Status update~!!

I realized I haven't updated itchio's devlog at all!! :O This doesn't mean that the game hasn't been progressing forward - quite the opposite actually. I've been working pretty hard with the project. So I decided to post a a simple status update on where the game is at atm.

The game has multiple main characters now. 4 character classes, from left to right: Mercenary, Knight, Dark priest and Outlander. Each got unique skills and different equipment at the beginning. There are other new playable characters too. These are just the main cast. The next version of the game will also have more story and that's where these main characters come to play.

New areas, enemies, skills and items! So far I have made a couple of completely new areas, which have been pretty graphics heavy. Most of the enemy designs for few more levels are designed too. They're just waiting for implementation to the game.

I have also expanded the existing areas. You can find new things from already familiar levels. Gameplay-wise there has been few new features as well, that bring new strategies to help players deal with the horrors. I'll probably make a new post about those later on...

The story is also written pretty far now and I think there are a couple of cool things in there waiting for discovery. Lore has become more concrete in my mind too, gotta start writing more in-game books :)

Now all this is of course just big tease, because I don't have new downloads ready or anything. I could release new versions with every new addition, but personally I prefer making bigger updates. This way the experience is more fresh every time for the players, I think. I aim to release the next demo by the end of august (hopefully) My aim is that there is going to be at the very least 100% more new content. Although I think there's going to be more when I put everything I've planned together. It's not going to be a full game yet, but there should be playable content for few hours easy. The game has been a one-person project so far and dealing with all the digital paintings, making music, coding, etc. takes time. That's the reason the game isn't really nearing it's completion yet, sorry D: Luckily I recently got a friend to help with some animations, like the fire animation seen on the screenshot above. This helps a lot, because I've been struggling to commit enough time on all the different fields of game development.

But yeah, I'm surprisingly motivated with this game still. I've gotten only awesome feedback and all the constructive criticism has been very thought provoking too. Thanks to everyone who has been around! It's been unreal seeing some people go out their way and promote this game on their own! Million thanks really! ^^

Oh and here's a little story trailer:


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May 21, 2017
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May 21, 2017

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need more stuff got hooked awhile back. 

haha! It's coming! A little bit slowly maybe as I got some real life stuff to deal with for a little while. But I plan to release a small update relatively soon.

no problem!

CAN'T WAIT. I NEED MOARRR Lore, Mystery, roaming into the dark unknowns and the morbidity of the game. It's that 'mystery' and darkness that attracts me to the game. It doesn't hold your hand, not everything can be predictable, and the universe is basically against you, or at least feels that way. Surviving, or dying and retrying and getting better and figuring the patterns, is what I love :p

Can't wait for the next update then, I'm sure I'll replay and re-upload a new series for each update. xD

Awesome!! Thanks for the support man! I also saw the reddit post, really awesome! :)

I always support things I love ;P

haha cool. Hopefully the game can live to the expectations :)