Demo Version 5 is up !!

A new demo version is up! Fear & Hunger demo version 5!

Most of the work for the new version has gone to the engine and new systems. Then of course these new systems conflicted with the existing game and equally large amount of time went into fixing all the bugs. There are plenty of new things to find too, so no worries, not all the updates are under the hood. I feel like the RPG Maker MV is at it's limits with this game already, so I have to start finishing this up by the next release. That's why this will be the final demo version before the full game, unless some big game breaking bugs raise their head that is (not that unlikely giving that this version has had very little time in testing)

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the game! I'd like to thank the awesome discord channel for the continuous support. I can't stress enough, how much your input has motivated me ;D

Update V5 includes:

  • An opening scene
  • One of the many endings available already!
  • Many new areas in the beginning and final parts of the game.
  • A new Fear & Hunger systems, including an all new phobia system.
  • A new weakness system for battles
  • A new way to save your game, because of popular demand... Hope you are happy with it ;D


Fear & 448 MB
Apr 12, 2018
Fear & 449 MB
Apr 12, 2018

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