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I bought the game on this site a few days ago (WONDERFUL game btw,absolutely love it!) and I was wondering if it would be possible to have an option to get a steam key for the game from,I usually like having everything on steam so its more organized and stuff,thank you^^

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Well, if there was, you wouldn't be able to find it....

Best method is to get a good helmet, as those afford eye protection and prevent the blindness. The iron mask, bassinet, and a couple of others.

I can't tell if it's a bug or not but every now and then I can only attack one body part until it disappears and it gets really frustrating during boss fights where I NEED to attack the arms and legs and it targets the main body which has several times as much health.

Like no matter how much I move the selector it always stays on a certain body part

Hey! By any chance do you have your mouse cursor over the screen? The mouse cursor can overlap the keyboard commands.


I remember it being mentioned that we can grow limbs back now. Any hints how to do that and figure that out? Does it also include growing back legs? Cos I jumped into a hole and broke my legs cos my curiosity got the better of me.

I'd like to know this, too

Tomb of the gods got what you want. 

and where is that cause I had NO arms since the beginning of the game.

It's after Level 7.

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I jumped into the toilet hole... Please tell me it's not how it looks like...

Time to start again....

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Sorry for bothering you again but here is this really nasty bug which happens in the ancient city (City after the Catacombs).

When I walk to the big door that is behind the statue and then go all  the way to the right, into that one room and back outside again, I get a black screen. 

I still hear the foot steps, the music is still playing and the letters in the left upper corner even tell you in which area you are but there is a black screen.

No matter in which direction I leave that room I always get a black screen.

That sounds like the bug Neco got in one of his recent videos about the game. He fixed it by, amazingly, walking his way to one of those bells that change between past and present.

Yeah, same

When its the past the bug appears. 

When its the present it doesnt.

You can avoid the bug but a fix would be nice.


Yes I'm trying to get a fix for the next update. You can expect it tomorrow or day after that.


looove this game. Saw it on John Wolfe's first look - announced I'd buy it - I always keep my promises ;> I think it's amazing (absolutely so) that all of this was done on RPGmaker too!! I forgot to mention that in my comment. The art, the randomization, all of it. Awesome job. Can't wait for all the bugs to be smoothed out as well, haha.


John Wolfe is the reason I bought the game too. He's a great YouTuber. 

Hey thanks! :-D I'm glad you like it! I'm working on the smoothing bugs part. John Wolfe really brought a lot of people here. He's one of my favourite youtubers, so I was really excited to see the game covered by him!

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I have completed an update for the Fear & Hunger Rebalance modification. It is now compatible with the latest version.

This mod is a demo focusing on the early areas of the game, rebalancing enemies near the start of the game, as well as the States system, the Defence/Armour system, Hunger, and fixing several bugs. It also has an unlimited save book, for bug-testing and as an easy difficulty option.

Here is the link to the mod:

I also have a bug to report!

It happens every now and then! When I kill an enemy and it kills me in the last move before it disappears, I sometimes don't die.

What I mean by this is that my character is considered dead and his health is zero whenever I bring up the character screen! I cant use any items on him but his hunger and mind still go down. Whenever I enter  battle within this dead state, My character appears dead and they skip his turn. Within a few turns, he's considered  dead and the game ends.

Its minor but it still happens every now and then.

Oh thanks for letting me know! This hasn't happened to me, but seems like an annoyance for sure! I might have an idea what could be causing this... 

When entering new ma'hambre, going right and up a screen darkens the screen to a pitch black with a tower is looming message. Going back does not undim the screen, forcing a reset. Can this be fixed in the next patch?

Yes absolutely! I'll get an update done this week. This is the biggest bug with the latest version. I heard that you get your vision back if you head back to the city center. 

Hi, also, my partner came across this within the dream sequence and it doesn’t seem intentional? the screen ends where the knight is. there was also more glitches surrounding this area.

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What am I supposed to do? I'm in the city of gods and I don't know what to do! I think I'm supposed to fight the Grandma boss but I can't beat it as I have no arms (Really bad RNG) and D'arce only has one and the little girl isn't much help. I'm running out of food and slowly I'm slowly dying from hunger. Is there anyway to get the Outlander as a follower or the Dark Priest? 

