you can install the save book without changing the balance much:

Hey! I recently watched John Wolfe play this and thought it looked super fun and downloaded it. I really like the game but I'm having an issue where whenever I go to the settings (as I just started the game and wanted to check the menus out) and try to back out, I get an unknown error and the game freezes and I have to restart. Love the game, just wanted to mention a little bug I've encountered so far (:


just wanted to stop by to say this game is phenomenal so far, as well as give a shout out to John Wolfe for getting me to notice it. 

Same here! Thanks to him I found a cool game that I probably would have never noticed on my own.


John Wolfe really brought a lot of people here. That's great! I'm glad you are liking the game!


Here is a link to the first mod for Fear & Hunger since it's release, a Rebalance mod:

This reworks elements of combat and survival in the game, making it so DEF reduces incoming damage, and that Hunger penalties work properly, along with a slew of other minor tweaks. It's a prototype, only tweaking the starting areas monsters, and is not suitable for a full play through at this time.

We really ought to have a Community enabled for the game, so that Mods can be posted in a forum instead of in a comments section.

(1 edit) (+1)

Maybe the Discord admin for the game could set up a channel in there for mods with a sub category for individual mods?

e: Just made a subreddit if you'd like to throw it up there

Kill Switch was very kind, and set up a mods section. Right now there's only one mod there, but sub categories will definitely happen when more mods are added.

Thank you for the invitation on the subreddit! I'll make sure to post a link there :)

thanks so much for this lol.


the game is very interesting and I decided to support you anyway. But will there be plans for any kind of config to adjust the difficulty? I hesitate to call it 'difficulty' because some of the design choices do not make the game challenging, they just add frustration. Maybe you can add a slider to adjust some RNG elements or  like some have said, remove some bad RNG from the normal mode and include them in a 'hard mode'.

I know devs all have a vision of their work in mind, and sometimes it can be hard to compromise on that. But I believe I'm speaking for many others when I say that more forgiving RNG will only increase the quality of gameplay 

Heck, just knowing where in the game files I can tweak some numbers would make this 100% better. Maybe I will find something if I check all the json files. 

Hey Voduyan. It is possible to mod the game, we're working on a Rebalance mod in the Discord server.  Trying to reduce artificial difficulty and RNG in the game. You can edit the json files and change most of the game. If you're interested in the mod, you should check out the official F&H Discord. Not sure how to set up mods on
If you have any questions about modding yourself, let me know.


Hey voduyan! Thanks for the support! There is a clear uproar about the RNG stuff so I will do some adjustments accordingly. You are right that I have stuck to my vision pretty tightly, but I came up with a pretty good compromise that will remove most of the one-hit kills from the game and give players more tools to survive. The coin-toss will remain, but instead of the one-hit kill, the enemy will dish out a devastating attack to a random party member. This will not necessarily kill the character depending on the equipment and such.

There is no simple way to modify the RNG in the json files, but I will do balance tweaks in the future too if the next update will bring new problems.

I don't quite understanding how upgrading skills work. I find that I could click on some nodes but not others, even though I have a skill  (starting skill) adjacent to it. Is it a bug or do I lack some condition?

Along the left side, you can only get the skills that come with your character. When you start out in the intro, it tells you "you were born with the soul of the endless" or something like that. Faintly along the outer left edge of the hexen scree  is those names. You can only add the skills that match your god. You should most likely have at least one dot for yours, and you should be able to get the rest without any tasks. You cannot get any of the other skills on the left without special circumstances.

For the skills on the right, the ones that have concentric circles, you can only access those skills when you gain affinity with the related god. The top one is Gro-goroth, the second down is sylvian, and so on. The circles depict how much affinity with the god you need to get the skill. When you have affinity, there is a pale white light around the circles that are available; you can only get the skills within the white light.

I hope that answers your question!

(1 edit) (+1)

I feel this game has so much going for it, the atmosphere is amazing, the characters are all unique and the designs are great for the enemies, though there are some fixes needed with saving and combat glitches this game is really great, you have a really amazing game here and i cant wait for it to be finished, the mac version 1.0.3 doesn't save which you'd think would make me not play this game till its fixed but the whole feel of this game brings me back and pushes me to go further. Looking forward to further updates. 

Hey thanks for the feedback! I will definitely look into bugs and such and there will be an update coming later this month actually with fixes and new content.

You said the mac version doesn't save at all? Do you mean the save points don't work?

When choosing a file to save your game to, the mac version does not let you select any and will repeatedly make the box for file 1 flash until you either press x or z where it just exits without saving, with going to settings in game making the game crash.

Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if you got the mouse cursor over the screen when doing this? The mouse can create conflict against keyboard commands some times. I might have to delete the settings from menu until I find what causes the crashes.

The mouse is present during the entire game so i could be that.

Game runs really slow most of the time and is unplayable, even though my computer probably has the specs necessary to play this.

Hmmm.. I've heard similar problems before too. I'm still looking into it. Someone said that the RPG Maker RTP could potentially fix this, but I have yet to confirm this.

Oh, ok, hope you can find a fix. I really want to play your game, seems really interesting

Deleted 1 year ago

I dont believe the developer ever intended this feeling, if your insinuating that he would like to savagely "rape" people then you are wrong, it is just to get the tone across and he had trouble even making this part of the game. The guarding works, i tried it myself before. Could be a insta-ill bug with the torso part. And the intro part, i really got no comment on that one cause I couldn't care less about it.

Hey akidfrompa. It sounds like you encountered a lot of bugs. One thing to watch out for is the mouse-bug, where you can't effectively select targets with the mouse. You need to keep the mouse right in the bottom right corner, and use the arrow keys to select the target.

Don't know about the guarding bug, sorry. It work for me, that it prevents coin-tosses.

With the intro, here's a tip: You can hold down Z to skip quickly through the text. So long as you hold it down, you won't accidentally select options, either.

Hey akidfrompa! I can always give you a refund if you want that of course. I don't want to leave such a bad taste in your mouth.

With the ogre scene/player experience comparison - That's actually partly what I wanted the experience to feel like at first :P 

BUT I also wanted to give players tools to climb from that pit and conquer the shit that the game throws at you. There are still many bugs around and I'm fixing them the best I can. Also the coin-toss RNG is clearly something people don't like so I am doing some adjustment to that too. Basically the coin-toss will stay, but instead of the one-hit kill, the enemy only dishes out a devastating attack to a random party member (if the character got full health or good equipment this will not kill them). This will be in the next update that will come later this month.

But yeah, I'm sorry you feel the way you do and if you want the refund still, you'll get it. :-)

Thanks for the feedback!

You might want to make it an aspect of a Casual difficulty mode? The coin toss is rather emblematic, and it can lead to interesting death scenes.

You might want to have it that, if the main character is defeated by this coin toss attack, the scene plays out in the usual fashion.

I have to agree with everyone else on the coin toss portion of the game. It takes away from the enjoyment factor. You can't even guarantee that you will get to save. I could understand this being implemented in hard mode but it is pretty unimpressive in normal. Don't take it away just tone it down. It seems the average play time from "lets payers" is about an hour and then they state they probably won't be playing again. I really enjoy the atmosphere, the art style and music. This game is to punishing for me with the odds of a coin toss showing up.

I agree that the coin-toss is really rough. There are a couple of ways to deal with it.

One is to Guard, before the Coin-toss comes up, this should disable it. I'm not super keen on this method of dealing with the coin-toss, as I think it's a very easy way of removing all the danger involved.

The second way is to avoid the coin-toss by destroying the part of the enemy that causes it. With the guard's, you destroy their left hand (the empty one, not holding a cleaver).

If you feel the game is unbalanced, we are trying to fix it up with a community mod, on the Discord server.

Hope this helps!

It is NOT just a matter of the combat coin flips.  Most of them are completely unnecessary and it seems far too often that you fail them to be RNG.  Much less doing a coin flip to save is just ridiculous and I've saved ONE time out of about 25 and I had already been mauled to have no legs in that one so... yeah. 

Add in the mercenary's nonsense of the intro where you need RNG to not screw your game in order to get an ability?  If I get the coin flip wrong there I just close the game and reopen because it's garbage that you get screwed for your class abilities.

Yeah, the coin tosses at character generation are unreasonable. The Outlander can get a fear of everything, if he fails one of his coin tosses.

I'm sorry you've been having difficulties with the saving system, it is the hardest until you get good at the game, then have a really good run, in which case you do get some saves to fall back on in future. The mod I mentioned does include a debugging tool, which less you save freely. At the very least, you could use that to save the game right after creating a Merc, so you can skip the character gen process.

Hey Undeadly! The coin-tosses are clearly something that bother people so I'm actually doing just what you said - tone it down. Many of the one-hit kills will be replaced with strong attacks that are bearable with good health and armor. Hopefully this will balance it out and make it seem less rough.


