A quick fix version 1.0.3!

Just another quick update to fix some of the more annoying bugs like the ones you had with the bosses Cavemother and the Skin granny. Also the golden throne room should be fixed now too. Please let me know if this is not the case! :O

I also tweaked the balance a bit because the game was getting too easy.

I was meaning to publish a bigger update next, but all these little bugs and problems kept raising their heads, so I decided to put out a quick patch like this again. There will be new areas to explore and other new stuff in the next update that's gonna come later this january - so look forward to that!


Fear & Hunger Windows Version 1.0.3 543 MB
Jan 01, 2019
Fear & Hunger Mac Version 1.0.3 677 MB
Jan 01, 2019

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Hello there, I am loving the game but I have a really frustrating issue with the saving. Every time I go to sleep or I read the book of enlightenment  it brings me to the file save and I have  no idea what button I should press. whenever I press enter or space nothing happens  and sometimes when I come out it crashes the game. 

I am using Mac version 1.0.3 but I can't even seem to download the update without it wanting to charge me another 8 dollars I just made an account to try and do it so maybe I am just being a noob :s

All I want is to download the latest update and try to fix or get help with the saving.

Do you think you can help me out? This game is so much fun but I really really want to save  haha.

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Thank you for the update, the mac version 1.0.3 crashes when i go into settings and wont save, I am very much enjoying this game but is hard when unable to save on the bed due to crash or not registering my selection of save file, over all am excited to see where this game takes me.

Thank you for the update (party actually skipped the Skin Granny combat).

I'm normally not into RPGM games. But this one has a such strong visual identity &  depth that it's a pleasure playing it ^^.

Hey great to hear! I guess this is not really your typical RPG Maker game, but the engine can produce some cool stuff if you put some effort into it.

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That I can see ^^.

I took the freedom of posting a thread about it.  Reception is not that bad (scroll down to Mortmal's comment), considering this place is generally pretty harsh.  Here is a "reception digest" :

  • most people try the game with the demo. When you discover a game-breaking bug (crash), you may want to fix the demo as welL
  • most people praised the visual style and atmosphere;
  • most people disliked coin tosses during save-related events : discovering a Book of Enlightenment, using the bed.  They were OK with coin tosses for other events (as I was).

General opinion is that the game looks nicer in battle screen than in overworld screen ; though, I personally think that you don't need to improve this, if all other aspects are improvied/fixed.

Keep up the good work ^^.