Also does the Crow Emblem Key go anywhere? I managed to defeat most of the side bosses (Crow mauler, That weird bird thing, etc , etc ) mostly by having D'arce using Miasma (Got from a glitch that allowed me to attack the door leading to it repeatedly) 

Overall  Great Game and Amazing Atmosphere!

The Crow Key is used near the start of the game, not far from the bed. I think that's close enough without spoilers.

You can go to the Wolf Cult in the mines to refill everyone's hunger, if you're desperate. 50% chance of dying.

You can look for spell books in the libraries, sacrifice people, or use soul stones to learn spells, which tend to be far stronger than melee.

Outlander, you have to talk to him in the rabbit courtyard, then find him in the tree.

Dark priest, you have to talk to him twice and no more, in the library just before the rabbits, then in the library below near Legarde. You have to give him an eclipse talisman, which I think you get from the yellow mages.

Hope this helps!

What bed and in what level? I killed the yellow mages and they only had soul stones.

You have to talk to the yellow mages to get the amulet

The crow bed, in the basement area. From the start of the game, you can get there by going left. It is near Iron Shakespeare.


i asked about getting a steam key for those who have bought the game sometime ago. now i wanted to ask again but other than this comment section i have no idea where to ask. if someone could help me with an adress or an link i would be really happy.

sorry again for the bad english, i am trying my best here.

hey there, join the discord channel qnd we'll get you sorted out!

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Do you have a Link for Discord?

Edit:Ok found it, im pretty new to itchio sorry XD


Hey there! I'm loving the game so far. I just wanted to report on a bug, plus a suggestion.

It happenned to me on a run with dark priest + the girl, after the tree area, once I reached the chained dead man, after interacting and the dialogue telling you there is nothing else to do in the dungeon, I tried interacting with the man again and a dialogue with D'arcy (who was not on my party) played out where she basically gasped and mourned over a complete black screen (I'm guessing this is a bug, I was really puzzled when I saw it happen).

On a another topic, I'd like to suggest perhaps a way to prevent multiple copies of a same book to be obtained during one playthrough. It's really annoying to get two torn pages, or two Anatomia or other types of books that are of no use once you got one of them already. It feels like a wasted opportunity to get something good, and libraries are rather rare in the game. So, ideally they would be non-repeatable. Of course that wouldn't apply to empty scrolls or books of enlightenment.

Keep up the good work!

Or five pipes....

Good points! I'll continue tweaking the loot most likely. And thanks letting me know of the bug! It was a new one for me! 

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Mhhh... the problem with only getting 1 copy of each is that there are only certain books/items in the game and what you suggested would make the game easier. Meaning if you are lucky you could have all important books after lvl 3 or so. Might be worth suggesting when there are more books (like lorebooks or more craftingbooks) in the game.

I mean we can debate if the game isnt already hard enough but still^^

Yeah this is definitely something to think about. I already tried balance this looting issue with the book merchant in the ancient city. So you can still buy some important books if your luck is miserable otherwise. But this doesn't remove the tedious aspects of loot. 

An alternative possibility is to simply reduce the chance of doubling up on books.

But like Schneeli said, it would ruin the balance somewhat if you got all the good books for sure. The reduction of the doubling could be considered once there are more books in general. Some books (like the cook book) could easily be divided into 2 separate books to increase their numbers. 

is there any way I can get the updated version of the game? or do I have to buy a 2nd time?

Itch works a bit funny. You have to go to Library in your user panel in the top right, then click download for F&H.

No, no don't go buying the game for the second time! The option to download the new version is there! 

Oh okay thnx, yeah I am new to Itch

Strangely, I only get the option to buy the game on the main page. I have to go to my library to get down to the download page. Not your fault, just something weird about Itch.

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I've found quite the bug, much like ChaosAzeroth. I'm unable to save, and all permissions I can give it are on. Now, I'm on a Mac system, and it only has the game and a file titled credits. Is there supposed to be some sort of folder in it as well? Or is it a simple bug? I'd love to continue exploring the game, but I can't really do that without that feature.