Heya! I don't know why but my game runs really poorly. :/ It runs slime rancher and other games just fine so I don't know why it runs this badly.

Hey! Yeah I've heard that some people have this issue even if they got relatively powerful computers. I'm still looking into it. Does the game run poorly in all the sections of the game?

It's mostly just the foggy area at the beginning, but it does it inside as well. I couldn't play further cause if a game lags badly it gives me a headache. :/

(1 edit)

Hey! I wanted to get this game off steam, but there appears to be no purchase button, just "Release: January 2019" Edit: I live in Poland, if that helps.

The Steam release is set to 21st of January.

Deleted 354 days ago

I hear you. It's a tricky situation though, because I live in Finland which is like one of the most expensive places in Europe. This game equals pretty much two full years of my life and thousands of hours of dev time so I figured it's not that expensive if you think it like that. The price will of course drop eventually ;)

Deleted 354 days ago

Hey it is going on steam soon.


Honestly you are probably undercharging for this, independent of the cost of living where you are. You put two years of your life into this, don't apologize that it costs money. Eight dollars is nothing for this, and people who would complain about the price would complain about any price it deserved.

You did good with this game, and it's got style. I hope it does well.

Thanks OdicHastings, but with good conscience I couldn't charge more than 8 dollars, because the game is a bit rough at places still. There are many bugs around that need fixing. But I still think there's plenty of things to like in the game and I've poured everything I got into all the areas in the game.

If that's how you feel, that's fair. It's very well made, and it really shows how much effort you've put into it.

(you may have already seen reports on this btw, but I've encountered a couple of bugs myself. One is sometimes I can't change what body part I'm targeting, and the other is I've sometimes been able to do a "double backstab" with the mercenary by fleeing from the encounter I backstabbed into. I think when I flee the fight the mercenary may still be in his stab animation for another frame? So the game gives me another free ambush. It's useful for bringing down guards quickly, but probably unintended xD)

Thanks for letting me know of the bugs. One quick fix for not being able to target limbs in battle would be to move the cursor of the mouse off the screen. The cursor often overlaps with the keyboard commands.


I am NEVER going to buy your game just because of your RNG cointosses... This is such crap


Ah! I'm sorry to hear that really D: The coin tosses can actually be evaded in combat really easily. Just guard when you know they are coming. Loot coin tosses are there to stay though...

I think during save points having that coin toss is ehhh.... Everything else like for loot is fine honestly - and in combat its a 50/50 for me but doesn't bother me as much as when the game allows you to save at certain points and you lose it all because you wanted to save if you know what I mean lol. Otherwise I saw John Wolfe play it and got it myself - and hoh boyo I was in for a surprise. Its really neat - haven't gotten to far into it, but that's the only thing I would say just feelsbad


Hopefully you like it Kitsu289. There are actually save points later on that don't require the coin-toss. It's just the first half that the game is at it's most ruthless. There are also some save items that don't require coins either, and you can get those pretty early on..

That's not a problem then in my eye then, I thought for a moment it would be like that for all of them- and yeah lol... I'm not backing down with my character yet (legit lost two of their legs and died twice but somehow lived twice) but I might do another character from scratch. Its really well done.

Dont get mewrong I love the idea, I like the game, but even darkest dungeon toned down on the RNG, after the community outcry, that the RNG was too much. i hope you put less RNG in it through patches and I will surely give it a try.

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Hey Chris. The community actually has put together a mod/fanpatch, that tries to reduce RNG and rebalance some aspects of the mod. you can find it on the official Discord server. The coin tosses are still in the mod, so it may still have too much RNG for your taste.

Hm.. I could try it out less RNG would translate into more fun for me.

An page was put up for it:

If there is still too much RNG for you, please let us know. There's been talking about reducing enemy dodge chance and upping accuracy even further.

They actually are not RNG tho, they are always at specific areas

Video of the bug. When I tried making love to Enki, at first, I was surprised and happy that he was ready to do so, but then nothing happened and the characters turned invisible. (I hope the video link works). In the video, I tried preparing for it: I cleared my equipment, lighted the candles, prayed to Sylvian, hoping to prevent the bug from happening again, but it happened again unfortunately. Am I doing something wrong on my part maybe?

Thank for the video! (It's nice that you put on the candles for the mood ;D )

It is actually a bug that has appeared with the full release. It's weird because it used to work just fine, but now I've heard similar reports from other people too. I'll definitely look into it. The next update is coming later this January. Hopefully I'll get it fixed by then.

okay I understand! thank you for the respond <3 

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