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This game undoubtedly raises the bar for RPG Maker games. Every time I think I've given up on RPG Maker horror, something like this comes along and reminds me that it's definitely possible. For those who would rather watch than play, you can check my experience out here:  

While this game isn't 'IN YOUR FACE' scary, it sets a spooky tone and does what many other horror games are afraid to do, place you in genuine danger. A death can set you back quite a bit if you aren't careful. If you're up for a challenge and want to enjoy a slow-burn with super interesting characters, this is for you. I wish I had a bit of direction at times, but that's just the 15 years of easy games I've beaten talking. I'll figure it out eventually!

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Hey, just came here to see how is the development with Termina since I´m (I think) close to finishing my first playthrough of the original and I´m so hyped to check this one out, seeing this page is still active and getting replies I´d assume it´ll come out sooner or later this year, but wanted to try if there was any aproximate on the month or something.

And since I´m here I just wanted to say, I almost dropped the first one without advancing more than 15 minutes because of how hard and steep the learning curve was, I felt like it was too hard for me to even try it. Recently I felt too bad because I was way too curious about the kind of story this seemed to be, so I said fuck it and played game after game, restarting constantly everytime I felt like I could´ve optimized any better, having the wiki constantly open and searching literally everything. 

Now that I got the hang of it it´s being way, way more doable, and I wanted to say that I´m loving it.

just a side note, maybe it is on purpose, but the reason I almost dropped because of how impossible it seemed is just, the weakest enemies are guards that can cut your arms off and render the run lost, and constantly facing impossible enemies on the first zone (the crow mauler, the iron shakespeare, nashrah, even the lizardman seemed impossible) made it feel like I didn´t have anything to do and I could just die. Adding the coin flips for saves, yeah, it wasn´t forgiving. I ended up just rushing for the cube, getting a talisman, recruiting nas´hrah (thanks wiki) and restarting over and over until I defeated the crow mauler without going blind. After the Miasma, it started to be an actual, doable game.

10/10 for the characters, story and MY GOD THE ATMOSPHERE.


<Dust, the Emery>, a black metal song name that passed through my mind when i was playing  this game.


I really like the art style of this game! Which software was used to develop this game?


Happy you like it! It's made in RPG Maker MV. 


Hello! Orange! I am from China.Because of the translation problem,my little friend and I  have a question to ask you, is Marina male or female? My little partner and I have been arguing about this issue all the time, because you suggested that marina's gender is male in many places in this game, but I always insist that Marina is female, and I look forward to your reply.


Hi! It's a highly debated topic for sure. In the game she is referred with 'she' and 'her', so I'd take that as female.

Marina on traaginen hahmo, ja kuten kaikki pelin hahmot, hän on olosuhteiden uhri.
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生物男性审美女性 女性身份, 进行过渡以避免危险的家庭和邪教责任.

hello again Orange a lover of your Fear and Hunger games and just curious on predictions. I’ve been seeing your current latest arts on Twitter and each look awesome, especially Marina. I am not expecting a free copy I just can’t wait for this great sequel to an already great horror game. Keep up the great work, have fun, and don’t stress yourself out. 


How many of your fans are your customers, one would expect the numbers to be closely aligned no? I would hope they were the same.


Of course I'd love the game to leave a lasting impression to most people, but since I don't hear anything from the vast majority of people who bought the game, I wouldn't know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm sure there are plenty of people who thought the game was just alright, but wouldn't consider themselves fans per se. Then there are the occasional bad reviews and ofc I'm sure there are fans who pirated the game, so they're not exactly customers. If people give the game a fair shake, that's all I can ask really.


Hi Orange, I really enjoy this game. But I found I am unable to open the Mac version after I upgraded my system to Big Sur. My MacBook says I don't have the permission to open the game. Would you like to have a look on that problem? ^ ^


Mac and RPG Maker games are in a constant war. You have to manually give the folders the rights.


Hi guys im starting a playthrough of  the demo attempting not to die once i kinda suck but check me out if youd like too 

Bit of advice for post content, since you did quite a bit for F&H 1. Randomizer, for both normal and key items. It completely changes the feel of every game. 