Edit: I do think it's the Mac version. Got it on Steam and tested out the bed method of saving with a throw away file, and it saved perfectly well. The Mac version must simply have a missing file or something. Makes me feel a bit better, now that I can enjoy the game more.

Really wish I'd gotten the Steam version now, but there's now way I can buy this game a second time. Ahh well. Guess I'll play it when I just want a quick one shot, unless there ends up being a fix.

It's a fun game, but already got screwed out of two nice builds/set ups now by this so I think I'm done for now.


Not certain the steam version will be any better, but I believe Orange said that anyone with the itch version can request a steam key? I don't remember, so don't take my word for it. 

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I was told to contact them about it, I posted in the Discord troubleshooting but other than that unsure how to contact them honestly.

Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping that I can, since I was told by the other person to request a key. Yet I'm unsure how to do that currently. I know Orange made a reply at one point about e-mailing them to someone, yet I'm unsure how to find that contact information. I had been suggested to contact them on Discord for a speedier response, but also was unsure how to do that so I posted in the troubleshooting hoping to get their notice or maybe a fix of some sort. :3


Orange contacted me on the Discord, and is talking about helping me out. Really appreciate both the work they put into the game and the work they put into making things right. (Fixing issues, offering refunds and discussing things with the players.) Definitely has me smiling, which some might consider odd considering the subject matter of the game but... I mean the game is interesting and the dev is above and beyond, so...


Hey ChaosAzeroth! I believe you got my email upon buying the game? If you have trouble finding me on discord (I'm called 'orange~' there) you can always send me email too. 

I, for some reason, thought that was an email. This is the first game I've gotten here, and the reason I made an account tbh. I did see your message on Discord, and hope life finds you well and appreciate the help. I'm rather an old fool when it comes to this I'm afraid.

If you'd like me to reply to the e-mail I received to square away where things go, I'll gladly do so. Thanks again!

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I am currently unable to save, both the book and the bed will not actually allow me to save. I get the save screen. but cannot get a save file to actually produce. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Just downloaded the full Mac version.

Any help would be appreciated, as I do not wish to continue without being allowed to save since I did what I needed to do as far as I know/have seen with others to be able to. NGL, a bit salty I wasted such a rare and valuable item due to this happening, but at the time I thought that maybe I was missing something. But as far as I know the bed requires nothing extra so starting to think the book was wasted due to some sort of bug.

Otherwise, great game.


My permissions say that I have permission to read and write, yet cannot save.


You are not missing anything. For some reason the game prevents you from saving.

I've heard that Steam version removes this problem for some. But the thing is that Steam version is the exact same game. This leads me to believe that it's still a matter of permissions, because Steam game originates from Steam so permissions don't become an issue there when you've once given Steam all the rights. 

If you bought the game already, you are also entitled to Steam version. You can email me and I can give it to you. I believe you got my email while purchasing it from here? 

Otherwise, I'll try to investigate what could cause the problem. 


I discovered some bugs.

*) When I was in the “tree”: After I fell into a hole, my character got locked in a position again, only facing the front.

*) I asked the enemy for mercy and she said she would have mercy on me but the character event scene replayed again and we fought again. I don’t know, if that is normal or a bug but I thought I’d mention it.

I was recording a letsplay when the bugs happened so I have it in this video:

(For people who don’t wanna be possibly spoilered: don’t watch the video)

Exact times: 1:52 first bug, 34:51 second bug

I was using the windows version 1.1.1.

Thanks for letting know! So the character facing bug remains in 1.1.1? That's troublesome... :/

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A beautifully dark game. It took some time for it to grow on me at first, thanks to being annoyed by things such as the Coin Toss/Insta-deaths in the older version, but once I learned to stop treating it as a traditional rpg and discovered the finer intricacies, I came to appreciate this little title for the gem it is. 

That said though, I must still thank both the old gods and the new that you've toned down some of the more BS harsher coin toss/insta deaths and various other balance idiosyncrasies in this latest version, as hopefully it will make trying to start a run much more enjoyable (since even for those who have practice, sometimes there is no luck in this world) and make the game more accessible to people who were interested but put off after they saw how certain fights would come down to a 50/50 life or death choice regardless of skill or preparation. Truly, this is a magnificent update, can't wait to get to it :)

Also, question: are you a Berserk fan by any chance? I just happen to notice quite a few similarities in traits and backstory beats between Le'garde and Griffith, as well as several other characters

Berserk most definitely has had a big impact in making this game. Le'garde is kinda like a poor man's Griffith. He ended up being closer to Griffith than what I originally planned. 

HA! I thought so, that's awesome man XD Cool beans.

Hey I'm glad you like the game! The first impressions can be a bit harsh, but it seems like when people force through the opening areas the game starts to click more. It's great people are willing to give the game a chance regradless :-) 

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I played the newer version (1.1.1 steam release) and got a ?bug?. The Uterus enemy seemed unkillable. Did 2000+ dmg on the embryo and the body main part (all limbs and head gone).
The embryo just reduced all sanity of my party members to 0(=dead but not dead... members just dont take a turn anymore).
Then it was just an endlessloop of the embryo doing this over and over (meaning I had to exit game to load).
Dont know if that is just a single occurence or if it is always like this now because i didnt save for while and i just had to stop the game because i was so frustrated(sorry).

And another one (maybe not really a bug): When you kill someone in front of a door or a book I cant access it anymore(only the loottext for the corpse shows up). Which is pretty frustrating because I killed a guard right infront of legards prisoncell.

Btw thanks for the game. It is a blast. And i love that you are adding even more content to it. I cant get enough <3.

No need to be sorry, Schneeli. I hope that the next patch removes this bug, so that you can go back to enjoying the game.

The endless loop with the Uterus definitely is a bug. I did make Uterus a lot more difficult though, because people seemed to just rush through them with no danger or worrt whataoever. Headshots don't kill it anymore as it isn't a living thing per se anyways. 

The second 'bug' is a known problem, but it might need some big game engine changes to fix. 

Hey sorry to bug again, just a few more things to report xD The backstab doesn't seem to work all the time, even if i'm behind the enemy. Also I tried learning "loving whispers" from the hexen table but I think I exited the window too fast and I didn't get the skill, but lost a lesser soul.. haha.

No need to apologize! :-D it's just good that you help me with reporting all this stuff. Interesting bug with the hexen! :D you were in serious hurry. 


Its cool that you fixed the problem!

But is there a way that I can put my save files into the updated version? So I dont have to start all over again. 

I read one comment that said it was possible but could you or anyone tell me the specific steps so I dont mess anything up?


The save file is named 'savexx.rvdata2' (or file save01.rvdate2) It's in the common folder where all the files are.


My girlfriend and I ran into a bug in the ancient city where the screen just went completely black after entering the area where the tower of the endless is. She had made a bunch of progress and found a lot of good items at this point and it totally screwed everything. Not to mention a lot of times we will cut an enemy's head off and get attacked before combat ends, and that's by enemies that aren't supposed to be alive after getting their heads hacked off. We really like the game but the bugs have ruined multiple runs for us by now. 

Some enemies have the headless chicken effect. It's actually a feature lol. One version had them die instantly but it made the game really a lot easier actually. 

I feel bad for ruining your good run! D: the bug near the tower of endless is a new bug that came with the latest version apparently. It's a bit mysterious to me to be honest. Have you tried it again on a seperate run? I'm just curious if it happen every time you go there.


Hey wassup,

I jus run into this bug that makes the main character walk but facing front.

In other words he can walk forward, backward and side ways but he is always facing front which gets very annoying when you try to loot something or talk to someone.

I already tried to fix it by restarting the game but its still there... 

Any help or ideas??

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Hey !

This one sounds weird! So this happens when you start the game, or does something trigger it? If you try doing something that makes the character animate somehow (like backstab or bow n arrow) it might remove the lock that keeps the  character facing.