I wonder what sexy actions you are planing to add to Termina. The original F&H had quite of bit of it))

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The issue would happen in other occasions as well but it was fixed. then, after a while, I also found out what you just described (about 8 months ago) but to me it only happened if I tried to enter the mirror world "after" the first time. meaning in each playthrough, entering the underground other world was fine the first time (when you had to) but it gave me the black screen every time after I got the key, and not only THAT specific other world, but every other world in the demo after that. I am sorry to say that we still didn't have any update on the bug ever since but I do hope Orange fixed it in the full version ^^

It used to happen randomly after some battles or, if an enemy miraculously touched you and engaged combat while the heroin animation was happening

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Hello, hello! Have a happy new year and don't stress it. everyone got held back for reasons the past year! We'll be patient as we are with santa! in the meantime, did you happen to update any mechanics in the demo? If yes, would you like me to do a couple of more speedruns for any possible new bugs?
|Edit: I know it's not my business but I do love the game and if I can help you spotting them bugs I'd be more than glad to help! besides, I am looking for an excuse to do another speedrun but there is nothing left for me to explore so all I can do is look for bugs till the full release xD


cant wait

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Hello, I heard sometime ago that full version gonna be released in december this year, is this true? If not, can you tell an ETA? I enjoy first game, and arleady beat a demo 3 times. 


you have skills

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For some reason I don't have the right to send a message in the discord channel, so I'll just gonna left this cry from the my heart right here.
Came here to share my feelings about the game, it's truly a masterpiece. I can't describe that gorgeous stunning and shocked fear I've got. I can't compare it with anything I played before. And I'm waiting so much for a full version of a new game, and will pay any price the Author will set.
The graphic here deserves special attention.
So, please, if anyone can share to me the full sizes pictures that stands on the main menu of a both game (without parts of menu interface and naming of the game), you will make me the happiest person in the world.
Please, help me to get this radiance, so I'll be able to worship it like a god.
(P.S. My English is petty weak, I never try to discuss with some other people on English, so please forgive my dumb mistakes anyway.)
Thank again. Love you. 

-Catherine, from the foreign Siberia.


Hi! Really glad you like the game! I have been asked about the full resolution version of that picture a couple of times now . I think I'll have to upload it soon because of the public demand : D I've just been meaning to work on it a little bit more to finalize the picture first. (there are some minor things that bother me in it) 

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I will wait as long as it takes. It's really worth it.
I'm also will be very glad, if you can share this pictures with the name of the game on it. So I can hang it on the wall like a poster. Just understand than i need it as well. I want my friends to know where this splendor comes from.
The version without the title will be only for my personal admiration. >:3
I hope that you will not be embarrassed by this request.
Waiting for it so patiently also with trepidation.
Thank you.

How come you cannot shoot Needles on the field (he's immune), but during combat I can blast his head off if I'm lucky enough to hit?


I just want to say this game is so good. There is a bug that kinda corrupted my game but it's still playable if i close it and open it up again. This bug involves going into the tunnel then teleporting a place that looks like the workshop (i forgot it's name) then getting out by climbing the ladder. This results in me getting a blackscreen but I am still able to hear audio and look in the menu please fix this bug.

i feel like there should be more craftables in this game, like a nail bomb makeshift shields etc


This game reminds me of Silent Hill a little, also Bloodborne. My anxiety doesn't let me play it after a few minutes though...

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You have to steel your heart and be ready to die a couple of dozen times till you get the flow of the game :P the first game used to be much more unfair (only recently the lucky coin was added to the first game as well, to help the players). I had to die SO many times before I find a nice strategy for this game. the one thing I can suggest is, try to loot whatever you can loot without endangering yourself and kill only whoever is necessary until you get a second party member. Another thing that helps is saving BEFORE interacting with libraries because loot gets reset with reloads and the game doesn't have that many books in it yet. That way you can reload until you get books that you need.

Is there supposed to be only darkness when you enter the maiden forest? If no, any hints on how I make it so I can see what's going on? Thank you

hmmm, it appears the "darkness" bug is still around. I had Darkness when I revisited the maintenance tunnels for a second time


Just made this account to say that i love everything about F&H, i had gave up on horror games until i was introduced to it last year. I can't stress enough how much i waited for a deep, brutal, compelling and lovecraftian experience such as this. For me, F&H is as good as dark fantasy gets and i am very excited to see what comes next for Termina, which i'm loving so far.

I'm not on the discord server cause i'm antisocial as f*ck so i'm posting this here. Keep up with the good work.


One of the best RPG Maker made games I have ever seen. The visuals are amazing, it fits the whole theme of the game. I love how you choose the branching paths to where you actually lead to and progress in the game. It adds lots of replayability. 


hey orange. i found your games upon Neco the Sergal and have had a blast playing the first! hopefully the 2nd release comes as soon as the first did! cant wait to see the ultimate climax of the festival!


I can't play on Mac (Catalina 10.15.4) :(


Hey Orange,

I want to say first and foremost that I made an account just so I could praise this game and the one that came before it. I am in your discord server but I fear that posting there would leave my praise lost in a sea of random memes. 

I play this game often and any time my friends see me play it at least five to ten of them jump into discord to watch me play it.

I see the influences you have taken and I see your own individuality and it is pretty much everything I have ever wanted in a horror game. Granted, the RNG is very punishing in the first game, but I think that this one is more serviceable to a wider audience and has really refined everything that was great about the first game. I pray that more people will be able to play and digest the deep lore to this game. I have been slowly playing both titles for months and the slow burn has made this game a lasting memory for me.

For those who are just getting into it, BE PATIENT. You aren't meant to get everything done in one run. In fact, you will want to do a multitude of playthroughs because you will learn something new every time you play it, and that is a fact. You get the most out of this experience if you are ready to learn more lore, or are interested in strategy and figuring out what you can do better the next run. This game, to me, feels as though it's about the journey.

To call it a love letter to Berserk, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls does not even do it justice. I feel as though in Termina you have really found the game's own identity. I am completely obsessed, and this game really sparked my muse for writing and drawing horror again. There is so much beauty and humanity in the macabre. 

I look forward to future updates. Thank you, Orange, for all of your hard work over the past years.


Thanks so much for the nice words! It's always nice to hear. The game is very niche and the crowd playing the game is small, but it's so cool that the few people who play the game find it worth their time.

You are right that these games (the first one even more so) are made for multiple runs and replayability in mind. It always pains me to see people trying to do perfect runs and get everything just right when these games really aren't made for that. I think it just adds to the frustration very easily that's all, I don't mean to tell people how to play their games ofc. Ultimately I think I should come up with better ways to encourage playing the game differently. Just rolling with the punches and all that. but yeah, just like the game, the development too is a journey and let's see how these games shape up!


I like the game setting!!!


Hey everyone! I recently finished up my playthrough of the demo so here's a link to the Playlist. It includes both the current and previous builds. Enjoy!


I defeated the janitor in the prologue, got even a bonesaw to cut off his head, but in my inventory it turned into the woodman's head. Is this a bug?

Can the "Cameo" accessory be used in anything in the demo? If it can, I might go on  a hunt to find that :D


Maybe it's better to not spend too much time worrying about that item just yet...... : P

Got it! Thanks for the info because I was about to look around the whole place and interact with every woman, alive/dead or boss, to see if it belongs to them xD

I like the game idea. Keep up the good work!

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Congrats, the game is looking great! I noticed a few typos, but I am guessing those will be taken care of later.

I got a bug of sorts: when playing as Daan, right after recruiting Marina, I went to the west wagon to see the little scene with Samarie. She wasn't there, but the door looked like it was open, When I tried to interact with it, the text said it was locked.

Have you ever thought about having female ghouls as an option? That lady in the bridal dress would make a badass one.


Can I make one suggestion? When you read books time still flows which can cause hunger to increase and sanity to decrease so is there anyway to stop this or decrease it or is it just a side effect of reading books? I love the lore and really like the longer lore books like Alll-Mer's skin bible but if its going to tank my stats I might have to pass on reading them in certain situations.


I second that. I find myself just spamming through the info of books at times just to conserve some hunger and mind


Yeah this has been very requested feature and makes total sense. I'm on it!

Thanks and can't wait to play the full game!


Party corpses will often not spawn properly after their deaths. 

Such as if they die from starvation, there corpse will not spawn.

huh.... I let my party members die of starvation twice, just to see what Per'kele says on each number possible in the demo, and that didn't happen to me. must be a rare one, good find!


I'm guessing you are playing v2.3? There was a bug in spawning the dead bodies (as well as some other sprites) because I updated some of the systems. It should be fine now in v.2.4 as long as you first transition to another room (there is a version fail safe in map transition) If it still happens after that, let me know!

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