I am not really sure,

I was with outlander and the little girl walking around the area where the dark priest is (library) and then suddenly it was there.

I already tried with bow and arrow but he keeps facing and shoot into the other direction, even if an enemy is standing right in front him 

Ah! Actually I think I know what could have caused it! Did you by any chance step on a cracking floor tile?

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Yes, but I evated it.

Coin toss saved me.

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Happened to me - in 1.1.1 - when I brilliantly stuck my hand into an arrow slit in one of the entrance levels.

What, gimme a break! I just had to be sure! :P

Anyway, as soon as I pulled back my bloody stump, my whole party had turned their backs on me. Can't say I blame them, but there you have it.

Really no big deal imo, but thought you might like to know.

This happened to me too.

How the bug happened for me (as far as I remember): I entered the "tree" area and tried to avoid the Mumbler enemy. She managed to get me and attacked me. As I was attacked, I was facing the left side. After beating the enemy, my character was still facing the left side and I couldn't turn or face the other side, I also couldn't click or interact with the objects in my north since I was facing the left side.

I am using: WINDOWS Version 1.1.0

I made a video to show you how it looks like (btw no sound, I removed it): 

I tried sawing off my leg and also attack more enemies but I remained in this position.

Hmm. This seems like a completely new version 1.1.0 bug... Several people have told me about this already. I'll try to get a quick fix version out soon!

Mirohaver, this is just a suggestion, but it would be very cool if you could put this in Steam. I don't have a credit card and I can't pay for this game.

You're in luck, it just launched on Steam :)

Now that the new version is finally out, I'm considering expanding the mod to work with it, and maybe add a few enemies, or the fear system back in.

Is there anyway of re-attaching limbs (disregarding the marriage of flesh method)? Also, there is a pile of rubble at the start of the dungeon that gives infinite cursed short swords.

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There actually is a way to get limbs back now with the latest version (1.1.0) But like always, there is price to pay.... (hint: check out the new tomb of the gods area) You found a nice stash of short swords in that case. Thanks for letting me know! Must be some old debug leftover.

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"TypeError Cannot read property 'bitmap' of undefined"

I got this error when I got attacked by the eastern sword ghost when I was in a text dialogue.

Also game bugs when I try to make marriage show love, all the sprites dissapear. The sprites reappear when I use the elevator.

Hmm. The eastern sword ghost needs a revamp anyway, so I gotta tackle this bug soon!

Do you remember which circle you used for showing love and which characters?

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Yes, I used two different circles, the one in the mine and the one next to the dark priest. They both produced the bug. It was marriage and ragnvaldr. Yeah the eastern ghost attacked me another time when I was reading a book and the image of the book was in the background when I was fighting him lol.

Would I be able to get this on steam? If so how? I wanted to know so I could leave a review.

Yeah if you bought the game from itchio or gamejolt I can give out Steam keys. I don't have any efficient way to hand out keys to everyone who bought the game, so I have to do it manually. I believe you got my email when you bought the game, so just mail me and I'll give out the key!

Ran into a bug where I lost my pyromancy trick spell after a save. Can't exactly remember all the steps between the two points. I know I learned the spell from the hexen, freed the girl, a few other things and then saved. The spell was missing after reload, even though the hexen still shows it as learned, and I've continued to play that run with no other problems learning and using other spells. Wish I could remember more details about my steps along the way. Hope it helps.

That sucks... I actually haven't heard similar things happen to others yet. I can't really think up anything that would remove the magic, unless you did the marriage of flesh?

No marriage.  Nothing that changed my character or situation drastically. Its why I wish I could remember more of what I actually did between learning and saving,  or noticed exactly when it happened.  Still enjoying the game, though. One of the best Ive played in a long time.  Feel like that needed to be said. Thanks for that and keep it up. 

Hey thanks for the nice words! It's a mysterious bug because I can't think any situation in the game besides marriage of flesh where skills would be erased.


If u update the game do u still have the save files??


I don't believe it is save compatible. To test it, you could try copying your F&H folder, then overwriting the copy/original with the new install.


It's okay to use old save files for the most parts. There are few very specific spots that aren't available in the update anymore, but it's pretty bad luck if you had saved your game exactly there.


Hello Again

I have found another glitch, this one involving the decaying knight that is guarding the alchemist's quarters. I destroyed all of his pieces of armor and the combat should have ended (I couldnt attack the ghostly knight as thats just how the combat of the fight is)

But as I destroyed all of its armor and couldnt target the enemy anymore, the combat did not end. Instead it just kept going, killing my entire party without me being able to do anything about it. I used the ability Leg Sweep on the knight and that may have been the problem???

Also, some enemies take their turns in the middle of my party attacks, sometimes resulting in more than three attacks per turn, then the enemies attack. This also happened when I would dismember an enemy's legs to get a hit on the head to end combat, I would hit the head and the body would phase away, then it would stop with only the enemies head and attack, do its attack, then finally the combat would end.

The enemy head thing is definitely a bug. Thanks for letting me know! Some attacks can however happen between turns. The decaying knight should be fixed in the update 1.1.0.

Hello there, 

I am loving the game but I have a really frustrating issue with the saving. Every time I go to sleep or I read the book of enlightenment  it brings me to the file save and I have  no idea what button I should press. whenever I press enter or space nothing happens  and sometimes when I come out it crashes the game. 

I am using Mac version 1.0.3 but I can't even seem to download the update without it wanting to charge me another 8 dollars I just made an account to try and do it so maybe I am just being a noob :s

All I want is to download the latest update and try to fix or get help with the saving.

Do you think you can help me out? This game is so much fun but I really really want to save  haha.

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to answer. It was pretty hectic with new version and steam release on the way... 

Anyways, for mac versions it's been a known issue that you cannot save if the game folder doesn't have the permissions from mac to create a save file. That could be the case, although I'm not 100% sure about your situation. If the problem in selecting a file, make sure your mouse is not hovering over the screen, because it can overlap with the keyboard commands

There should definitely be a possibility to just re-download the game from itchio if you bought it already. Don't go wasting more dollars into the game! D: If you can't find the download link or if the saving still doesn't work, send me email, I can work something out!

Deleted 1 year ago

So the potential solution to your "select linb" bug could be the mouse, it also selects limbs as well. Move that outta the way and you should be fine. The menu glitch I dont know.


Wanna give some feedback on the game.

I love the game! its great and original. Love the style of a creepy hard dungeon game.  i think the coin flips are pretty well. if u know how to fight some enimies. Evevry time u enter fear & hunger u see something new with the different routes u take. I see the great and hard work behind this. 

There are some bugs like when u get poison or bleeding and go to force a door its glitch and u can take multible rounds to take the door down, it is a great bug but yeah it takes the skill away. Also there is a glitch when u get the tortuard soul u can't open the inventory. its hard because if u are infected or have a bleeding u becily dead or open your inventory its crashes.

But after many tries i got a clean run the counter that glitch.

Still love it and love to see more!

I'm glad you still like the game despite the technical shortcoming! The tormented one-inventory bug was fixed with version 1.1.0. The door bug is a bit mysterious because I'm not able to find the source of the problem, but I'll keep looking!

I already posted about how I enjoy this game a lot, but had a major problem with coin flips, but I also really want to see this game improved. I came across a bug multiple times where after a defeated a few enemies such as the malformed Jailors and the Corpes combat would end. Then I would be put into the same combat again, the enemy would have the same dismemberments as I left them right before my final move and everything.

Hm.. That' s not very usual bug. Are you by any chance using backstab skill a lot? I know there are some cases where that can cause this kind of stuff.

The coin flip effects will be toned down. There is pretty big overhaul on balance and other stuff coming either tomorrow are the day after that.

I was not using the back stab skill when it occurred it merely happened by chance some times... but speaking of backstab, when it is used on the man who speaks of becoming a butterfly he does not show up as him, he instead shows up as a prison guard. When you defeat the guard the butterfly man will be dead though.

Okay I really like this game, but the coin flip instant run enders are bullshit to say the least especially when saving is so rare! I was only able to save 11 minutes into my run, only able to find one way to save which IN AND OF ITSELF WAS A COIN FLIP WHETHER IT WAS A PASS OR FAIL! But then I continue on this run for another hour and a half, and then coin flip time..... Fail.... I wasted and hour and thirty minutes of my time essentially. Not okay 

Yeah I hear you. It's a bit too cruel I admit.

The good news are that I've been crafting an update to the game according to the feedback and it's coming out in the next couple of days. It's pretty big overhaul on the balance and there are some additional things added to the game too.

Okay man, keep up the good work! I love what you have going on here and how receptive you are to the community, its great.

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Hello! Bought and played the game for Mac. Here's a few things:

1.) Had to give it write permissions and run sudo to make save files. 
2.) I entered the thicket through the secret garden and the game began to lag relentlessly from that point on; frame rate, key input, etc. It would kind of recover during battles and in small hallways. It was frustrating but I kept playing.
3.) The cube of the deep glitched out (still in inventory and 'usable' but no effect) and could no longer be used, so I couldn't really complete any more puzzles. I gave up at that point. 

Enjoyed it though. Hope you're able to work on these issues. 

Thanks for letting me know. The thicket lag especially is a new bug too.

The cube is a bug magnet and the cube system is completely changed in the upcoming update. The update should be available either tomorrow or the day after that.

Does buying here have anything to do with Steam? Or do you get a Steam copy/version when it comes out around the 21st? TIA

Well to be honest, I don't have that much experience when it comes to Steam so I will still have to check if there are some limitations to the game keys, but if there are no problems, buying it here will give you the Steam key as well.

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Encountered a bug, not sure if it's been reported. Playing V1.0.3 during the sequence when you first meet Lord Buckman. I was walking up the middle of the hall my character stopped, and the sequence started but his sprite wan't there, it ran through the dialog. Once it finished he wasn't in the cell and the sequence with the torturer never activated. Thankfully you can proceed without his key.

Another possible bug. I went to the Mines and the Ghost Knight that protects the Alchemist was guarding the hall outside the Salmonsnake.

Also lost the use of all items in my bag after reloading my save. Had to close and reopen the application to fix it.

One last bug for me to report. When using the Demon Seed ability on the Crow Maulers corpse when he's in the free save bedroom. The Pixels become broken (clear box surrounded by broken pixels). This bug is minor as you still get the baby. and everything fixes once it's finished. Also I trapped his soul... does it no longer become an accessory? it shows up under items instead of armor.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I'll check that Buckman thing and see if a fix will make to the next update...

- The mines ghost is not a bug, sometimes it just patrols further down the mines.

- It's the first time I've heard about the item bag problem. There is this mysterious bug where sometimes the menu blocks you from using some items, but it usually goes away once you walk around few rooms or so. Or go to a battle or something like that. I'll still look into what could be causing it, but from my experience the effect of the bug is not permanent.

- I need to check this crow mauler bug too! Some enemy souls can be used as an armor. They are actually pretty useful. I recommend checking it out!

Hello, I recently bought this game and it is pretty amazing! 

Just wondering is it possible to recruit in your party the beheaded wizard? I have collected the talisman from the yellow wizard but any time i try to face that floating face even if I spend all my turns talking to him the result does not change: crushed by the giant demon. So is it possible to get him???

I heard it just might be possible.... Maybe advance in the game a little bit further before going to talk to him? Who knows, maybe experience will win him over?

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Hello! I was just wandering does the "hard" mode alter in the game? Does it add content and difficulty or just battle difficulty? I think Im beginning to approach the end of my first playthrough (although I'm going relatively blind so I could be wrong) and I was thinking about replaying on the harder difficulty if it added anything.


Hey hard mode is a solo mode really with no other party members other than those from necromancy. Also no option to save, so it's pretty challenging to say the least. Other than that it doesn't have any additional content yet. The next update is right around the corner and it will give the hard mode its own final boss and ending S.

I recommend checking out the other endings in normal mode before going for hard mode.

thanks for the reply! I'll take you up on finding the other endings then, maybe I'll give hard difficulty a go after that.

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